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  2. Broken tracks and GPW engines SPF Seats, seat belts, wiper motors arms, tools, stretchers brackets, radio brkts, and various other stuff on hold at the moment I will update thanks
  3. I will do the track pads! And I could use some stretcher brackets (front and rear), ski racks, , seat bottom and backs, and other parts. I will send a text Thanks Dave
  4. I figured they were 12 volt. Hard to argue with dealer when I'm not an expert, but when they come in civilian packaging and have ring terminal ends and are marked 6volt, I could pretty much determine they weren't as advertised. Thanks and I sent you a private message to buy them. Dave
  5. They should be 12v, I have a couple NOS ones available, one artic, one green
  6. Dave I have a couple boxes, just listed a bunch of stuff available for sale
  7. Hello everyone, I sold my weasel and have many parts to sell off as the buyer really wouldn’t need much of it. Might be easier if you have items you want or need to shoot me a text 303 seven fore ate fore 🖐00. Many NOS track parts and suspension. Nos bulbs and spotlight, NOS transmission case and parts. Bearings, carb parts, used carburetor, used T24 engine, NOS wiper motors, seatbelts, used seats and seat backs most with canvas, broken bands 20” tracks on pallets, stretcher brackets, Norwegian ski racks. Also have GPW engines including an early one and tons of parts for the g503. I have destroyed my back and I cannot lift heavy items without help so shipping will take extra time. located 80116
  8. Awesome! And true! Who better than patrick to make the cards! Oh Patrick! 🙂 dave
  9. @RAS1Dave, you might be able to encourage 😀 Patrick @Patrick Tiptonto reproduce the compass compensating card. See photos below. Pioneer 1830 Compass compensating card: 55mm x 69mm thin cardboard, folded in middle. Photos and information courtesy of Steve M.
  10. Well, I received my brass compass bracket! It looks great, steve did a great job. He has several left at this time (7/22/2021) I would like to know what the correct compass nomenclature is for the weasel? Is it a pioneer 1830? or a B16? Thanks, Dave
  11. Hi, I am wondering about the weasel windshield defroster, what is the correct voltage, and how does it plug in? I know it "suction cups" to the front windshield. I was under the impression the leads from the windshield defroster plug into the engine cover power receptacles, and it uses 12 volts? I bought a defroster from a dealer, and it was a 6 volt with ring terminals on the end of the wiring. I am afraid this is not the correct unit? (it was in a civilian marked box, not military) Let me know if you can help! Dave
  12. Ok. Do you have a email adress i can reach you on? Facebook? my email is rekkengutua@gmail.com Regards
  13. I have one set of side shields left. No more rudders or surf shields. All the rest of the parts are gone.
  14. Maybee to late but im in need of surf shield, rudders an sideskirts. Is there any stil available Best regards.
  15. Thanks for the kind words Pat and John. John the T15 could float in testing but .......are you thinking about the drain plug mod?? Dan
  16. @M29Dan, Good work on the final drive👍 As I said to Patrick, take your time and follow the instructions in the manual. I have been following your restoration thread with interest. It will be good to see it mobile one day but for now one step at a time. Out of interest, was the T15 designed to float?
  17. Good stuff Dan. As you know, this is a marathon...just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Patrick
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  19. Latest T15 happenings.... It has been awhile since I last posted....but a new surge of weasel fever has struck so I have started working on the T15 again . I have already repaired most all the drive train but the final drive which I am repairing now. The final drive was really a mess full of rust. All the gears looked good after cleaning except the pinion ring gear. Apparently throughout the years water was able to get into the housing and pool around the lower part of the ring gear. This caused lots of pitting from rust on the ring gear teeth and the steering band drums. The pitting on the drums was really bad. To repair this I put them in my lathe and turned them down about 0.20 which took care of the deep pitting and the remainder of the pits I filled with JB weld. The drums are nice and smooth now and should be OK. I had to remove the final drive spider gears to pull the ring gear to repair the rust damage on the teeth. John Wilson sent me a article written by Gary S from the old weasel site. It is an excellent depiction of the removal teardown process of the weasel final drive. Currently the drive housings are all cleaned of old debris rust and oil. One thing I am doing is zinc plating all the moving parts on the outside of the final drive like the shift levers bushing etc. I will still paint them white but hopefully they wont rust when the paint inevitably chips in those areas from use. With the final drive all apart it made sense to replace the bearings so new bearings are being installed. I am deciding if I will drill a hole for a drain plug for future oil changes without having to open the case. I made a new addition to my shop equipment that I am excited about I bought a spot welder. It is made here in the USA by AIM Manufacturing in Spokane Washington . They carry all the parts for the welder so that is a plus. This welder is very unique however in the fact it gets its welding power from 4 12volt truck batteries. It can spot weld two layers of 12gauge steel so should have plenty of what it takes to handle any spot welding on the weasel body. The machine only needs 120 volt to operate so can plug into any 120 volt outlet. It has numerous tongs both large and small that are with it. It is a very robust and solid machine and as I get it set up I will test it and post the results. I have included a link to a video showing it in operation. Dan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0joJmq2v0A
  20. One more session on the floor. It is coming together pretty well. I have about another session and I should be able to hide this repair. It will still need a little glazing compound to hide the deep pits, but once painted, I think it should look the part.
  21. I love the way you always seem to hit these projects before I do. Mine needs to be painted white and I figured it would be easier to take it apart. I was wondering what I would get into! Thanks John! @OZM29C
  22. John Great idea for the spring repair. D
  23. Did you ever wonder what the insides of a Cordomatic Spotlight retractable reel looks like. I got the opportunity after having the retracting spring snap, the very first time I went to use it. I purchased the reel many years ago and mounted in position a while back. On the weekend just gone I thought that I would try it out. Bad move, the spring snapped. Anyway after a number of attempts to repair the spring I came up with the idea of fitting a brass collar over the spring. Pictures tell the story. Seems to work OK. I think I will leave the Reel now as a show piece.
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