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  1. 1wizkid

    Weasel #2

    2 months ago I had never heard of a weasel. By pure accident I happen to meet a fellow who had one in his garage that he wanted to part with so I bought it. I posted photos of that in another thread. Well, he mentioned he had a friend who had one sitting in his yard who really wanted it gone. I was happy to oblige. Just picked it up today and brought it home. Does not run but seems to be mechanically complete. Super excited to work on both of these but... did have to reach an agreement with my better half that I wouldn't start until I finished our living room remodel which will take most of th
  2. 1wizkid


    Some restoration but very minimal: Put engine parts back on the engine and confirm it runs. Take out some dents Paint green add some white army stars As you will figure out, I'm not an experienced mechanic. Don't know the proper name for many of the components. But I've got passion and brains and that has served me well so hoping it does here too! I'm a serious Ww2 collector (relics, uniforms, letters primarily) but not weapons or vehicles - those are just to expensive. I stumbled across this weasel by complete accident. It wasn't even up for sale. Was thrilled the
  3. 1wizkid


    The below picture is of the tag on the generator. It has an additional "blue" tag with overhaul info on it. Below is the tag on the engine. Matches same language as the overhaul tag on the generator. I assume norwegian since I was told the vehicle came from there. Tag on the driver side front. Extra "shaft" Closeup of Tracks. Notice the chain the previous owner attached to the tracks. I think he said this was needed to help hold them together(?). Two extra arms that go down to the wheels from the tub.
  4. 1wizkid


    Here are some more photos. Here is the aluminum top: The door opens and the top portion of the roof also opens(not shown) like a t-top: It also came with a canvas top but no metal bars to mount it onto the weasel with: Fire Extinguisher: Snow shoes: Skis:
  5. 1wizkid


    Thanks for the welcome, everyone. My name is Richard and I'm located just outside of Seattle, WA. I'll be posting a more complete set of photos over this next week and will be definitely interested in your thoughts/observations of what you see. -Richard
  6. 1wizkid


    I just purchases a weasel. 1944 M29C. Seller indicated it came from Norway. Seller took it apart to do some repairs and never got it put back together again. So now I'm going to give it a shot. I'm still pulling it home. Should be back at the farm in a couple hours. Very excited to learn more about these vehicles and much appreciate the effort gone into creating this site. I'll post more photos soon. Images of hull plate and the weasel before I loaded it posted here. It also came with an aluminum square top.
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