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  1. On 2/1/2021 at 9:09 PM, OZM29C said:

    Can I offer a suggestion, discard your old Phenolic Camshaft timing gear and fit a new Aluminium gear. Its a lot of work to replace a camshaft timing gear should you have a failure!

    Alumimium timin gear.jpg

    Can I second John’s opinion though Experience 

  2. Thank you Guys, this is what i needed when I was fitting them.
    Hans Louis on FB can source them I believe.

    I have also seen the other company sell these tracks on the Facebook page and on Milweb. I am led to believe there were two guys doing the weasel Staman tracks, then they parted ways and one of the guys is still doing them but nothing to do with Staman. 
    If I find the guy I will post his details on here. 

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