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  1. Interesting about the tight fit with radiator. I thought I was being a bit aggressive using a porta-power to spread the side panels just a hair.
  2. I need a stretcher my neck hurts 🙂
  3. Had the fourth largest snow in Denver’s record book last night. After clearing our road so everyone could get to work I took the weasel for a spin. It lays some nice tracks in the drifts.
  4. My old boss called it an “air letter byer” hole. When he drilled a hole in a car floor it was a “water letter outer” hole. 😀
  5. I’m one of those gear heads always drilling holes in the flange of a thermostat. Helps the engine burp after a big meal
  6. Run the engine in the dark to see if you spot any plug wires arcing. Mine did that on the speedo. Drove me nuts.... porter
  7. What year would mine be? Hagerty wants to know lol
  8. I think the Norwegians added or manufactured a bracket to mount ski racks to. If you happen to have the Norwegian mod I have several sets of ski racks with rough leather buckles. Not sure what this is a picture of it’s just for you to compare with
  9. Thank you so much! This is great!
  10. Thanks Patrick! I have some of the hard to find parts for it so I will dig them out because I don’t know how the connect to the bows.
  11. I snapped a couple photos of one at a private museum nearby. Do these look about right? If so I can go back and measure them, or offer to buy!
  12. Anyone have drawings for the top bows? Hand drawn, factory drawings, or measurements wanted. I’m fixing to make a simple bikini top for the summer. Thanks
  13. Glad to see this kind of effort being put into the restoration. It looks like it will turn out great!
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