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  1. Byron - this is truly amazing work and attention to detail. I'm realizing how out-classed I am with my small project! Nice job.
  2. I finally had some time to dig deeper on the final drive issue. I had thought it was an end play problem with the pinion. I was right, but in a worse way. Ended up that the front cast iron bearing retainer had broken out in back where the snap ring retains the smaller outer pinion bearing cup. So, lots of end play...and no adjustment! Luckily it hadn't caused damage to the hi/low gears, and I will get away with replacing the ring/pinion, main pinion bearing along with the cast outer bearing retainer cover. BTW, the big pinion bearing, SD900736, it looks like a Bowers BT-3876 which crosses
  3. Thanks Jesse - Very Generous! I am located in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  4. Lastly in the second picture, there is damage to the bolts securing the crown, you can see nicks where the front of the pinion has contacted them. You can also see the marks on the front of the pinon gear from this contact.
  5. Also, in the 1st picture, there is are bright spots at 10:00 and 12:00 on the pinion that looks like galling on the teeth, however it is actually damage behind the gear. The teeth on the pinion look good.
  6. Thank you Patrick and John. In the picture with the pinion, you can see that it is out too far and hitting the corners of the crown gear. The second picture shows the damage on the corners a bit better. The second picture also shows one of the steering/brake bands and drum. There is some slight scoring on the drum. It seems that it may be from the metal in the oil, as there is still a bit left on the linings - no rivets grinding that I can see at this point.
  7. Hello! I am new to the forum. @OZM29C I'm impressed with your work - it looks great! I have a smaller scale project where I am in process of rebuilding just the weasel final drive. Everything looks pretty good, with exception of the bevel ring gear. The corners of the outside corners of the teeth have been damaged and a bit of metal shavings are in the oil. It appears that the pinion end play is off. I Have found a NOS replacement pinion and ring gear that should fit, though not excited about the prospects of replacing it after reviewing the tech manual. The bearing surfaces of the teeth
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