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  1. Well, I went to do the other side, got the grinder out, started it up and was just about to get grinding, when I noticed this side looks normal!! I shut the grinder down, go a screw driver, popped the seal out and it all came off as you originally mentioned! I wonder what was up with the other side being bastardized....
  2. Ok I grinded some flats and took the pipe wrench to it and it didnt budge. SO I ground off the entire bevel portion even with the seal and the seal popped out and then saw the nut...it took a breaker and cheater bar to loosen it and an impact wrench to get it off.. Turns out whoever did this meant for it not to come off. The nut had been tightened down just at the the tip of the shaft and the seal put in place, the remaining portion of the nut was flared out perhaps hydraulically over the top of the seal. AND turns out that that the nut was a different thread than the US one for it stripped the end of my axle shaft!! see pics. Perhaps the Norwegian's did this because this weasel went to them after the war. Then after them it went to a Fire, Highway and Forestry departments before sold into surplus.... Question, now I have to deal with stripped threads on the axle shaft...is that able to be rethreaded or do I have to replace them? Thanks steve
  3. ok thanks Guys but I tried prying with a screw driver, tried pulling with channel locks and tried unscrewing with a pipe wrench but there is nothing to grab onto..I popped off the hub on the front idler wheels and immediately saw the hex nut as should be and easily removed it but the drive wheels...im not sure who did what here to attach the drive wheels.
  4. I would like to purchase a late set, please advise thanks steve
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    wish I can save
  6. Hello All, this is my first weasel restoration and a new member to the forum. I ran into a problem removing the drive wheels. After consulting the TM, I removed the axle bolts and pulled out the right side axle. But there were no seals or lock nuts, etc. as pictured in the TM, just a hub like sleeve with no visible means of removing it (see pics). The drive wheel spins freely so I thought maybe it was just pressed on, after some taps with a rubber mallet I gave up. Is there a special threaded removal wrench for this? Or am I missing something? Thanks steve
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