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  2. Thank You Dan -- M29 and Patrick for your input. 1st ----- I JUMPED right in with both feet on what I "thought" was an interesting Weasel deal. Well, I'm in it. Sometimes guessing that the other name for Weasel is boat. Boat in our area is a hole in the water that you throw money into.... If the seller states it's raining outside, before I get rain gear I'm going outside to check first.... Simple fixup my???? 2nd I'm in the Tampa Bay, Fla area.... Don't really have a lot of Weasels or Weasel parts in this area. So finding Tracks or info is limited. Thank You for this forum Patrick. 3rd Getting a 2nd Weasel, Thank You Again Patrick. It has running tracks from what I was told. Just waiting for the shipping company to pick it up and ship it here. 4th Patrick your pile of French tracks at least seem to be in less than the total number of piles that mine ended up being. They broke apart at every turn. Many many piles of pieces. Well, after I finish setting up and doing the gun-show this weekend I'll get back to taking apart the tracks. Going to throw the motorcycle link pieces in the recycle bucket to cash in towards Weasel parts. The big rubber pieces will go in the trash. The metal grousers will be saved and maybe reused. Unless I can find another track or two or a new track system or think about putting tires on it.... We shall see. Stay Safe Everyone Later 42rocker
  3. There is no problem with rebanding French tracks. They are very similar to the LAR tracks that you can buy new for $14k. There is no reason to try and replicate the bands that the French made...using the motorcycle chain - modern conveyor belting will work great. The only "issue" is what to do, if anything, for road pads. The French pads were integral to the bands and go between two grousers. That is an approach, but one could also bolt road pads where the belting is attached to the grousers. I am about ready to order a set of bands....will share what I come up with. In the meantime, here are my two sets + of French tracks and some extra original style. The French tracks are heavy buggers.
  4. I did not say re-banding would not work. I just never gave it any serious thought as it does not appear economical to do so and have a good result. If it were me and I wanted french tracks I would get a set that is good enough to use as is. Just take it easy with them and they may be just fine. Maybe Patrick will sell you a set. I have used conveyor belt on several weasels over the years using the original track. Other than the time consuming job of busting out the old rivets it is a reasonably straight forward proposition. I don't know what the cost would be for a set of old original tracks with somewhat decent pads so that is a factor. Anyway the weasel hobby is expensive these days and it is getting more so. Maybe you could look for a donor weasel like some do and make one good one out of two? Don't get discouraged just become informed and make your best decision based on what you learn. Dan
  5. Dan -- M29 ALL of my French style track rubber is cracked and the chain is rusted to the max. If the links bend then they break apart. Out of the 56 links on the one side I would say that only 56 will break apart if bent enough to go around the power sprocket. Same for the other side. So re-banding French style tracks does not work?? Due to the grousers being to narrow. Wow, this might be a major set back. From what I've seen a set of new tracks cost around $15,000.. Now I understand several folks talking about making do it yourself re-banding kits trying to get the cost down in my case I would need to find 112 new / old grousers to add to that cost. Now I guess I need to think about what I'm going to do with my Weasel named "Rusty". Other ideas or thoughts or plans???? Patrick -- Can't wait to see what you are doing with those French Tracks. Stay Safe Everyone. Later 42rocker
  6. The issue with the french track for what your planning is the grousers are narrow in width and are designed for the thicker heavier french track rubber with embedded roller chain between them. This allows for a smooth surface for the bogie wheels to roll on. I think the french track is a very strong track and is easier to get on and off the weasel. It is less prone to jumping off during turning. The downside to the french track is the weight and they slow the weasel down. I had a set once on a weasel and could never get the weasel to run much over 12mph where with the original track the weasel would go 25+. These are the conclusions I came to from owning a good set of both types and actually using them. As a matter of fact the french track weasel is still in operation today. So basically if you can rebuild the french track like it was originally you would have a good long lasting track. Today much of the rubber from that era is cracked and water has gotten into the roller chain and rusted it out so unless you have several tracks to swap rubber from which it sounds like patrick does you are facing the same problems that all original weasel tracks suffer from. Dan
  7. M29 -- I thought that you could re-band the French grousers. Please tell me that you can. Due to rubber drying and cracks happening water got in and rusted out the motor cycle links any bending of the track causes it to break into sections. Patrick -- I'm looking forward to seeing what you do. Right now I'm trying to take everything apart and throwing a lot of rubber pieces away and putting a lot of rusted broken pieces of cycle links into a bucket to recycle. Stay Safe Everyone. Later 42rocker
  8. I am picking up two sets of French tracks tomorrow. I am definitely rebuilding one set.....will have more for you after I get a little further along.
