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    M29C x 2 , 1951 Monarchs, 1980 CJ5, 77 Pintos
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    Ontario Canada

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Welding Engineering Technician

Got 2nd weasel last month.

Merc51 is from 1951 Mercury ( have a few 51 Monarchs - Canadian Mercs)

Got 2 M29C but no float tanks.

One, got in 2010 has a 1951 235 CI chevy inline 6 with a 2 speed power glide.

Hull number M29C 2327, no S/N, no military number.

Was changed over in the 50's or 60's. Weasel came from Nevada usa.

The other is in good shape with original engine. last ran 12-14 years ago, so they said...

engine not seized. No Hull Number, strange S/N number, no military number.

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