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  1. Welcome @Martyn2261 to this great forum. I am sure that you will glean a good deal of information about weasels from here. I believe that probably the most important aspect to consider with weasel ownership is the tracks. As they say, a weasel without tracks is a garden ornament. Fortunately nowadays there are a number of solutions to overcome the track problem. @Patrick Tipton Patrick's tremendous shop time Youtube channel is a credit to him and its good to see that you are a subscriber. There are a number of restoration blogs on this forum and are well worthy of your time to read. Finally there are some great UK weasel owners both on here and over on the weasel FB group. The weasel is truly a unique machine. Cheers John W.
  2. @F.JanssenThe Caterpillar seal is the best after market option for the outer seals. See photo 1. The alternative to the Cat seal is a Federal Mogul National oil seal that I have highlighted in the attached Word doc. Please be aware that this seal is only 6.35mm (1/4"Inches) wide and may need a spacer to ensure that the seal sits in the right position on the shaft. Last but not least, NOS seals Good luck finding them>>>>> The inner seal in the rear hubs is as per photos 2 and 3. Pay particular attention to the orientation of the new seal in the retainer. Finally there is a felt seal fitted in the final drive housing. I don't know where to get them but the photos will give you some ideas on what and how you can make them. Federal Mogul National Oil Seals - Hub Seal Alternative.docx
  3. @BeepbeepMy idler wheels and sprocket drive wheels came from Norway and after measuring the rubber tyre thickness I believe that the wheels may have been reconditioned in Norway post WW2 as opposed to being NOS. Anyway all rubber tyres are 5mm thick. Hope this helps👍
  4. @F.JanssenThe return roller seal is the same as the bogey wheel seal. The modern equivalent is SKF CR 12391. Details here from one of the many suppliers; https://simplybearings.co.uk/shop/p305327/SKF-CR12391-Single-Lip-Nitrile-Rotary-Shaft-Seal-1.25x1.938x0.25-inch/product_info.html I have attached a drawing of the gasket for you as well. Contact me when you are ready to replace the bogey wheel seals. There are some excellent documents out there that you should refer to when installing these seals. I have attached a number of photos that may be of help to you. In my case I have fitted bronze bushings in the Return roller in lieu of the needle roller bearing. This was a common modification for weasels operating in Antarctica. Weasel Bogey wheel seal gasket.pdf
  5. Welcome Clem @Clem You certainly are going to have an adventure there. 🙂 Please post some more photos showing the interior? Is the hull tag still in place? Sorry can't offer any advice on unit markings, not my area of expertise. Credit must be given to Patrick @Patrick Tiptonfor resurrecting this weasel forum which will hopefully be of benefit to you during your restoration. The FB weasel group is a good platform for day to day social activities but I believe that this forum is a better reference point to capture the very specific information needed to restore a weasel. Cheers
  6. @BeepbeepI did indeed. Then I dressed the heads of CS bolts so they were flush with the guide plate. This prevents the hardened CS bolt heads chewing into the track guides. Attached are some photos for you to study.
  7. I have fitted a standard N70ZZ single battery to the weasel which although is not OEM is far more practical. Where the second battery should go I made a wooden storage box to the same size as the battery. Last but not least I had to shorten the battery retainer by 30mm to accommodate the smaller battery. Don’t worry the battery retainer is a repo.
  8. Attached are a series of drawings that I have made over the years to help with the restoration of my Weasel. Feel free to share and use them but please be aware that there may be some dimensional mistakes/errors in them, so if it is at all possible, double check the dimensions. To covert to the old imperial measurements, just divide the metric millimetre dimension by 25.4. That will give you decimal inches. Cheers John W. Bottom Plate - Dry Air Cleaner Mod.pdf Top Plate - Dry Air Cleaner Mod.pdf Capstan Winch - Cable Bracket - Floor.pdf Capstan Winch - Cable Bracket.pdf Capstan Winch - Cable retainer Bolt - Clamping collar.pdf Capstan Winch - Cable retainer Bolt - Clutch Actuator.pdf Capstan Winch - Upper drive shaft.pdf Fuel Tank channel without bend radius.pdf Part1- Capstan Drive Sleeve.pdf T24 Crank Support.pdf T24 Towing eye stiffening plate.pdf Universal Joint Dimensions.pdf Water pump bearing.pdf Weasel Capstan Drive flange.pdf Weasel Capstan Shaft - Clutch to Uni.pdf Weasel Rudder cable end.pdf (2).pdf Weasel Seat belt retaining clamp-1.pdf 90565A360_GRADE 8 STEEL HIGH HEX NUT.pdf Flotation Tank Washer.pdf Pipe Nipple - Weasel fuel tank drain.pdf Return Roller shaft.pdf Weasel Front Axle Sheet 1 .pdf Weasel Front Axle Sheet 2 .pdf Weasel Front Axle Sheet 3 .pdf Windscreen frame retainer screw 2.pdf Windscreen frame retainer screw.pdf Wiper motor gasket.pdf Pin - Capstan universal joint to drive flange.pdf Pin Capstan drive shaft sleeve SD900484.pdf Transmission Mount.pdf Weasel Capstan Drive flange.pdf Control Rod Lengths - Page 236.pdf Marker Lamp Riser Conduit.pdf Rudder Pin as Measured.pdf Weasel Idler Drive wheel gasket.pdf Final drive hull drain hole plate.pdf Final drive hull drain hole.pdf
  9. Painting after bead blasting and panel beating
  10. Here are the photos showing how I repaired my rear float tank.
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