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  1. Just to understand this is a universal 12 V sensor for gasoline tank for marine use adjustable cost from 25 to 30 € you have to calibrate it with the tool and make the hole of the fuel
  2. Hello I found the float on the tank of the generator is practically identical I just have to make the hole for the fuel fishing. I ask you if you can kindly give me the dimensions of the system for simplicity I am attaching a photo with highlighted the measures I need thanks
  3. Hi Jesse hope all is well, tell me when you find the pulley, by chance you don't have a regulator support and a carburetor? Thank you
  4. Good morning I am looking for an oil pan, the front pulley, the fan and the carburetor. Used parts are fine Who do I ask for the gasket set or at least for the exhaust and cylinder head ones? . Thank you
  5. grazie nessun problema il lunedì è perfetto
  6. Good day, I would need the dimensions of the tank with some photos of the details and perhaps of the internal bulkhead. I want to try my hand at making a replica as original as possible. thanks for any help you can give me.
  7. Good evening sorry for the late reply, i am looking for a water pump, a six valve fuel pump, valve covers and wiper motors. I am fine whatever conditions the spare parts are found Thanks for your help
  8. Yes thank you very much I will send you the list of what I need
  9. Good evening I am looking for the supports of the dynamo and a distributor complete with support. If anyone would give me the dimensions of the oil filter holder and coil holder I would be very grateful.
  10. Good day I need some advice, I found a complete studebaker 170 engine of "automotive" origin at a good price and I wanted to know if with some tricks it can be mounted on the Weasel. Now I have a diesel engine on the vehicle. What do you think? The various parts are exchangeable on an original Weasel engine block. Thanks for your attention. Guido
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