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  1. Not doing ANY computers or electronics at all. Solenoid will be the highest tech electric on this machine. Would actually be happy if I could hand start . I do not consider electronic ignition electric fuel pumps and electronic fuel injection to be upgrades. Rather all are things to be avoided at any cost. I am aware that diesels do not produce a usable vacuum signal ( they don't have throttle plates so the I take is basically always at ambient unless they are turbo'd) Many many diesel autos are automatics ...there fore there must be rpm or other controls employed.
  2. The ones I have coming into my shop
  3. Have watched you snow trip to the cabin MANY MANY times. Your environment is very similar to mine here in Alaska. I seem to remember that at least that one is re powered ( Volvo?) And it acts as though it maybe be an automatic? ....if so ....how does that work out for you. I feel as though in some instances an automatic transmission would be very good.
  4. Dont kill me ....i am restoring two..but I have three....and one was a badly abused parts tub. I happen to be in Alaska and have opportunity and reason to USE a weasel ( not just take it out for a trail ride once a year) but acess a remote property and haul construction supplies etc. So .....being that I am starting without engine ..i did some mental gyrations and came to the conclusion that in certain mud situations and on certain hills ....an automatic transmission would be nice.( generally not a fan of autos ....) But ..the easiest solution I had handy was an S10 with a 2.8 narrow V6 and a 700r4 ( maybe a 200c? ) ......long story short the v6 is wider than I want to deal with and I have come up with a small Kubota 4 cyl diesel. Several places have plates for mounting the engine to a chevy pattern auto. My question is I dont know about auto trannies ....what needs to be done to match the engine to the trans ....as far as making it shift correctly and work well?
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