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  1. Well. I got the track tightened down. Worked well. Went to go test drive it and it appears that after rolling forward a few feet the rear drive stokers start to have a hard time engaging into the grousers. If I back the machine up to where it was setting originally then the teeth go back where they should. The spacing on the grousers is the same throughout the whole machine so I can’t figure out what would be causing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  2. Thanks! Do you have a photo of one that you use? I ended up getting it tight but I don’t think it was done the easiest way possible. Just working with what I had.
  3. Alright so I took that wheel off and the track made it on. What’s the best way to get the front leaf spring drop and under the adjustable brackets to set the tension? Right now it’s setting quite a bit higher then the backers even bolt on. I can pull down on it but it appears that I may need some sort of pry bar on it. Is that normal? thanks again for your help!
  4. Okay awesome thanks! I’ll try that tomorrow!
  5. Good evening, I recently replaced the rubber bands on my spare set of tracks and in the process of reinstalling the track on the rig. I was able to get the old track off mainly because it was 3/4 of the way broke already. I have the two brackets off the side of the haul and the front pulley loosened up. I can’t get the new track on, it appears that leaf springs have to be compressed in order to slide the track past the boggie wheels. I don’t see how that’s possible to do with a bottle jack because the track would get in the way. Anybody have any suggestions? Iv thought about sp
  6. Goof afternooon guys, Thanks for the photos and tips. I found a local store here that sells the conveyor belt material. They have 1/2" thick 4 ply that would work I think. From the looks of it I'd run 1/2" thick on the out bands and double it up (1" thick) for the inside bands. Does that sound correct? Another question that I have is does it make a huge difference using used conveyor belt VS. new belt? I know used stuff is already stretched and using new stuff might cause problems later down the road, but I wasnt sure if aybody have experience with this in the past. Once
  7. Good evening guys I have been doing some research on the track rebuild and trying to get all my materials gathered up before I start ripping and tearing. I contacted the gentleman in MI about the road pads and he said that he was not interested in doing just one pair because it was not worth it to him and that he would need to get a few sets together in order to make it worth his wild. He also mentioned that he would sell the stuff for making them for about $5500 but that’s a bit out of my price range haha. iv seen some point running a combination of a few different things. Some
  8. Thanks fellas! I like the snake river setup but I have some questions, is there any reason I couldnt just use the hat channels that are already being used to hold the outer bands in place? Just looking at the out bands that he has it looks like he fabricated new tabs to help hold the belt down. 5280Beltfed; I also like your setup, I'm in Anchorage and have a supplier here that I would think have the materials in house but I'm not 100% on that and won't be able to chat with anybody until Monday now. I like the setup that you had made, would be interested in chatting with the o
  9. Awesome thanks guys! I cleaned the Carb, cleaned the points up and she fired right up and has been running excellent since! Very happy with the outcome!
  10. Good Evening, I recently purchased a M29C and finally got it running. Thanks to the helpful folks on this fourm! Runs great! Greased everything on the drive train, backed it off the trailer and started to test drive it and while backing up I bushed the left track partially off. I kinda had a feeling something was going to break and I was planning on either pulling these tracks off and going through them or rebuilding the spare set that it came with and swapping them out. Was hoping other people on here would have some insight on that... I'm new to the weasel world and have be
  11. Good Evening Fellas, Thanks for the help and tips getting the ignition system figured out. I got spark back! Just had to clean up the points and away it went. I put some fresh gas in and after sitting for about 6 years (so I'm told) it fired up. I'm having carb issues now and removed the carb to rebuild it.. Seems like a pretty simply setup. Anybody know much about getting a rebuild kit for these? Looking at the manual it appears to be a Carter carb. The issue I was having was keeping it running once it would fire. I'm sure there is a few other factors playing into the rough
  12. Sounds great 5280Beltfed. I got the starter reinstalled this evening and it's working properly. I cleaned the fuel tank out and put in 10 gallons of fresh gas. I pulled the choke, cranked it but nothing. Pulled plugs and they appear wet. I cleaned the plugs and reinstalled them after cranking the motor with the plugs out to clean the cylinders out. It appears as though I'm not getting any spark now. Not too surprised as I kinda figured the points needed cleaning as well. Just figured I'd git it a shot before digging into it. One thing that I'm not 100 percent sure I'm doing correctly is the ig
  13. Thanks for the additional information! I looked on the bulkhead that you where talking about and didn't find any sort of data tag or hull tag. I'll take a photo tomorrow. I did get a socket on the mail crank pulley and find out that the motor isn't locked up so I'm pretty stoked about that. I pulled the starter off (much easier said then done) that lower bolt for the starter is kinda a pain to get to. Found that the pin that's mounted on the relay on the starter was froze up, not allowing the bendix to kick out. I got it cleaned up and was going to replace the brushes. You said that you can ha
  14. Patrick, Thanks for the information, I'll get things updated. As for the info on the M29C, thats good to know. Where would I find the serial/data tag? There is some tags on the instrument panel but it mostly describes the operating limitations.. I later found out that it was a 12V system and going to work on the connections tomorrow. Just wondering, do you know if they still make these starters in worst case? Also wondering if somebody might be able to tell me what some of the switches do. I figured out the battery disconnect and the start switch but some of the others have me stump
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