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  2. Thanks for the kind words. Appreciate it. I will post more pictures when I get the starter on. The armature was bad so had to send it out for repair $$$$$. Oh well. T84 transmission being worked on now. For those that don't know some parts of the weasel T84 are different than the jeep T84. I found out the rear bearing is larger diameter for the jeep than the weasel. As far as clean shop I try to sweep and clean every day.
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  4. Byron - looks great! I continue to be impressed with your pace! As we would say, you are "getting after it". Well done! Patrick
  5. The new floors are folded and tack welded in place, along with repairs that needed to be made before the floors were laid.
  6. Progress has slowed up a little as I have been waiting on parts to rebuild the engine so I have deviated and nearly completed the dash and put both front support bogies back together. I’d forgotten how much grease it took to pack these hubs out with.
  7. Great to see some more pictures Patrick. good work! Surely these vehicles will be looked after from now on and dry stored so I hope they won’t need to go through this again! Byron
  8. Wow Dan, great looking engine! Lovely to see it so clean and fresh!! good job! πŸ‘ Byron
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  10. My biggest question is where are these pictures being taken? If that is your shop, we are going to have to throw you out of the group - that space is impossibly clean!🀣 Looking fantastic my friend! Patrick
  11. Latest Update T15 engine slowly coming together. I have to get the starter armature back from rewinding and the T84 transmission finished what I am working on now. Some misc lines yet to go. Radiator has been rebuilt which I have to get from the radiator shop. Anyway seeing the light at the end of the tunnel on the engine Dan
  12. Jim I got a second weasel recently and the S/N plate has a suspicious S/N #. What do you make of it? A rebuild number from a post war company?? pic attached. I think you already have my 1st weasel hull number M29C-2327. tks Dennis Ontario Canada.
  13. The side is all welded but for the front and back seams. Pretty happy with everything and the plug welds ended up distorting the side enough that I think it will look factory with paint. God help the guy in 2120 who attempts to remove the side to restore this bad boy - this side is welded on! 🀣 I got the hull back on my rotisserie. I don't have the balance right....my adjusting mechanism is a terrible design but I am going to manually get the balance right, finish the hull and then address my balance mechanism at a later point.
  14. Thanks @OZM29C - I appreciate you continuing to keep me out of the ditches! 😁 Cool modification and I really don't love removing the history but... Regards, Patrick
  15. @Patrick TiptonMaxwell Smart had the right statement for your Plug welding - And Loving itπŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Keep up the good work. I looked at a photo of my friend Steve's T24 Dash panel/instrument cover and noted that the capstan winch operating handle recess will have to go on your dash panel. Having said that I am more than certain you already know. By patching the rectangular hole in the ash I am also sure that you are not going to retain the accelerator mod kit. This was retrofitted to Steve's T24.
  16. I am almost finished with the seemingly endless plug welds. Plenty of grinding left to do but I am getting there. I went ahead and started working on the engine cover/instrument panel - mostly because I wanted to ensure that the driver seat brackets go in the right spot. It is in decent shape but had a couple of holes that needed filling, some poor old repairs and a bunch of dents. Fun to start working on some of these details! I removed the lower panel/cover where the driver heat door is because it was ugly. It is really thin sheet metal and the spot welds pop right off. I need to t
  17. Hi all, I have just bought a weasel and am trying to date it. The data plate behind the driver's seat unfortunately has no numbers on it 😞 but it does have a tag next to the data plate with UST-24-1069 on it. Any ideas on what year it may be or anywhere else I can look on the body for any other numbers? Thanks, Charlotte
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  19. Let me know before it gets too cold and I have to dig them out of the snow.
  20. Hello. Tag pictures attached. Plate not readable,
  21. The Ventilator lid and the associated linkages have been fitted
  22. Byron, Brilliant work as usual. Just remember that old Chinese proverb; Confucius says 'Man who does not crack test crank and fit aluminium camshaft drive gear will not drive weasel very long' Cheers John
  23. Looking great John, brilliant to see your work! Byron
  24. Glad to see this kind of effort being put into the restoration. It looks like it will turn out great!
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