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  1. Parke, Thanks for listing the data....I see you are just "around the corner" from me here in Jim Thorpe, PA. I have this Weasel on my list as belonging to Ken Lent. I will change it to your name. Using the data I have .....your ORD/MGF number would be between 1032? to 1034? ( ?= unknown number) This vehicle was built under contract T-17432 The USA # would have been around 401938?? See my posting on finding USA numbers and try to see if you can find the original USA number. Let me know if you do. BTW...there are two other M-29C's with hull numbers very close to you here in PA. One in Allentown ( M-29C-5867 ) and another in Pittston ( M-29C-5872 ). Jim Gilmore Jim Thorpe, PA.
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