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  1. Starting up a thread for more information about my recent acquisition. Everyone is referring this unit as a “C” M29 but the hull tag is does not have a C in the number. I’ve read some units where made ready for the float tanks but are still considered a regular M-29. I’m a little confused I about what to refer to it as. It has Norwegian instructional plates above the steering and on the dash.
  2. Picked up this one recently from Michigan, USA. Picture of a spare engine stamping as I haven’t been able to ID the number on the engine currently installed. 3417 on the data plate?
  3. Sure looks like a Russ B. fix to me! I’ve used thread files on damaged treads with good results
  4. I traded for this weasel. Don’t have a clue where to start figuring out what I got myself into! Runs and drives, pallets of spare parts and an extra motor. I just finished rebuilding the water pump, the floor under gas tank and the rot under radiator. I guess keeping water out means trapped water is kept in? I have extra tracks that are broken that I want to rebuild with conveyor belt. Look forward to this project.
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