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  1. Thank you Guys, this is what i needed when I was fitting them. Hans Louis on FB can source them I believe. I have also seen the other company sell these tracks on the Facebook page and on Milweb. I am led to believe there were two guys doing the weasel Staman tracks, then they parted ways and one of the guys is still doing them but nothing to do with Staman. If I find the guy I will post his details on here.
  2. Byron’s TM1990 Rubber Track Manual for Weasel M29 & M29C This manual explains how To fit the rubber track kit ready to accept the rubber tracks. The Rubber tracks are a modern substitute to replace the original tracks. The original tracks weakness are the bands that hold them together. The steel bands are encased in a rubber mould which over time crack and allows water to corrode the steel bands, eventually causing them to break. To use The rubber tracks, You need to fit the rubber track kit. When the kit is fitted you can continue to follow TM9-772 to f
  3. Then the next problem, the radiator has decided it’s had enough of life..... this weasel had been sat in a barn for 35 years and not moved. I have had the radiator pressure tested and flow tested but after putting some miles on her, the radiator has formed Crack. It’s currently out and at the repair shop. this is where she broke down
  4. Hi guys, I’ve not posted for a while... I don’t want it to seem like the weasel is all singing and all dancing because that would be an untrue story from most restorations... I’ve had two break downs recently, but luckily very close to home. I can confirm a weasel toes behind a modern vehicle very well! I found the first problem very quickly, starvation of fuel unless I left the fuel pump running for a while, I’d get another 30 seconds of driving again until the carb had emptied. The fuel pump was still humming but only a very small trickle of fuel. The internal pipe from the pump t
  5. Hi Will, it’s taken me 6 months to complete this weasel....... but is it finished..... debatable as I’m still having teething issues now. Radiator had a melt down and decided it had had enough, it cracked last weekend. Previous to that, the fuel pump pipe inside the fuel tank decided to collapse. All these things are 70+ years old and after being put under use after sitting around for a long time they are starting to show their age. the rubber tracks are great. I am making a TM manual on how to fit them just for fun. I’ll post shortly.
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