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  1. Hi all, Does someone have the (correct) colour for the Weasel engine? Is there any RAL number, or other number, which is closest? regards Frank
  2. Been sitting inside a barn for years. $300 for engine and trans. $300 for rearend. Engine does not run. Can freight/ship. See pics, thanks. Cell five03-577-346three. -Raffi in West Linn Oregon.
  3. Hello Does anyone have any idea how to get the water pump apart? I'm a novice (at mechanical work) and scratching my head on this one. I see the key pin way inside, but it's difficult to get to it with any tool. Will this pump break down any other way? I see a small pin on the side, but not sure if I should try to knock it in or risk damage. Help anyone. I bought the seal repair kit, but it won't help if I can't get the pump apart. Thanks Kevin
  4. My fuel pump is leaking where the 2 small holes just above the opening in the middle of the picture below. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. Good day I need some advice, I found a complete studebaker 170 engine of "automotive" origin at a good price and I wanted to know if with some tricks it can be mounted on the Weasel. Now I have a diesel engine on the vehicle. What do you think? The various parts are exchangeable on an original Weasel engine block. Thanks for your attention. Guido
  6. Dont kill me ....i am restoring two..but I have three....and one was a badly abused parts tub. I happen to be in Alaska and have opportunity and reason to USE a weasel ( not just take it out for a trail ride once a year) but acess a remote property and haul construction supplies etc. So .....being that I am starting without engine ..i did some mental gyrations and came to the conclusion that in certain mud situations and on certain hills ....an automatic transmission would be nice.( generally not a fan of autos ....) But ..the easiest solution I had handy was an S10 with a 2.8 narrow V6 and a 700r4 ( maybe a 200c? ) ......long story short the v6 is wider than I want to deal with and I have come up with a small Kubota 4 cyl diesel. Several places have plates for mounting the engine to a chevy pattern auto. My question is I dont know about auto trannies ....what needs to be done to match the engine to the trans ....as far as making it shift correctly and work well?
  7. Does anyone have a NOS thermostat with the spacer that you would sell. Let me know Dan
  8. Hi Everyone I am working on restoring my T15 weasel. I am missing a few parts that I would like to acquire one being the oil diluter canister that mounts on the top of the engine. Does anyone know anything about this part what it was used for etc. If anyone has one they would sell please let me know.. If anyone can provide a detailed picture and some measurements I might be able to remake one. Any help would be appreciated. Dan
  9. Hello Looking to buy running Weasel engine. Have cracked block in my existing Weasel. Trying to find the cheapest route to get her back up and running. I have an extra block, but the cost (from the estimates I've have been getting locally) to redo the engine are way out of my range right now. Please email me if you have an engine to sell. Located in Virginia - 540-207-5933 or email bcrichjam@aol.com Thanks Kevin
  10. Hose sets for the T24, M29 and M29C. Three sets available one early set for ord. serial no. 0000 - 9502, mid set for ord. serial 9503 - 13560 and a late set for ord. serial no. 13560 - end of production. All hose assemblies are made from ethanol safe SAE-30R7 low pressure hose and pressure tested to 10 bar (145 psi). The early set consists of: 905806 - Oil pressure gage pipe hose - 1 ea. 905809 - Oil filter inlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905810 - Oil filter outlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905824 - Gasoline filter to fuel pump pipe hose - 1 ea. 900918 - Primer inlet pipe to fuel pump hose - 1 ea. Price: €80 + shipping The mid set consists of: 905806 - Oil pressure gage pipe hose - 1 ea. 905809 - Oil filter inlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905810 - Oil filter outlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905824 - Gasoline filter to fuel pump pipe hose. - 1 ea. 908090 - Electric fuel pump outlet hose. - 1ea. Price: €90 + shipping The late set consists of: 905806 - Oil pressure gage pipe hose - 1 ea. 905809 - Oil filter inlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905810 - Oil filter outlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905824 - Gasoline filter to fuel pump pipe hose - 2 ea. 908090 - Electric fuel pump outlet hose. - 1ea. Price: €100 + shipping All hoses can also purchased separately. Early set Mid set Late set
  11. Hi All am after 2 rebuild kits for weasel carbs, I can source in USA for $40 each but postage is another $40 to the UK!🤦🏻‍♂️ Anyone have any in Europe? many thanks Doug
  12. When I rebuilt my weasel T84 transmission I incorporated a few modifications that I hope will help to extend the life of this transmission. I fitted high capacity bearings front and rear. I substituted the pilot rollers between the main drive gear and the main shaft with a bronze floating bush. I fitted an oil seal to the front bearing retainer cap in lieu of the cork seal and then fitted viton o rings retained by nylon collars to the selector shafts. I posted previously about using a generic metric seal for the transmission output shaft. I was unable to source a weasel cluster gear so I have fitted a standard MB/GPW Jeep cluster gear. I machined a thicker thrust washer to compensate for the difference in the overall length between the two cluster gears. The Weasel cluster gear is the longer of the two. I also fitted new synchro blocking rings and a selector shaft detent ball assembly. The true test of my work will come later this year. Cheers. JW
  13. Anyone have a drawing with correct measurments for the m29 steel fueltank? Regards, Niels Werring
