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  1. @OZM29CWhat era are those tracks? Did they have rubber pads for hard surface? Thanks for the history information. Wow!
  2. @OZM29CWhat era are those tracks? Did they have rubber pads for hard surface?
  3. I do not know cost of rubber track. The rubber tracks look like they require a lot of small modifications on bogeys, sprokets and idlers. The LAR tracks are a straight bolt on and are metal grousers with replacable rubber pads. Of course both have freight cost. @04mustang Where did you get the 6K from and was that the kit?
  4. I contacted Staman last month and they said they were out of stock and did not know when they would make a run again. Or if they would.
  5. Anyone find out why the 55 or 56 grousers are used? Does the tensioner work for both? The drive sprockets seem to be the same. As far as belt thickness? Anyone with experience have comments? Would there be an interest in full rubber tracks?
  6. @OZM29CThanks for all the information. Someone somewhere may have an in use photo.
  7. So do the handles on the stretcher stick into the back of the driver? Thanks for the photos!
  8. That would be great! I have brackets but was not sure how they work. Or if they are even correct.
  9. Did they have a specific place they carried the folded stretchers?
  10. Good Photo. It does not really show how the brackets were used? There are two in one location and one in another?
  11. How do the stretcher brackets work? Anyone have any photos? Is it hidden somewhere in the TM's?
  12. Was the handbrake one that locked around the drive line?
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