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  1. Attached are a series of drawings that I have made over the years to help with the restoration of my Weasel. Feel free to share and use them but please be aware that there may be some dimensional mistakes/errors in them, so if it is at all possible, double check the dimensions. To covert to the old imperial measurements, just divide the metric millimetre dimension by 25.4. That will give you decimal inches. Cheers John W. Bottom Plate - Dry Air Cleaner Mod.pdf Top Plate - Dry Air Cleaner Mod.pdf Capstan Winch - Cable Bracket - Floor.pdf Capstan Winch - Cable Bracket.pdf Capstan Winch - Cable retainer Bolt - Clamping collar.pdf Capstan Winch - Cable retainer Bolt - Clutch Actuator.pdf Capstan Winch - Upper drive shaft.pdf Fuel Tank channel without bend radius.pdf Part1- Capstan Drive Sleeve.pdf T24 Crank Support.pdf T24 Towing eye stiffening plate.pdf Universal Joint Dimensions.pdf Water pump bearing.pdf Weasel Capstan Drive flange.pdf Weasel Capstan Shaft - Clutch to Uni.pdf Weasel Rudder cable end.pdf (2).pdf Weasel Seat belt retaining clamp-1.pdf 90565A360_GRADE 8 STEEL HIGH HEX NUT.pdf Flotation Tank Washer.pdf Pipe Nipple - Weasel fuel tank drain.pdf Return Roller shaft.pdf Weasel Front Axle Sheet 1 .pdf Weasel Front Axle Sheet 2 .pdf Weasel Front Axle Sheet 3 .pdf Windscreen frame retainer screw 2.pdf Windscreen frame retainer screw.pdf Wiper motor gasket.pdf Pin - Capstan universal joint to drive flange.pdf Pin Capstan drive shaft sleeve SD900484.pdf Transmission Mount.pdf Weasel Capstan Drive flange.pdf Control Rod Lengths - Page 236.pdf Marker Lamp Riser Conduit.pdf Rudder Pin as Measured.pdf Weasel Idler Drive wheel gasket.pdf Final drive hull drain hole plate.pdf Final drive hull drain hole.pdf
  2. Can anyone tell me if the original sprung seat bases were wedge shaped ie lower at the back of the base?
  3. Hi, I'm putting out feelers. I'm looking for a good snow camo/white weasel (I can paint a green one if necessary) What I really would like is a restored snow weasel, with bad tracks, bad engine, etc. I don't know if I have enough time to build one from my hull I have, this seems like a decent solution. Let me know! Dave
  4. Hello everyone, I sold my weasel and have many parts to sell off as the buyer really wouldn’t need much of it. Might be easier if you have items you want or need to shoot me a text 303 seven fore ate fore 🖐00. Many NOS track parts and suspension. Nos bulbs and spotlight, NOS transmission case and parts. Bearings, carb parts, used carburetor, used T24 engine, NOS wiper motors, seatbelts, used seats and seat backs most with canvas, broken bands 20” tracks on pallets, stretcher brackets, Norwegian ski racks. Also have GPW engines including an early one and tons of parts for the g503. I have destroyed my back and I cannot lift heavy items without help so shipping will take extra time. located 80116
  5. Here are some of my "old rusty" pictures. Some of my questions are: Data plate, hull tag says "m29C-2109" Were these designated M29C at that serial number? The data plate is all screwed up, looks like the letterkenny guys did it, first 2 numbers are stamped out, and 6188 follows (looks like it could have been 1188 then overstamped? Not sure what is going on with that. To the right of the data plate is the letterkenny overhaul tag, showing aug-1954 overhaul date. The outside was "skinned" about 3 " from top, with metal folded over and under the seats. some of the skin folds around the front of the hull. the tracks are nice, as per john from Australia, they are the Antarctic post war tracks, amphillary? Oil can bracket is mounted in battery compartment, next to the air cleaner. It has a steel fuel tank with an electric fuel pump. The main fuel line comes off the electric pump to the filter, and the fuel sender has a built-in pickup tube plumbed directly to the engine primer on the dash. There is a big round hole (factory) in the right hand radiator cover panel, I think this was an update to give more air circulation. The hull plugs were left in, that did not do anyone any favors. I pulled out the plugs and cleaned out the goo, much better. Are those the correct original hand lever grips or fake? Also has the newer style light switch, with a provision on the front float tank for the headlight and a blackout light, with the original hull headlight bracket still welded in place with no light on it. Also, in the rear center of the hull, there was a bracket that appeared to be factory (I think for the heater?) and it had a crappy bilge pump attached to it. I need to know if bracket is original, and I will toss the bilge. I'm wondering on overhaul if they didn't just use whatever parts were laying around, and built this from many weasels? dave