  14. Hi Everyone I have the bladder style fuel tanks in both of my M29c weasels. Was the bladder tank add by the Norwegian Army? Both tanks have an electric fuel pump inside the tank. Has anyone rebuilt one of these pumps? The tanks are stenciled on the top mfg by Firestone Dan.
  15. When I rebuilt my weasel T84 transmission I was unable to find a replacement seal for the transmission output shaft. I decided to modify the transmission to accept a generic off the shelf common metric Viton oil seal. In the time since I did the modification a fellow Aussi ex pat now living in the US of A found a replacement OEM style seal. Here is a copy of his post from the G503 forum; The seal is used in the 1939-1947 Studebaker overdrive unit. Nobody lists this seal as a transmission seal Studebakerparts.com carry this seal in stock Their part number 198975 Or GRS020 Same seal Different areas on their website use the different numbers Seals are $20.00 each Seal is excellent quality and their service is excellent Hope this helps
  16. When I rebuilt my weasel carburettor, the NOS plunger had dried and shrivelled rendering it completely unusable. I found a company that could supply a replacement plunger. I would like to share below, both the company details and a very useful snippet of information that may be of help to weasel owners. Please note that the Plunger supplied is just that. It has to be retrofitted onto the original piston? An easy job. Cheers John W. Weasel Carby Page 2.pdfWeasel Carby Page 1.pdf John! We also make our own basic repair kit for the Carter BBR-1 Weasel military carburetor. The original Leather is a "chromed" leather ( a special process to add extended use for the leather, resulting in a purplish color). This is the best you can do for any type of gasoline, E10 or otherwise. The issue with any accel pump is the continual contact with gasoline. Any carb accel pump will not give good service in applications that are continually setting and drying out, regardless of the carb make and model! This is just the way it is. Leather pumps will give excellent service, as well as more modern flurocarbon rubber pump cups, as long as they stay immersed in gasoline. When they set and dry out, the leather shrinks and it must be re-immersed in gas for a few minutes before use, to expand to their original working diameter in the pump well. So, to help with this problem, you can simply change the method you use to restart an engine that has set for a few weeks: DO NOT immediately start pumping the accellerator pedal when re-starting the engine. Just crank the engine over, for say 15-20 seconds, to allow the fuel pump to fill the bowl of the carb with gas. Then let it set for at least 10 minutes. This will allow the fresh fuel in the bowl to also fill the pump chamber and allow the leather to re-expand to its normal working diameter. This method, with any leather pump, will allow it to give you much longer service life. When the leather on the pump shrinks it is not in contact with the sidewall of the pump well; when the engine starts, the vacuum actuated accel pump in the Weasel carb preloads the leather portion upwards, and when accellerating, vacuum drops on the piston head of the pump, and the spring causes the pump to move downward and discharge a shot of fuel. If the leather portion has not had time to soak up fuel and expand in the pump well, the force against the liquid fuel will cause the leather to "roll over" and ruin the pump. This is a common cause of leather pump failure; not because the leather is not good, but it cannot do its job is it is not fully expanded and sealed against the side wall of the pump well. So, a little patience can greatly extend the useful life of any leather pump. Our part #156A is made for the Weasel carburetors. This item costs $10 ea + shipping to AUS. I hope some of the information helps you, and if you are still not sure of the above explanation, let me know. Thank You! RON HEWITT DAYTONA PARTS COMPANY 1191 TURNBULL BAY ROAD NEW SMYRNA BEACH, FL 32168 PH:386-427-7108 FX:386-423-8528 www.daytonaparts.com
  17. I rebuilt my fuel pump using an FPA-182 Fuel pump kit from this company. The stainless steel socket head retaining screws show in the photos were not part of the kit. http://www.then-now-auto.com/product/fpa182-fuel-pump-kit/
  18. Look carefully at the first photo and you can see why my water pump had seen better days in and around the mechanical seal. As weasel water pumps are made of 'Unobtanium' I had to machine and fit a new 316 Stainless steel seal collar to the seal . The photos better show how this was done. I also had to replace the water pump bearing. I was unable to source a NOS or a 'drop in' replacement bearing so I opted to machine to size a generic after market bearing. See attached dimensions PDF The bearing is of Chinese manufacture but it was all that was available.Water_pump_integral_shaft_bearings.pdf A fellow from the UK kindly sent me another hard to find part, namely the water pump bearing retainer clip. Water pump bearing.pdf I am please to say that the water pump repairs were 100% successful.
  19. I decided to run a dry element air cleaner in my weasel. There are numerous ways to convert the standard weasel oil bath air cleaner but this is how I did it. The replacement air filter element part number is: Wix 42036 & Napa 2036 Air Filter Bottom Plate - Dry Air Cleaner Mod.pdf Top Plate - Dry Air Cleaner Mod.pdf
  20. Here is a modern equivalent of the gasket identified as item 'J' in the parts breakdown below.
  21. As the title says, the bearing you need for your Capstan winch drive pulley is a FAFNIR KF10 Bearing. I found a replacement bearing for my winch pulley from this company; https://www.mmbbearings.net/
  22. Wagoneer

    Weasel Carb

    Version 1.0.0


    Carb Diagram
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