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  1. Dave Yamuilla makes them or had a batch made of the seat backs.
  2. After a long wait, the weasel is finally back in the garage. I’m working on the right side using a hat channel kit. The only hitch so far us that I’m missing two, the one front of the fuel tank with the 4 bolts and the one that the tank straps to. My fuel tank strap one has the notch that can be salvaged for whatever it was there for. Does anyone here make those two channels? My front hat has little left to measure. I don’t have access to a break. Tub: M29C-3245 Serial: 7340
  3. M25 pedestal? I have some NOS idlers and may throw those in but if I’m using Oscsr’s bands, no rubber on the drive wheels from what I’m told.
  4. Since I have one track off as I plug weld the floor in, should I pull the rear end and replace the steering bands? It hasn’t been driven more that 50m before I started restoring the floor. Should I do any seals on the bogies? I have a spare set NOS. I plan on rerubbering (cold vulcanize glue and strip rubber) the drive and idler wheel also. any ideas?
  5. They just rebuilt a basket case fuel pump for my antique tractor and all I can say is that they are top notch!
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