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  1. Some more small jobs knocked over this arvo. Air cleaner and oil can bracket installed and the battery hold down tray brackets installed.
  2. Not OEM but very practical. Rubber grips for the steering levers. Advertised on eBay for a vintage bmx bike.
  3. @Merc51Take care when you are dismantling your carburettor. The plug I have circled in the attached photo does not come in any repair kits. I had to machine a replacement. Cheers
  4. @Merc51Try calling these fellows; https://www.daytonaparts.com/ They make their own basic repair kit for the Carter BBR-1 Weasel military carburettor, plus I have purchased replacement #156A Fuel pumps off them for my weasel carburettor. They may have the spring that you need. Also I have no connection with this company apart from purchasing parts from them.
  5. @Merc51I copied this information from a rebuild kit Weasel Carby Page 1.pdf Weasel Carby Page 2.pdf
  6. Finally found a suitable SAE 30 oil, that is available locally, for my final drive thanks to advice from Brock J. and Doug Mac. and others. See attachment. What amuses me is that I now need to order One imperial gallon can plus 2 x 1 litre containers of oil to fill the final drive that needs six US Quarts 🙄🙄🙄 CAstrol Classic XL30.pdf
  7. Well as they say, life can be two steps forward and then one step backwards. Last Sunday was the one step backwards day. I went to connect up my final drive brake control linkages and found that I had mis 'timed' the steering brake camshafts. Unfortunately it means that I again have to split the final drive, lift it out and make the necessary adjustments. Fortunately this will cost nothing $$$$$ wise but will put a dent in my restoration timeline and pride. Stay tuned.
  8. Dave Yamulla would be your best bet. He lists them in his spares list; http://militaryvehiclesupply.net/list/12
  9. Today’s effort was focused in the drivers area. First job was to fit the dashboard. A character building job 😲😲 and yes I did scratch some paint . Next job was to install the cross shaft cover(behind the driver). Last job was to install the accelerator linkage and the linkage cover.
  10. Another tricky weasel job out of the way. I have fitted the transmission shift rails. Normally a straight forward job had they not been bent to accommodate the raising of the hull by 100mm/4inches. Anyway it shift smoothly now.
  11. The steering tillers and gear shift assembly is finally in. What should’ve been a straight forward job blew out to 5 hours of hand fitting, die grinding, machining and welding to get it in.
  12. @Patrick TiptonGreat work👍. Before you know it, the hull will be done. I am looking forward to the next instalment on this T24 restoration journey.
  13. Today’s lunchtime efforts were directed to finishing the weasel heat shield. This involved fitting facsimile staples to the felt strip. It’s a fiddly time consuming job. Now that this little part is done, I have cleared the roadblock to getting the dashboard and instrument panel installed.
  14. Thought I would add some more on how I made the rudder cables. Brock J. sent me a photo of the original ends (fitted to his weasel) that had been crimped onto the cable. I made a crimping tool to emulate the original crimps. I also had to machine new replacement threaded ends. Last but not least I made some removable wire stops which go inside the steerer. This was a handy mod as it meant that I could adjust the length of the steering cables to ensure that the cable was at the right tension and the steerer was centred with the rudders aligned fore and aft.
  15. Rudder Steerer in position, rudder cable conduits adjusted/fitted and then clamped in position, rudder cables installed and adjusted. This was a very time consuming job. Just needs a touch up with some OD.
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