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  1. Good morning I am looking for an oil pan, the front pulley, the fan and the carburetor. Used parts are fine Who do I ask for the gasket set or at least for the exhaust and cylinder head ones? . Thank you
  2. Can someone please verify the length of a weasel oil dipstick. Ive got several laying around that are different lengths. Thanks, Jesse.
  3. Hello - I have T-24 engine project sale if anyone is interested. Pickup only. This engine ran in 2019 w/ blown head gasket. Started stripping engine down for rebuild and lost interest. Engine is currently in pieces, but 80% to 90% all there. Parts that are missing include water pump, fuel pump, generator, and maybe a few other parts my mechanic took off. The engine is not in bad condition and is still coated in oil and ready a rebuild. Asking $100 and someone to come and get it out of my storage unit ( I need the space). email me at bcrichjam@aol.com for questions. Located in Unionville Virgin
  4. I am trying to find a main power switch for the Weasel. I just picked up a very nice fully restored Weasel, but the power switch is causing it to just stop running from time to time. Thanks
  5. Hi Can anyone give any info on the accelerator update field kit? why was it neccesary? I have one NOS but im not sure if i should fit it or not
  6. @Patrick Tipton Patrick, the only safe way I found to remove a water pump pulley without damaging it was by the use of a purpose built strong-back made from a section of heavy duty steel flat bar. I have attached a photo showing the set up. BTW this photo was just for the camera to illustrate how I did it. I machined a recess into the bar to allow the fan spigot to sit freely into which in turn allowed the pulley face to sit flush against the strong-back and in turn when the securing bolts were tightened, they would exert and even force on the casting. I also drilled a 16mm hole in the c
  7. Good day, I would need the dimensions of the tank with some photos of the details and perhaps of the internal bulkhead. I want to try my hand at making a replica as original as possible. thanks for any help you can give me.
  8. Hi Rebuilding the carb. Has anyone posted the schematics/ assembly drawing for this carb? I am missing one of the internal springs and looking for parts numbers etc. Also looking for the Aluminum plug sizes (s). I have the Mikes Carburetor rebuild kit and no issues there. Attached is a pic of the carb before removal. Thanks Dennis
  9. Hi everyone i hope you are all staying safe. My generator fell as i was installing it and of corse it fell on the pulley side and shattered the pulley if anyone has a spare that they would get rid of i would gladly buy it. Thanks Larry
  10. Set of three 75/set contact me on the board or at flxdsn(at)gmail.com Thanks
  11. NOS in The BOX, doesn't get any better. Just a couple left $175 ea.
  12. One only... correctly made...unique to the weasel. $55
  13. Guys, A few spare ones for sale. PUSH START NOS....good as it gets. $50.00 ea. These are $80 on ebay.
  14. Good evening I am looking for the supports of the dynamo and a distributor complete with support. If anyone would give me the dimensions of the oil filter holder and coil holder I would be very grateful.
  15. Hello Does anyone have any idea how to get the water pump apart? I'm a novice (at mechanical work) and scratching my head on this one. I see the key pin way inside, but it's difficult to get to it with any tool. Will this pump break down any other way? I see a small pin on the side, but not sure if I should try to knock it in or risk damage. Help anyone. I bought the seal repair kit, but it won't help if I can't get the pump apart. Thanks Kevin
  16. Been sitting inside a barn for years. $300 for engine and trans. $300 for rearend. Engine does not run. Can freight/ship. See pics, thanks. Cell five03-577-346three. -Raffi in West Linn Oregon.
  17. My fuel pump is leaking where the 2 small holes just above the opening in the middle of the picture below. Any help would be appreciated.
  18. Hi all, Does someone have the (correct) colour for the Weasel engine? Is there any RAL number, or other number, which is closest? regards Frank
  19. Good day I need some advice, I found a complete studebaker 170 engine of "automotive" origin at a good price and I wanted to know if with some tricks it can be mounted on the Weasel. Now I have a diesel engine on the vehicle. What do you think? The various parts are exchangeable on an original Weasel engine block. Thanks for your attention. Guido
  20. Does anyone have a NOS thermostat with the spacer that you would sell. Let me know Dan
  21. Hi Everyone I am working on restoring my T15 weasel. I am missing a few parts that I would like to acquire one being the oil diluter canister that mounts on the top of the engine. Does anyone know anything about this part what it was used for etc. If anyone has one they would sell please let me know.. If anyone can provide a detailed picture and some measurements I might be able to remake one. Any help would be appreciated. Dan
  22. Hello Looking to buy running Weasel engine. Have cracked block in my existing Weasel. Trying to find the cheapest route to get her back up and running. I have an extra block, but the cost (from the estimates I've have been getting locally) to redo the engine are way out of my range right now. Please email me if you have an engine to sell. Located in Virginia - 540-207-5933 or email bcrichjam@aol.com Thanks Kevin
  23. Dont kill me ....i am restoring two..but I have three....and one was a badly abused parts tub. I happen to be in Alaska and have opportunity and reason to USE a weasel ( not just take it out for a trail ride once a year) but acess a remote property and haul construction supplies etc. So .....being that I am starting without engine ..i did some mental gyrations and came to the conclusion that in certain mud situations and on certain hills ....an automatic transmission would be nice.( generally not a fan of autos ....) But ..the easiest solution I had handy was an S10 with a 2.8 narrow V6
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