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  1. @Patrick Tipton "My biggest distraction is the M29 I purchased with all my parts for the T24...it runs but has a ton of problems - so tempting to play with it because it does move under its own power but I am trying (somewhat unsuccessfully) to stay focused on the T24!"
  2. Ok so for the T15 through m29 series xxx??? All weasels came out of the factory (if not being used for testing) lusterless White, with one of 3 camo patterns. The black camo pattern was hand brushed and used a special gas solvable paint. This was applied to the top and the body.
  3. In regards to the stretches. The factory did not install stretcher components until the amphibian body ORD 3102 through the last weasel ORD 15126. All weasels before 3102 would of had motor pool added stretcher kits if available.
  4. What hold on......😁 Please check the left hand side of the block..... Left side behind the water pump. There should be a small flat spot on the block. With a prefix followed by a number. What is the prefix?????? Is it t-15....? Or T-24....? If nothing than its a commercial block.
  5. Hello, I have in my collection the majority of different variations of M29's So the biggest deciding factor is your data plate. That still bears the original rivets. This plate needs to be cleaned up a bit more. Yes the data plate behind the driver seat will say M-29. The hull tag will say M-29. Small history on the last M29. When Studebaker came up with there "amphibious body" before the M29C was supposed to hit the assembly line 1000 "Amphibious bodys" where made into factory M29's. Starting with serial number / ORD 3103 to 4103 I would also l
  6. For the t-24 through M-29-C I like to use Rust-Oleum light machine Gray. This matched up to the original gray i found Items that where gray as follows. Drive line, fuel tank. Black symbolized a replacement part. But i believe that the exhaust was black, also top and bottom of carb and the distributor. Oil canister, canister bracket regulator bracket Everything else should be gray. Note i have found what appears to be original gray paint on the manifold. For the T-15. It appears a slightly darker color was used. Rust-Oleum dark machin
  7. Hello DIYJ. Could you please post some pics of the outside and inside of your machine as well. I saw your post of your Hull tag UST-24-2030. I'm curious what the sheet metal looks like. Does this machine still have Para bracket holes?? Thank you James
  8. Hey Jim, His "Hull number" is ust-24 - 2030. If this is is not an M29 than what was the last T-24 Hull number? ......Updated.... Now John's T24 ....1002 ORD has a Hull tag of UST- 24 - 949 We do know that the first production M29 series ORD1003 on did still use UST-24- hull tags I have never personally found when the first production M29 stop and the second started. It is my belief that m-29 ORD 2303. Is of the third production run. I own ORD 2326 and it has a Hull tag of M29-xxxx
  9. It is merely just a reinforcement so the rocking of the partition or the setting of the partition does not tear the metal it should also be noted that the partition acts as a sidewall for when the cargo is in the weasel and the cargo cover will also get strapped to it
  10. Can you post pictures of your Weasel? that would be a big help. There are many different types including post war made vehicles
  11. DIYJ. Your weasel would be an M29. They made 1002 T24s. But factory kept the Hull # ust-24-0000. That stop somewhere in the 1003 - 2102 production. Your Weasel is most likely the first production M29 Do you have any pictures of your machine?
  12. As for the revision of the floor it was only for one thing and that was the inspection hole over the trans. All weasels prior to 3102 "did not" have the center floor inspection hole for the trans
  13. And using your picture.. here is the hole on the right side of the center floor
  14. Here is the right side pocket for the partition. Note early weasels prior to m-29 sir. 2102. Did not have the hat channel pictured do the post pocket stood alone
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