  6. I have an M29 project for sale to a good home. The hull number is T24-2003 which makes it at the end of the first gen M29's - very similar hulls to the T24. Norwegian mods. The good: Undercarriage appears to have been gone through and all of the bogies and springs etc. appear to be in good condition and in need of only routine maintenance. Missing bogie set in picture will be replaced. Comes with decent examples of most panels other than the engine cover and the rear floor panel. I may be able to supply those two panels in poor condition, but no promises. Complete or nearly complete engine in need of rebuild. Internal condition unknown. Two WW2 era 20" tracks. They are in need of repair and banding and may have breaks, missing road pads and bent grousers. That being said, they could be nice if banded and a few grousers replaced. Final drive appears to be in good condition and turns freely. Original hull tag. The dataplate is a repro and has incorrect information on it so useless by my calculation. The bad: The T90 transmission looks ugly (rusty) but might clean up. Parts are readily available for this transmission. The hull needs extensive work. Hull was skinned on the front and rear panels by a PO and then had those panels removed (rear) and partially removed (front) by another PO. I believe the front is salvageable but will need repairs. I would probably replace the entire rear panel. I do have the removed sheet metal which has the pioneer tool brackets - they look homemade to me. There is a good amount of rot on the floors and hat channels. I would expect to replace these floors and most of the hat channels. The hull has side skirts. I have not spent enough time to know whether this hull should have them (think no, but?) and whether they look original. Adding them certainly makes the job of installing a new floor pretty easy. You could probably do some quick repairs, band the tracks, rebuilt the motor and transmission and go play. Or, replace the floors and do a little work on the front and back and have a sweet example of a 1st gen M29. $4000 OBO
  7. My weasel adventure started 35 years ago. My dad owned an army surplus store, and was interested in getting a tracked vehicle. The weasel was the smallest track you could get, so that was picked. He located the blue weasel you see in the picture below, that is me in the driver's seat and my brother in back on the weasel the day we bought it. My dad actually bought 2 at the same place, same time, the blue one ended up being ours, the other weasel was traded to a mechanic friend of ours to help restore the blue weasel, as my dad also had a full time police job at the time, and he did not have a garage or time to restore himself. Right after this picture was taken, we tried to load it up on our trailer. The track snapped the second we attempted to load it. The first lesson on weasels was learned. I worked with my dad and the mechanic restoring the weasel, many many months of drilling track rivets, sandblasting lights and hardware, much more, but this was a long time ago..
  8. I am wondering if anyone has riveted new steering band strips on the metal steering bands. Would like to know what type of rivets you used. Dan
  9. I am wondering if anyone knows where I can locate the tapered seals that go around the steering band shafts 900677 on the weasel differential also the tapered seals that go around the 4 steering band bolts that are located on the differential housing. Mine just fell apart. I was thinking maybe a rubber o ring would suffice. Any thoughts?? Dan
  10. No connection with the vendor, just posting the link here; https://forums.g503.com/viewtopic.php?f=77&p=1887267#p1887267
  11. Do these look like the correct seatbelts and wiper motors? I might need to lay them out but they still are bundled from factory for whatever they were made for. Looks like some OD and possibly artic color. Some rubber chickens don’t ask
  12. Over the years I have picked up a couple of Miniature Weasels. Nice little knick knacks for the display cabinet. The pencil sharpener weasel can be found on fleabay occasionally.
  13. Hi Everyone After rebuilding my T84 transmission for my T15 I noticed after a short period of time while the engine and transmission were on the stand a small drip of oil weeping out between the transmission and the clutch bellhousing. I pulled the transmission off and found the shaft where the the lower cluster gear rides leaking oil where it goes through the transmission case. I read online this is a common problem. All types of remedies are advised such as using RTV JB weld etc. It was also mentioned to put a gasket between the transmission and the bellhousing like the Jeeps have. Funny on the weasels (at least on mine) no gasket was between the transmissions and the bell housing. Looking in the parts manual showed no gasket either? I am going to put a bead of RTV around the area where the shaft comes through the housing so when it is installed to the bellhousing it will keep the oil contained. I am only mentioning this so that anyone rebuilding the weasel T84 transmission that this problem could present itself. Some ingenious machinist types have cut "O" ring grooves in the shaft where it goes in the transmission housing to stop the oil from dripping into the hull and making a mess. Glad I found this before the engine was installed. Another thing that may contribute to this problem is I did add a street 90 elbow to the oil fill to increase the amount of oil in the T84. This was recommended and also was a later retrofit to the T84 transmission. I highly recommend this mod as the T84 oil capacity is greatly increased. Anyway hope this tip helps. Have a nice memorial day! Dan
  14. Kevin Vogel


