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  1. @Price USMCIf Rob is out of stock, then try Gary at https://www.garysbunker.com/shop/m29-parts/brush-guard/ He might be able to help.
  2. @Conner Bush@Patrick Tipton Conner, if you decide to restore an M29C fitted with floatation gear I would highly recommend putting the hard yards in to purchase a weasel with as much of the float gear fitted to it as possible no matter what the condition. That way you have the option to either pattern or repair these unique parts. Anything Amphibious = $$$$$$. For a vehicle that was destined for a short service life the float tanks are an engineering marvel. Facsimile tanks unless done properly do look out of place as in the photo below. Having said that I would study and compare photos of M29C
  3. @F.Janssen Just sending through my engine number for M29C7333. T24-10275 Please note that this engine is not original to my hull.
  4. @Patrick TiptonGreat engine video. From my experience, if the opportunity does present itself, get your crankshaft crack tested. For whatever reason I had 5 crankshafts tested in the search for a usable crank. They were all cracked. In the end I paid a premium and purchased a NOS crankshaft. Also if in your repair programme you have had to run a thread tap right through your spark plug holes, you can fit a longer reach spark plug. In my case I fitted good quality NGK BP6HS plugs. Keep the updates coming👍👍👍
  5. @Guido Ferluga Hope this helps
  6. 1950's and no rubber pads etc for hard surfaces. Only Ice grousers as highlighted by Steve above.
  7. @Guido FerlugaIf no one replies sooner I will get back to you on Tuesday with the dimensions that you need.
  8. Took the weasel for a quick test run to check that the fuel sender did not leak. All good now. IMG_3891.MOV
  9. Like Dan @M29 I opted to pay extra for the LAR track. I wanted piece of mind when operating my weasel, particularly in water. The LAR track is a very robust design (as tested by Rick Wark) and was based on the Ambiliary track. The EPF (Expedition Polaris Francais) Weasels that came out of Antarctica (photos below) were fitted with these tracks and you can see the similarity between the LAR and Ambiliary track. I do understand that people on a restoration Budget look at options to repair tracks but in my case I just opted for new. BTW this is not a post to put down the Staaman track kit. I thin
  10. Just a quick question? What is the price difference between the LAR tracks that are available locally in the US of A as opposed to the Rubber Staaman track kit that has to be imported from Europe?
  11. Have you ever wondered what was inside a fuel tank sender unit. I have recently had to refurbish my fuel tank send unit so I took a few happy snaps to share. The soft solder that secured the fuel pick up pipe to where it goes through the sender unit had sheered. This in turn created an external fuel leak by the fuel sloshing around in the tank. I tried to re solder the joint in situ but met with no success. I decided to dismantle the sender unit so I could silver solder all of the joints proper. I am now just waiting on some rubberised cork gasket material in order to reassemble the unit. The
  12. @Patrick Tipton Patrick, again brilliant work. Your attention to detail raises the bar on weasel restoration. Why would someone go to the trouble of cutting the brackets off???? I have seen them crushed and torn off but to cut them off????
  13. I machined the bushings to suit from stock bronze. A very simple job for a capable machinist.
  14. @04mustangAs an alternative to the return roller needle bearing, I have fitted bronze bushings. This mod was done to the Australian Weasels operating in Antarctica. This mod also allows you to fit a wider bushing (on one side only) to more evenly distribute the load. The take out return roller shafts that I have all show extreme wear in way of the needle rollers. The needle rollers don't take too kindly to lack of lubrication and being exposed to water/moisture. Just a thought. I have attached a couple of photos for you to study. Cheers Return roller gasket.pdf
  15. @Patrick TiptonThanks Patrick👍👍 @Will DodgeI believe that the stretcher brackets on a T24/M29 differ from the M29C. Patrick may be able to help out here. The attached photo of Gile's weasel in the UK clearly shows a rear stretcher bracket but I am not sure if this is OEM or Norwegian.
  16. @Will DodgeI think that the handles would clear the driver with room to spare. I apologise for the photos being upside down, this happens when I post photos with my I phone. Hopefully @Patrick TiptonPatrick can correct the photos for you.
  17. @Will Dodge I hope that these photos will help
  18. @Will DodgeI can take photos showing the individual stretcher brackets fitted to my Weasel if that would help.
  19. @Will DodgeI think this excellent photo of Brock Jolliffe's M29C might help to answer your question.
  20. @F.JanssenAny chance of identifying the weasels that are fitted with flotation equipment?
  21. I refitted the accelerator mod kit to my weasel as it had already been partially fitted before I got the weasel. The mod works well. No cables etc. Took some extra time to fit it as the instructions call for the various panels to be flame cut and then filed. If you read the attached instruction sheet you will see that there was a good reason for the change with an Urgent priority. All in all though its your choice. MWO ORD G179-W9.pdf
  22. Dave Yamulla would be your best bet.
  23. @Patrick TiptonThe ORD 9SNLG 179 that Patrick sent me states that an M29C Capstan rope is 3 strand 3/4inch (19mm) diameter 100feet(30.5metres) in length. There were two part numbers for the rope, one part number supersedes the other. The older parts manual lists a tow rope for the M29 1inch (25.4mm) diameter 20feet (6.1metres) Long with7/8inch(22.23mm) hooks.
  24. Hull no. UST-24-949 ORD 1002 USA# 40122704 ARN145623
  25. @Patrick Tipton Thought this might be of interest to fellow weasel owners. Attached is the Weasel trials report conducted by the Australian Military. Unfortunately there is not much left of 145623 today. 145623 has the ORD number 1002 making it the last T24 built before switching to the M29. Anyway enjoy the read.
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