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  1. Good evening again I ask for help to reassemble the engine of my Weasel . I ask if someone has the measure of the distance of the height of the oil suction tube (see photo) and the diameter and the pitch (UNF / UNC) of the screws that stop the fuel level sensor on the tank. Thank you in advance
  2. Thanks for the explanation and the advice, there is always something to learn, especially when you are dealing with the old "rusts"
  3. hi, you have an address to contact Yamulla? thanks
  4. Hi I wanted some advice on buying a carburetor kit as I would like to overhaul mine. Thanks
  5. Just to understand this is a universal 12 V sensor for gasoline tank for marine use adjustable cost from 25 to 30 € you have to calibrate it with the tool and make the hole of the fuel
  6. Hello I found the float on the tank of the generator is practically identical I just have to make the hole for the fuel fishing. I ask you if you can kindly give me the dimensions of the system for simplicity I am attaching a photo with highlighted the measures I need thanks
  7. Hi Jesse hope all is well, tell me when you find the pulley, by chance you don't have a regulator support and a carburetor? Thank you
  8. Good morning I am looking for an oil pan, the front pulley, the fan and the carburetor. Used parts are fine Who do I ask for the gasket set or at least for the exhaust and cylinder head ones? . Thank you
  9. grazie nessun problema il lunedì è perfetto
  10. Good day, I would need the dimensions of the tank with some photos of the details and perhaps of the internal bulkhead. I want to try my hand at making a replica as original as possible. thanks for any help you can give me.
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