    Car Show - here in Virginia 4-10_21. The Weasel sure draws a crowd
  15. Kevin Vogel


    T-24 - Car show here in Virginia 5-8-21.
  16. Kevin Vogel


    T-24 - Car show here in Virginia 5-8-21.
  17. Kevin Vogel


    T-24 - Car show here in Virginia 5-8-21.
  18. M29

    Spot Welders

    Hi Everyone I am going to be starting restoration on my T15 hull soon (hopefully) and like the concept of a spot welder for welding hat channels etc. Now I understand that certain areas may not be accessible for using a spot welder because of tong reach. I have a Lenco single side machine that works ok for lighter sheet metal but would not trust it for 16 gauge if I remember correctly the T15 hull is 16ga? Anyway been looking at a used Hirane 140 that I can buy pretty cheap. It has both single side capability plus two side pressure clamp capability. It has 9200 Amp max output comes with 24" tongs plus many smaller sizes and shapes. The thought of all those mig plug welds and the associated grinding and cleanup that comes with that type of weld does not excite me.Can anyone clue me in about spot welders amperages need for welding a weasel hull etc. I know others have looked into this but never hear much about it. Dan
  19. Hi all I am wadering what hand grips were used on the stearing tillers and if anyone is reproducing them. Larry
  20. Hi to all i hope everyone is safe and well. I got 1 track on my t15 after putting belting on the outside and inside of the track i also re rubbered the drive wheels idler wheels and return wheels. I don't have a track tensioning guage my question is how do i tell if the tension on the track is correct. I took the shims out of the stop bracket and the track still looks to tight to me so i am wandering if there is a way to tell if its to tight. Thanks Larry
  21. I have this piece of tin it was laying in the hull and i don't know where it goes its 6 1/2 in at one end the other end is cut at about 15% angle and is 7 1/2 in the length is 12in long on one side and 10 in long on other side it ha 2 holes broken out any idea Larry
  22. Guys, I have a nice set of late 20" track for sale. These originally came with my weasel, I ran them for two seasons in the snow and then worked with Mike Howard to develop the LAR track. After that I no longer needed them. Since then, they have been sitting in my shop on two pallets on pallet racks, properly stored on edge, with large radius bends. The bands are original BF Goodrich Rubber which is has some cracks in the rubber... BFG tracks commonly have some cracks by now, and the compound has a higher durometer than the Mondajlen Rubber bands from Norway and I believe they are a little stronger. They don't really show any cables. What I'm trying to say, is I think they still have some life in them. The grousers are in very good shape with a lot of rubber and many pads left. there may a few that are missing pads or are bent/broken but very few. I will supply 4 NOS grousers. If you want a decent set of original bands or two full sets of grousers here you go, I would not recommend taking them apart for grousers, if you are concerned put an auxiliary band between the inner and out and forget your worries. If you want OEM bands to last....run them in the snow. $4000 Decent original track are hard to find. Call me at 208 845-0823 if you don't get me leave a message with your name number and I'll give you a call back. These and the other track I have for sale will go to other venues for sale if there's no action. Please don't bug me with what else might be for sale. I will try to post some pictures on the pallet later, but they have limited access right now. Here is an old video of them running on my machine. https://vimeo.com/146055976 Thanks, Rob
  23. I need the 6 countersunk screws and the special nuts the hold together the windshield frame. If anyone has them please let me know. Or if you can point to a supplier that has them Svarthol@mail.dk Best regards Thomas
  24. How do the stretcher brackets work? Anyone have any photos? Is it hidden somewhere in the TM's?
  25. So I have noticed several Weasels with rear view mirrors. Jeep style. I know it would be safer, but? What's the story?
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