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  1. @Patrick TiptonThere was a post about fitting a G503 water pump: Might be worth a good read and trial
  2. Not the best pictures, but this is what I have
  3. @Will Dodge Yes, I need to re-rubber. Rubber on them is very bad and will not last long... @Patrick Tipton One small step at the time indeed. That also make the whole process more clear. And as space is my big issue, I can get stuff finished and out of the way for the next.
  4. I had quite a productive day. Having the guide wheels removed. And also having the idler wheels off. These came off very easy, and I'm happy to not having to do a lot of work on the axle. The carrier / arm needs some TLC as they have weld the grease hole shut....and it has a lot of wear. Edit: Although it now comes to my mind, that this is already a replacement as it is a solid rod. This as the originals are tubed. Inside the tub, only the final drive is remaining...
  5. I got a lot of small jobs done. The rods for high/low and the short steering rods have been cleaned and are ready for green paint. The shifting rods needs some work, as they cut the forks, extended them, and rewelded. Most of the panels I have are ready for sandblasting. I'm looking for some pictures on the 3/8" bolts that are spotwelded to the engine panel, on which the wing nuts are for locking of the engine cover. Anyone a picture from the rear side? Also looking for the length of the bolts. Assembled the water pump, only waiting for the fan to be dry.
  6. Hi Patrick, In your latest youtube video you had a question about one of the panels in the rear of the vehicle. The cutout should be there in my opinion. It is to allow the panel to be fitted with the bracket of the stretcher-bracket installed. A good picture on the pages of OZM29C:
  7. I hope I have all the double ups and incorrect data out now....
  8. Hi Patrick, think your right. will make an update this weekend, I see I mixed up some numbers also.
  9. It is definately not the most beautiful any more... Dimensions are spot on only the angle is 2 degrees off. Taking bubba's work in account, it could be worse.
  10. Thank you! Seems that they have lengthened the legs by making a cut and welding a piece in between. The holes and angle all seem to suit these measurements. Some cutting and welding to do....
  11. There was not a lot of time...for Weasel time... Next up. Throttle bracket. They did some modifications on it, can somebody assist with the dimensions?
  12. Thanks, I think I need to redo some parts of the sender unit, I made a mistake with some anti-corrosion stuff, which is now a kind of making everything corroding even faster.... anyway, overhauled the carb, which only needs some final parts yet.
  13. Hi Aron, Thanks You're Weasel is already in the list. In my next update your engine numbers are added, although these are the casting numbers I assume. The engine number is starting with T24 xxxxx and can be found on the boss, drivers side of the engine near the water pump.
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