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  1. Definitely interested in some of the parts. But due to travel restrictions definitely not possible to pick up. Good luck with the sale!
  2. Also start taking the windshield apart. This will require a lot of work. The top frame is cut and welded in 2 locations. All the brackets to fix the top are cut off, and off course a lot of rust. I think I start with taking the bottom frame apart, which also needs the hinge removed and welded on again. A lot of work ahead.
  3. Not a lot done... Beside cleaning some parts of the windshield.
  4. Also mentioned in page 294 of SNL-G-154 and 179, 1944 edition
  5. Hi all, Does somebody have a picture of the decal below the ignition switch. It shows in the manual, but I can't find a picture of it. Thanks
  6. First part of the dash ready. Some before and after. I also took some pictures of what I believe was the original olive drab. So if anyone is interested, I can post some of these.
  7. First items painted. Will try to start assembly of the dash soon.
  8. Welcome Fred, Looking forward pictures of the machines and updates on the restoration.
  9. @OZM29C @Patrick Tipton thanks for the words! We will see in due time. Worked now on some other parts The oil meter has been filled with water I think. I cleaned it out, and it seems to be working on some air pressure. In the end, its cleaned and I only painted the needle. The dash panel was in good order except for some holes to be filled. The challange was to get a nice flat side, in a hole. Starter Switch location and Head Light location are welded in. Seems those items are all original. Temperature gauge and Speedometer will be replaced by repro items.
  10. Ok the second one. As the Weasel is not at my place I have to travel approx 60km for it. Anyway, today I removed a lot of panels. Both dashboard panel, and some items from the cargo bay. The windshield was already removed but I took this home also. The body itself is in bad condition. There is a lot, a lot, of rust and the floor is giving way on a lot of points. I did not check lowest point of the hull (where the suspension is connected) but I'm up for the worse. Furthermore had a very unpleasant surprise, as I found out it does not have an original transmission, but a post war Swedish replacement. Anyway, I'm first going to aim on the dashboard and hope to remove the engine somewhere this summer....
  11. I will do today in 2 posts. I was already thinking about overspray. It is visible in some pictures, but I was not sure about it. As per an previous question, the engine was grey also is seems. There are traces of grey under the fancy green. Furthermore finished the ignition switch. I forgot....stupid...the washers to keep the dust out, but I do not dare to open it up again... Anyway I'm happy how it turned out. Patrick, don't worry, you are way beyond me! I will do another post of my Weasel today, as I removed a lot of stuff...
  12. Manifold is half painted, but I ran out of heat resistant paint. In my previous post I requested about the manifold color. But may it be that there is a difference between the T24/M29 and the M29C? On pictures of the T24/M29 the manifold is totally black. But I found some pictures on the web of the inlet side being grey. That would also match up what I found on my manifold, as the inlet and primer parts were grey. Also started on the main switch. To be continued.
  13. Got the manifold lightly blasted and cleaned the gasket surfaces. Can somebody let me know if they have some spares to finalize the manifold: - Heat Control Valve gasket / bushings / and spring, or a replacement set - copper priming tube between the inlets - diffuser gasket (if fitted) Furthermore, in factory pictures, the manifold looks totally black. Is that correct for all fabrication years? Specially on the inlet part, there are a lot of traces of grey, so just double checking.
  14. Very nice indeed! Enjoying all the pictures 😄
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