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  1. Hi All, I’ve tried to cross reference to the parts manual but I can’t answer my own questions. I would appreciate some knowledge. 1. Should the tiller cast bracket have bronze bushes for the tiller bar and the hi/low range leaver? 4 in total? 2. In the picture, These extra plates that are riveted to the engine lid have canvas sandwich between. Are these correct? If so, shout it be 1”x1/4” felt or the canvas piping? Should they be riveted? Any pictures would be most helpful. I don’t remember these on the last weasel. thanks in advance Byron
  2. Good afternoon, just purchased this weasel. Fully enclosed cabin. Photos don’t show the side panels due to them being removed for travel. It appears to have the original motor. ~1800 miles. Been sitting for about 6 years. It’s been converted to 12V. Has anybody else done this? I’m trying to figure out what starter might had been used as this one is dragging and needs to be rebuilt/replaced. Any advice will help! Thanks!
  3. HI Guys, Manifold question if any one knows the answer. i took the manifold pipes off to clean and the fuel jets have specifically made bungs to block them. I guess this is not correct? I can’t see these in the parts manual. Do I leave them in or take them out? I wanted to get the priming system working. Cheers, Byron
  4. Just got home with this? It was listed for sale as a M29. What are the bolts down the sides for? Tag .
  5. Hello Everyone Am starting assembly of my T15 engine and am wondering about the wood blocks that install instead of rubber seal at rear main. There is also a seal looks like cork that goes on the outside of the rear main cap. about 6 inches long or so. If anyone can clue me in where the wood blocks go and where to get them? When I took engine apart there were no wood blocks?? Dan
  6. 1wizkid


    I just purchases a weasel. 1944 M29C. Seller indicated it came from Norway. Seller took it apart to do some repairs and never got it put back together again. So now I'm going to give it a shot. I'm still pulling it home. Should be back at the farm in a couple hours. Very excited to learn more about these vehicles and much appreciate the effort gone into creating this site. I'll post more photos soon. Images of hull plate and the weasel before I loaded it posted here. It also came with an aluminum square top.
  7. Hello Everyone Here is the paint code for a olive drab color that looks really nice. Not sure if it will meet everyone's approval but the local MVC here uses it. Hope you like it. Dan
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Parts manual from an old supplier
  9. hello everyone. I'm farily new to the weasel world and haven't actually taken possession of my weasel yet. But after doing alot of research on here and other places I've come to the same conclusion as many of you have.....that there really aren't options for how to handle track repairs/restoration. I have a manufacturer here in the US that I have worked on other projects with and they make urethane molds for conveyors. They are in agreement with me that the track bands are certainly a doable product. Now my question here is, how large or a market is this? I understand that the wea
  10. Hi, I'm very very new to the weasel world, but n ive owned a gpw, m151a2, m35a2, and multiple versions of the hmmwv. I am looking for a weasel that I can build into what I want. But mostly restore. But I need it to be amphibious. I can fix some repairs to metal work and even engine work. I'm not afraid of a project. I do have several m1025a2 GMV hmmwvs in various configurations that I can trade. They all run and drive, and are titled for on road use in NC already. The weasel I would get would need to be in the US, preferably on the east coast. Thank you, Corey
  11. NOS weasel rear curtain. Love the smell of old canvas. All gromets, hardware and cam wire in place. Plastic windows still have protective waxed paper film on them, but have separated from canvas so will need to be replaced. $50 plus shipping. Since windows will need to be replaced, I can fold this fairly small and fit in flat rate box. See photos I can measure if needed. Don't know if all weasel models took the same top, side and rear curtain. OK, I give up. email me ar: rbrough7@comcast.net for pics
  12. Rick Ardell


    Found under pine tree.
  13. Hello everyone. Just making a post to introduce mysels on this new forum. Name is Tom, but called Jeep Tom (due to jeep hobby). Live in Sweden. Been in the weasel hobby since 2008 when I bought my first one. I think I have about 10 weasels at this moment, various conditions. T24, M29 and M29C. I have had more bot sold of during the years to also buy other military vehicles to my collection. At this moment I am restoring one of my floater weasels, but it goes slow, much else comes and take my time. Total about 35-40 military vehicles in my collection together with my girlfriend. MB
  14. Greetings - after a couple of requests, I made up t-shirts with a T-24 line drawing on the back. I had a guy do the line drawing and am pretty happy with how it came out, although I might should add the parachute "straps". I am happy to ship anywhere. If the shipping calculator on the website gives a crazy $$ number, send me an email and I will see what we can do. These were ordered a few days ago and are "guaranteed" to be in stock by 7/17. https://www.portrayalpress.com/Portrayal-Press-T-Shirt-p/620-mds-0102.htm Patrick
  15. I have spent the last several years tracking down Weasel parts to build & restore a swimming Weasel. Many parts have been an adventure locating and getting my hands on. Probably one of the most difficult is a really nice pair of the side swim skirts that have not rot in them- which is just amazing. Recently I had the opportunity to purchase a very complete older restored M29C swimmer. So now, I'm putting together the best of my parts to eventually sell to someone as a project to restore. The goal is to get it to an assembled start/run/move/stop status and sell. Anyway- enjoy the pic
  16. What are these holes for in the windshield frame? There are 4 or so frames around here and they all have them.
  17. Rick Ardell


    Pine Tree find
  18. I am thinking about selling these windshield wiper motors. Can anyone help me with a fair value? Not sure what price to ask? Thanks!
  19. I was wandering what radio was installed in a t15 . I am a canadian collector so all i know is canadian stuff and would appreciate it if someone could help me out also is there anything on the market. Cheers Larry
  20. Hello DIYJ. Could you please post some pics of the outside and inside of your machine as well. I saw your post of your Hull tag UST-24-2030. I'm curious what the sheet metal looks like. Does this machine still have Para bracket holes?? Thank you James
  21. We will be completing an M29C weasel in a few weeks. The hull was stripped and sandblasted. All suspension was dissassembled, cleaned, repaired if needed. Engine torn down. Float tanks reskined. Has all floor sections, winch parts, skirts. Engine section partitions. Original sprockets like new. New rubber on sprocket wheels. All other rubber in nice shape. One track has 3 repairs. The other track is intact. One seat. No wipers. Starting at about $35k US. It’s easier to email picture to interested parties. It will go on Milweb when finished.
  22. Here is a small blog showing how I stripped, cleaned and reassembled my windscreen wiper motor. I only had the one wiper motor but I purchased a second NOS Wiper motor back in 1999. Photo below shows the wiper motor before restoration.
  23. Anyone know who these guys are? Lots of heavy equipment there. Doesn’t look like training.
  24. Mostly original parts from a 1930s South American contract. Most numbers match. Cradle and can holder are original. Pedestal is perfect, may or may not be original. Socket looks original. Comes with A6 buttstock, bipod, flash hider. Those 3 items are Izzy. BNC connector for electric. Small gas connectors. Coil, valves, board are inside gun. $2100. Jesse.
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