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  2. Thank you for you kind words 👍
  3. Last night wasn’t so productive. I caused more damage than good by breaking the tap off the bottom of the Radiator. I was test fitting the rad and cowling for the second time after having a new cowling made. All painted up and bolted in well. When trying to fit the bottom radiator drain hose, she come clean off in my hands.... whoops! Looking at the break in the solder, I wouldn’t think much was holing it on of the original solder. I would like to thank Doug Mac McCarthy for lending me his cowling so I could have one reproduced. 🍻without it, we would have been stuck! On a po
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  5. Prc148, Rob W. here on the forum makes the hat channel kits, perhaps He'd be willing to send you measurements of the ones you need. If not, contact me and we'll get you squared away. Dave.
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  7. Spent a few more hours working on the bow. Hammer, slapper, dolly, shrinking disc and torch - rinse and repeat a few hundred times. It didn't look too bad originally (see first picture) - but it does look better flat. The first pictures are the first session - I put a little primer on it at the end of my second session to help me see if there was anything left. Total time - about 4 hours. I believe I am slow at this work, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to make the process go faster without screwing something up - probably just more experience. I still need to address s
  8. Thanks @Byron! I am about to get this hull off the rotisserie again so I can finish all of these little details like insulation tabs and wiring tabs and ......I'll probably be pinging you over the weekend. Thanks again! Patrick
  9. @ByronMate, I just think it was a simple case of metal fatigue. Easy repair though. I just did not repair it that day as it was a 37 degree day. A lot hotter inside my shed. I will have the weasel back up and running for the weekend as I still have a way to go checking and testing it.
  10. John....... I did exactly the same thing! My push starter button wouldn’t engage. I was puzzled for at least half an hour until I realised the solenoid had two positive feeds going into it and decided it needed an earth. Move it from the battery to the armature post and broombroom I was away
  11. I haven't been on this site for a while. I was just looking through THIS section and forgot to end this request. THANKS JESSE BROWNING FOR THE VERY NICE MUFFLER GUARD, I APPRECIATE YOU !!
  12. Fastenal is a good shipping option if you need to work something out for a new final drive housing. I shipped a set of tracks from Colorado to NJ for around $200....and motors cross country for like $150. Thanks for the cross reference! Patrick
  13. Byron - this is truly amazing work and attention to detail. I'm realizing how out-classed I am with my small project! Nice job.
  14. I finally had some time to dig deeper on the final drive issue. I had thought it was an end play problem with the pinion. I was right, but in a worse way. Ended up that the front cast iron bearing retainer had broken out in back where the snap ring retains the smaller outer pinion bearing cup. So, lots of end play...and no adjustment! Luckily it hadn't caused damage to the hi/low gears, and I will get away with replacing the ring/pinion, main pinion bearing along with the cast outer bearing retainer cover. BTW, the big pinion bearing, SD900736, it looks like a Bowers BT-3876 which crosses
  15. Another very productive weekend with Lots of jobs inside the hull completed. I have to say she’s been a dream to work on. I keep thinking to myself, “ what am I forgetting” this seems to be going together too straight forward.... Radiator support Pannel’s fitted. Tillers dropped in with no hassle and bolted in. All linkage rods to the main linkage bar and gear box fitted. Regulator bolted in and wired up to the Dynamo. Two engine Pannel’s temporally fitted for wiring routes, fuel line routes and battery cable routes. Fuel tank strapped in with all fixings fitted
  16. I know what you mean....I generally don't like removing the history, but I have seen so few correct T24's here in the states...maybe none?...that I thought it was worth it to try and get one back close to factory. I am making a list of the tabs....I appreciate the offer and will let you know. Regards, Patrick
  17. Amazing Patric. I was in two minds about removing the Norwegian stretcher brackets and welding up the trailer socket. I was unsure what to do. I’ve kept them thinking it’s not factory, but it’s real history of what happened to them. If you want pictures of the tabs I’m happy to send some
  18. Your a brave man taking her for a swim. Your at the fun stages of fitting all the nice parts. Well done
  19. Blimey, I wonder how that one broke John, they are quite sturdy little brackets. I’m pleased you’ve got it sorted. What’s next with the old girl?
  20. Amazing work Patric, I love seeing the progress. John is right regarding the weak wiring tabs spot welded to the hull, I’d make sure they are all there and if some are weak replace them. If you want pictures of all tabs, I’d be happy to send them to you.
  21. John, Thanks for the update. It’s a good lesson. These small parts may have been bent or exposed to the elements for many years and compromised. I have found many cracked lock washers, just due to age or poor quality I imagine. Also I have noticed a bronze thrust washer in the capstan that broke but obviously not over used. You are right that it could be problematic on the water. I’ve been thinking when the day comes for us to check the hull I will take off all the covers and park the Weasel in the lake a few hours to check for water leaks. My work friends tease me that I should invest in a
  22. Hi John Would really like to see some pictures of your weasel. The video you posted does not open at least for me in the xpsf format. Dan
  23. After resolving the fan blades touching the winch drive shaft problem, I took the weasel for a test drive. I had only got a few hundred metres up the road to have the engine stop dead on me. I thought that I had run out of petrol. After suffering the indignity of having to tow the weasel back home with the tractor, this morning’s investigation revealed that the carburettor choke cable support bracket had snapped in half and subsequently the tension in the choke cable pulled the choke fully on. Easy fix. Glad I found it now rather than on the water.
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  25. Gents - spent a little more time cleaning up the lower hull...just little details and then put the hull back on the rotisserie. I need to make some rolling outriggers for this hull so I can put it on a trailer easily and move it over to a friend's shop to have him primer it. Topside, I still have a bunch of details, like removing the Norwegian stretcher brackets (accomplished), fixing a few more dents front and back and making new pioneer tool brackets and installing them. My goal is to have everything done by the end of the month and be working on the running gear. I shot a littl
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