  9. Why not get the regular style weasel track and reband them with conveyor belt like so many others have done. Using the french track grousers on a new track system I don't know?? Dan
  10. Well, Rusty our Weasel has French style tracks that are rusted out and breaking apart. So starting to take them apart in hopes that sometime after I finish replacing metal and welding and painting etc etc, I can use the grousers on a new style track system. BUT right now my question is ---- other than the grouser plate is there anything else that should be saved?? I could save the nuts that I don't have to cut off but anything else. The lock washer could be used again but only as flat washers. The rubber is in pieces but anything that it could be used for. I'm going to recycle the motor cycle link pieces as rusty steel but anything else?? Open to ideas.. Any ideas?? Stay Safe Later 42rocker
  11. Interesting, very interesting. Thanks for sharing the pics Patrick. Stay Safe Everyone. Later 42rocker
  12. I would be very interested in the box as well. I have the original casting bracket, Steve Greenberg makes them. But the compass uses a thin brass (I believe) housing with side panels. I have the drawing for the side panel I got from Steve, but I never found the main housing drawing. Dave
  13. Love to see a pic of any of the compasses. Please post a pic someone. Stay Safe Later 42rocker
  14. I have an extra Brass recast one I would sell. It will be very hard to find an original. Dan
  15. Good evening autumn has arrived and the days are getting shorter and the work has moved to the workshop indoors. In order not to miss the work I thought of reproducing the box for the Pioneer compass. Does anyone have an original box to give me the dimensions and some photos? Thank you in advance
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  17. Mine is named "jingle belle" for the dinging noise from gravel in the boogies, and the play on words from wwii aircraft and of course jingle bells!
  18. Mine's called The Weedsel as, for some inexplicable reason, it stinks of weed!!
  19. If you find yourself in the Weasel jam I found myself in because of missing data plates and you would like to have a better idea of what where when your Weasel could should be then check out this great thread. For those like myself these two threads made by good folks help us to try to figure out what could should be there. THANKS EVERYONE!!!! Later 42rocker
  20. Great list.... Any more updates???? Stay Safe Everyone Later 42rocker
  21. Any updates on this???? Said the new Weasel owner with French style tracks that are rusted and broken apart. Starting to take apart the broken track links. A little bit here and there and hope that someone has a plan for when I finally get ready for the tracks on project. Going to have a Large Pile of broken motorcycle links that rusted out and broke that I removed. My local recycling company is going to love it. LOL Stay Safe Everyone. Later 42rocker
  22. Do you have a name for your Weasel???? Lots of folks name their Jeeps and Weasels. After working on the throttle cable and cleaning the Weasel body last night I sat down in the front room chair and finally answered the question that my Wife asked me several times over the last few weeks. What is going to be the name of our Weasel? Our 1948 CJ2A Jeep's name is "The Swiss Miss". Due to the fact she was 1 of 400 sold to the Swiss Military and 1 of the very few that made it back to the US of A. Well, due to the condition of our Weasel I named it "Rusty". My Wife approved.... So, I try to work on "Rusty" a little bit ever day. Pics will follow someday. My personal computer needs work and I'm not using my Wife's computer up to par yet. But I'm taking a few pics here and there and will start a Rebuild Thread someday. ********************** PLEASE ----- Post the Name of your Wesel and or other MV names. ----- PLEASE *************************************** Stay Safe Everyone Later 42rocker
  23. Like your idea of using a backer bolt to support the area you are working on. Please keep us updated on where you get your rubber and adhesive from. Good Luck with it. Stay Safe Everyone. Later 42rocker
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