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  1. OZM29C Again, great info ! I'll contact them and let you guys now how it went. Dennis Pic, my two weasels. The one under the tarp will be going up for sale soon. I'll let you guys know before I post it elsewhere.. DMc
  2. More Great info. Thanks. Its good to know that the spring I am looking for is only 5 Cents. Now getting back to 1944 to get one is the hard part. I could then get the whole carb for $22.00 Dennis
  3. Prefect, just what I was looking for. I hope others can use this info too. I am missing the long spring in Fig. 20. Does anyone know of a workaround for this spring? Dennis
  4. Hi Rebuilding the carb. Has anyone posted the schematics/ assembly drawing for this carb? I am missing one of the internal springs and looking for parts numbers etc. Also looking for the Aluminum plug sizes (s). I have the Mikes Carburetor rebuild kit and no issues there. Attached is a pic of the carb before removal. Thanks Dennis
  5. Jim I got a second weasel recently and the S/N plate has a suspicious S/N #. What do you make of it? A rebuild number from a post war company?? pic attached. I think you already have my 1st weasel hull number M29C-2327. tks Dennis Ontario Canada.
  6. Jim G. Here is a weasel S/N that doesn't match normal. 56-33 pic attached. This one has no hull number. or side number ( yet - still looking.) Any info on this would be an asset. Tks. Dennis
  7. Thanks, I take these measurements and run with them. Need two glass sets cause I got another weasel. Sat in shed for 12 years plus. Pics: no hull number ...yet. 😞 Dennis
  8. Hey Does anyone have the following info? Windshield glass dimensions? (to get them cut to...) Glass thickness ( just in case its different from flat, easy to get glass.) Type/ style and size of the rubber "glazing channel" that the glass sits in in the frame Am doing 2 windshields shortly. Tks. Dennis
  9. Please add Hull number M29C 2327 to list, no S/N , No military number. Location Wiarton, Ontario Canada. Was modified with a 1951 Chev engine and 2 speed tranny. No float tanks or float accessories. 15" tracks Owned since 2010, Previous owner got it in Nevada.
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