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  1. They are doing a batch this month John told me. i have one on order together with new seat covers
  2. I need the 6 countersunk screws and the special nuts the hold together the windshield frame. If anyone has them please let me know. Or if you can point to a supplier that has them Svarthol@mail.dk Best regards Thomas
  3. Thanks guys, helpfull 🙂 Mine works fine and is not going out in hard frost so i will leave it as is right now, nice to have the kit though.
  4. I see they are for sale on Ebay too ACCELERATOR MOD KIT, M29,M29C,WEASEL,UST,T24,T15,SNOW, | eBay Anyone got the story behind this?
  5. It is definitely nice to have when you go on the road 🙂
  6. Hi Can anyone give any info on the accelerator update field kit? why was it neccesary? I have one NOS but im not sure if i should fit it or not
  7. I have a friend in a local danish company who works with manufactoring belts and vulcanize rubber on steel. Any info and meassurments needed would be highly appreciated. Also, if any in europe has a trackshoe for reference they would be willing to part with, i will give it an effort to see what can be done
  8. Another new weasel owner here 🙂 from Denmark. I am looking forward to take part in the forum and learn from all of you. mine is a fine runner only in need of cosmetic care at the moment, new top and seat have been ordered. regards Thomas
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