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  1. Thank you Patric, she drove nicely 👍 The engine was the worst I’ve pulled out of a WW2 vehicle. All bores needed to be sleeved, new valves, Valves seats and guides, pistons and con rods. Luckily the crank hadnt seen the water. I didn’t keep this one, a Dutch Guy drove over to buy it. There are many changes that I will make with this newest weasel after learning some more about these cool little vehicles. The weasel I’m doing at the moment won’t be going anywhere. cheers, Byron
  2. Hi Dan (M29) does your devoe bar rust 235 epoxy paint have a RAL number or a BS number on the tin? I like your grey! cheers Byron
  3. Amazing work work Patric, its brilliant to look back through your pictures and see all the work you have done. This will be an amazing finnished project. Well done 👍
  4. That sounds like really bad luck, I’m pleased you got there in the end. Lovely looking Engine! I don’t blame you for letting them to do the rebuild. They are doing g it day in, day out I expect. For me, it’s the mechanics that I enjoy the most. Welding and the Electrics are my down fall
  5. Today was spray day, all these items have been blast cleaned, two pack primed using Sigma Cover 280 (best primer I can ever recommend anyone) and two pack top coated. im looking forward to the second batch of spraying.
  6. Wow...... 5 cracked cranks. What had you been doing with the John 😂 were they all cracked in a similar place? Is this a common thing with champion engines? We’re they visible cracks?
  7. Engine and bell housing split tonight. the weasel come with 3 working jacks....... what we really need is some of the other Jack parts to work the jacks to tension the tracks
  8. Thank you Beltfed. the weasel was working before I stripped it down. Father bought this one in running condition, knowing it needed the Full Kay Restoration. We actually drove it to a local steam rally roughly 2 miles away from home knowing we may break a track..... guess what, we broke a track in the arena. 😓🤣 any way, it got put into the barn for a further 2 years with the new Staman tracks along side ready for one of our family members to tackle the restoration. Father and I come to an agreement for me to restore it, so here I am 💪 all noted with the hardened valve seats, this tends to be one of our standard upgrades. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated though. cheers, Byron
  9. A few more pictures. Head and sump off, bores seem very good valve seats seem horrendous. I was surprised to see a T24 engine in her Does any one know, are the UJ’s universal to another military vehicle? Thanks is in advance Byron
  10. Wow John, well done! That looks great 👍 our family company is blast cleaning.... I know how you feel about the sand mess. well done
  11. Thanks John I would appreciate that. I actually went back through your blog and I can see where one sits from where your stripping your weasel down and haven’t removed this part yet. cheers Byron
  12. All bearings stripped out, degreased and cleaned, rear axel and components degreaced and the hull is pressure cleaned all ready for blast cleaning
  13. Wow John, I’ve had a good look through your blog! Amazing work 👍 I’m going to find your engine Pannel pictures really helpful as a guid for all the canvas piping and webbing. Great attention to detail. I have the two small peace of angles which have webbing stapled to. They were in the bottom of the engine compartment on the floor. I have absolutely no idea where they go. 😂 I’ve looked in the parts manual and normal manual. Hi Doug, I hope your keeping well! thank you. some pictures would be amazing Doug... yes please. Run them tight, yes boss 🙏 How do you find the rubber tracks? If I’m honest, rebuilding my last tracks gave me disappointing results lots of blisters. Do you want to add the pictures on here or send them via WhatsApp? Thanks, Byron
  14. Ahh I’m pleased he still has them. He used to have lots of spares for them but it was difficult to buy them from Russ. I hope all is well with him. thanks for the thread John. I’m going to take a look. I have a pair of brand new STAMAN tracks with the full hardware kit that come with this weasel when I bought it but no installation guid. I have a fair idea how I think it should go. Does anyone have anything to help me?? Many thanks in advance Byron
  15. Thanks guys. nice to speak again John. Are you still working on your weasel? How is it going? yes, this weasel is much healthier than the one I did last time. And much more complete. The last weasel is still in full use by its new owner. I get regular updates of his usage. thanks Patrick for setting this up 👍 it’s nice for us to congregate in one place. Ahh what a shame.... I miss the archives of the old forum. It had years of posts and pictures which were great to refer to. is Russ Morgan still weaselling? Ill get the serial numbers up soon. today was removing the old tracks and suspension.
  16. Hi Guys, im Byron. I was on the old weasel forum and I cant seem to find it. Has it gone? I restored a weasel roughly 6 years ago and kept a full diary of what I was up to. I also made a lot of hard ware for the weasels that a lot of guys liked bought. I have a new weasel project and would like to post some pictures. Out of all the ww2 vehicles I have restored, this is by far the most complete. Would be great to chat to you guys. Byron, England, Devon
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