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  1. That interesting, my engine ground strap was the same side as yours John, even though through all the manuals, is states and shows pictures of the other side. I photographed mine and will put it back the same side it came off. Regards, Byron
  2. Brilliant photos John of the pipe work on the fuel tanks side of the engine! They are extremely handy!!!! Could you possibly take a couple more Of this side of the engine for me? brave using the original jubilees..... I love to keep my vehicles looking original but i do also like a few modern touches for ease and servicing. I think the original jubilees was one of the first things I changed on my jeep. cheers, Byron
  3. Great work, how do you plan to use your weasel if you didn’t want to put the nice leavers in if you don’t mind me asking? will this weasel be used for a job or work? cheers, Byron
  4. Thank you Patric, that would be my weapon of choice too with tackling these welds. I needed one a few years ago when I put new floors in my Jeep.
  5. Thank you Jesse, I managed to get mine apart so with a good clean and a very light cabinet blast clean on certain areas I could get her working again. But I didn’t want to waste the effort if it wouldn’t last for long with the modern fuel.
  6. Wow John.... What a nice mile stone! 👍 did you remove the gear box to get the engine in?
  7. Thank you Dan, I appreciate your information. With modern fuel how are your Fuel tanks looking? Do you use a stabiliser in your rubber tanks?? cheers, Byron
  8. Thank you Dan, any experience on the rubber tank? cheers, Byron
  9. Ok, that’s brilliant information on the thermostat guys. I really appreciate that! I will now be keeping the 180 Thermostat in the weasel. can anyone answer my other two questions regarding fuel pump and fuel tank who are running Weasels??
  10. Hi guys, I hope you’ve all had a happy Christmas with your families! I have 3 new questions. Hopefully they straight forward. I have checked older posts and it has briefly touched on the subjects:- 1. We have a perfect rubber fuel tank, with a fuel stabiliser will it hold up to the modern petrol. A previous thread said no to modern fuel, it goes to jelly but no mention of a stabiliser. Is anyone running the rubber tank with success? 2. our internal fuel pump in the tank is in a bad way but fixable! (full of crust, some rust and crystals) I can take the time to rebuild it with new motor brushes, cut new gaskets, solder the electric cable back and clean it all to a usable standard. Are they reliable when good and can they withstand our modern fuels? Is any one running the old internal fuel pump? Am I better off hiding a modern pump inside the fuel tank for reliability? 3. I have put a new thermostat in our engine. Unfortunately the original one had leaked it’s fluids and did not work. I have used a modern 180F thermostat. Should I have gone for the lower temperature 160F so it opens quicker? The engine will hit a peak temperature and the thermostat will stay open anyway. I appreciate your thoughts? Thanks in advance Byron
  11. Thanks Patrick. Im not liking the idea of the amount of plug welds I’m going to need to sand back! hey, it’ll be worth it 👌
  12. Well done John, it’s looking great! I’m enjoying watching your progress cheers, Byron
  13. Isn’t it funny that they all go in the same places! Mine has gone on those bottom corners and under most of the hat sections. looking good Patric! cheers, Byron
  14. Great to go through all these pictures as see your Progress. Great jobs on the sender units 👌 this will be a job for me soon. cheers, Byron
  15. Hey Guys, I hope your all well! Yet again, progress has been slower than I would have expected but I’ve had to send some good time looking for a new car as my old one is terminally ill. It ate the gear box for breakfast. A few more hull repairs have happened, fabricated and fitted the triangle strips with new steps and hinge loops. I’ve finally got the engine back together and fitted all the reconditioned ancillaries. the water pump shaft and bearing is the same as jeep, you just need to Trim one end shorter. she runs like a dream and sounds very nice. I want to change the thermostat for a cooler 160degree so it opens quicker. I hope you all have a good Christmas in these weird times Cheers, Byron
  16. Looking good John, thank you for the pictures👍I hope you have a good Christmas working on her cheers, Byron
  17. Well done Patric! I’m keen to watch your welding video that popped up on face book. that’s a job I’m dreading too! Chasing those hundreds of threads under the weasel. That’s going to be fun.
  18. Blimey, I’ve just seen this. I can confirm the tracks worked brilliantly and I know the owner after 7 years is still using the same tracks
  19. Patric, be careful with those seals you’ve left on the rear stub axle, unless you have replacements you may need to reuse if they are not too bad! I am finding them very difficult to get hold of. cheers, Byron
  20. Thank you Patric. I’m having great fun with the weasel. I have to say, I’m very lucky my fiancé is understanding with my passions too.
  21. The new floors are folded and tack welded in place, along with repairs that needed to be made before the floors were laid.
  22. Progress has slowed up a little as I have been waiting on parts to rebuild the engine so I have deviated and nearly completed the dash and put both front support bogies back together. I’d forgotten how much grease it took to pack these hubs out with.
  23. Great to see some more pictures Patrick. good work! Surely these vehicles will be looked after from now on and dry stored so I hope they won’t need to go through this again! Byron
  24. Wow Dan, great looking engine! Lovely to see it so clean and fresh!! good job! 👍 Byron
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