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  1. The Ambillary track design is the predecessor to the LAR track FYI.
  2. Larry I just use a porta power to push on the rear axle pivot to adjust your spring adjusters to the tension desired. Make sure you don't mix up the spacer blocks on the tensioners the thicker spacer goes closest to the spring end and should also have a flat 1/16 or so shim. Get the track where it feels tight and has some up and down play and that's about it no real science to it. I have attached a parts diagram showing the adjusters and shims. Hope this helps. Dan
  3. I went through my old emails hoping to find a printed document showing the cost from Staman. The date I was talking to them was in 2014. I vividly remember Joop Staman quoting me loosely around 7000.00 USD for a set of the tracks as a kit. At the time Staman was the only one making that style of track that I could locate. As it goes though there were pros and cons about these tracks. Great road ability was one of the pros. There was some discussion of the tracks jumping off in soft ground conditions. I do not know that but remember reading about it. The width was a little over 15" which I was
  4. Hi Everyone My T15 fuel sender was really bad. The ribbon inside just fell apart. So what I did was contacted Tri Star Radiator in NY and talked to Dan the owner who told me to send me the old sender and gauge I wanted to use and he would make me a new modern one calibrated to the gauge and tank size. I am including a couple pictures. Cost was around 225.00 USD. Essentially the top housing was all that was used of the old sender. I thought this was a great solution I could not find an original sender anywhere. So although not exactly original it is close enough. Hope this helps anyone f
  5. Hey Dave You are full of it.... what is your purpose of posting what you do if you don't want any questions asked? I went back and looked at the posts you referred to where I asked a bunch of questions about your track work. Man what are you talking about??? I asked a couple questions?? So what! You don't have to answer. I have been belting weasel tracks from at least 1979 so you have no patent on the idea. Many others have done this as well so don't attack me for a couple questions asked about your track work, along with the questions I have also complimented you as well. Your post den
  6. Hi Larry Glad to see it coming along!
  7. Hey Dave read the post I was responding to. What are you charging to recondition a bogey?/ are you? I was already thinking about going this route with mine. making poly molds and recasting the bogeys, but it would save me one heck of an education on getting that compound right (I have only ever done this to resin cast) if it meant writing a check that was cheaper then buying them nos off ebay at 75 a pair. the cost per wheel of 40.00 was for a set (2) off ebay! You can buy 2 for 75+ shipping look for yourself. I was not estimating your labor.
  8. The video alone is worth the $$ Dan
  9. At one time 2017 the Staman tracks which are similar were around 7K US not including shipping New LAR Tracks 14K Cheapest way is to re belt the tracks on the original pads. New road pads go along way in preventing track grousers from breaking. This subject has been beat to death there is thread on the G503 forum about this. Dan
  10. Tom Howell had some poly bogeys made for his T15 he has some pictures on this site . How many do you need? I asked Dave (DRH) how much it would cost out of curiosity in hopes he would give some insight here on the site to those who need them made. At the cost of say 40.00 per wheel it seems if a small amount needed I would buy NOS if you need lots of them then having them made may be a cheaper route. Like anything weasel Ka Ching Ka Ching $$$$
  11. you can weld up the old shafts and turn them down. I had to do this on several and works well. Also if not a machinist any decent machine shop can remake those shafts no sweat! Mine were worn where the bearing froze up and ate into the shaft. Dan
  12. Bogey Wheel Bearing Part # Bearing 09078 Race 09194 Return rollers are needle bearings 2 per wheel . I use Koyo brand T0116P532533 . Yamulla at Military Vehicle Supply has them I got the koyo brand from a local supplier Price to re bearing a complete M29 weasel around 800 to 1000.00 + Dan
  13. Sorry not behind drivers seat behind engine compartment on bulkhead see picture. Dan
  14. What does the tag say on the bulkhead behind the driver seat? Tracks already look belted how bad are they? Track pads from what I can see look really good no bends broken tips? The track rolled up looks good to for reconditioning. Dan
  15. looks like an M29 not the C model no skirt flares unless sides were redone at some time and they were left off?? Dan
  16. around. 14999: (Planned, but not executed) Track tension spring design is changed from leaf spring to coil spring. I thought I would post some pictures of a weasel with possibly the coil spring modification Dan
  17. Here is a thread on the G503 forum that is worth reading. https://forums.g503.com/viewtopic.php?t=303806
  18. I thought it was a Norwegian update. When I got my first weasel it came back to the USA direct from Europe it had the mirror on it plus license plate holder jeep tail light, light blug on back for towing trailer etc. I bought it in New York from Sarafan in 1980. Had all the motor pool tags still on it when the weasel was stored before shipment back to USA. Never was in private hands before me. Dan
  19. It will work just fine without it. Dan
  20. I would call them direct really nice people to deal with. I have them and don't see any problem with them. Holes all lined up nice I have run mine not a long way but 20 to 30 miles and see no appreciable wear. Also they are extra wide on the tooth. Rick Wark had run them and may have had an issue not sure though. NOS sprockets are hard to find and I don't think Liberty auto is making them anymore so in my view we are lucky Accurite is still making them. I am going to be ordering another set from them soon for my other weasel.
  21. Accurite Machine 559 292 6933 Clovis California
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