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  1. Guys, I have a nice set of late 20" track for sale. These originally came with my weasel, I ran them for two seasons in the snow and then worked with Mike Howard to develop the LAR track. After that I no longer needed them. Since then, they have been sitting in my shop on two pallets on pallet racks, properly stored on edge, with large radius bends. The bands are original BF Goodrich Rubber which is has some cracks in the rubber... BFG tracks commonly have some cracks by now, and the compound has a higher durometer than the Mondajlen Rubber bands from Norway and I believe they are a little stronger. They don't really show any cables. What I'm trying to say, is I think they still have some life in them. The grousers are in very good shape with a lot of rubber and many pads left. there may a few that are missing pads or are bent/broken but very few. I will supply 4 NOS grousers. If you want a decent set of original bands or two full sets of grousers here you go, I would not recommend taking them apart for grousers, if you are concerned put an auxiliary band between the inner and out and forget your worries. If you want OEM bands to last....run them in the snow. $4000 Decent original track are hard to find. Call me at 208 845-0823 if you don't get me leave a message with your name number and I'll give you a call back. These and the other track I have for sale will go to other venues for sale if there's no action. Please don't bug me with what else might be for sale. I will try to post some pictures on the pallet later, but they have limited access right now. Here is an old video of them running on my machine. https://vimeo.com/146055976 Thanks, Rob
  2. I have this piece of tin it was laying in the hull and i don't know where it goes its 6 1/2 in at one end the other end is cut at about 15% angle and is 7 1/2 in the length is 12in long on one side and 10 in long on other side it ha 2 holes broken out any idea Larry
  3. Hi to all i hope everyone is safe and well. I got 1 track on my t15 after putting belting on the outside and inside of the track i also re rubbered the drive wheels idler wheels and return wheels. I don't have a track tensioning guage my question is how do i tell if the tension on the track is correct. I took the shims out of the stop bracket and the track still looks to tight to me so i am wandering if there is a way to tell if its to tight. Thanks Larry
  4. I came across someone that made repro seat frames for the Weasel and do not know what I did with the information. Anyone have a lead for seat frames? Thanks! Original seat belts or reproductions? Advice please.
  5. Hello everyone! New member here. I just picked up this m29c and brought her home. She has a few things to sort on the bottom end but runs like a top! Looking forward to learning everything I can from you while I get this puppy reliable. signal-2021-03-27-132850.mp4
  6. I need the 6 countersunk screws and the special nuts the hold together the windshield frame. If anyone has them please let me know. Or if you can point to a supplier that has them Svarthol@mail.dk Best regards Thomas
  7. How do the stretcher brackets work? Anyone have any photos? Is it hidden somewhere in the TM's?
  8. So I have noticed several Weasels with rear view mirrors. Jeep style. I know it would be safer, but? What's the story?
  9. I was reviewing David Doyle's Book and the WW2 Markings Book and WOW! Were Weasels just marked at random? Some have stars? Some have the star and circles? Stars at the rear side? Stars in the middle? Many with no stars. " Instal drain plugs before " registration numbers in various locations? Early war blue and late war white marking mixed? Are they all correct? Were the M29 and M29C and M24 marked different?
  10. What line or rope would have been outfitted on a Weasel? How long ? Diameter? I'm sure jute or hemp. Did both water and regular carry rope?
  11. Hi guys i have been picking away at my t15 and as i work on it i have been wandering if the t15's were painted in winter camo. and if so is there a standard pattern that they follow and what is the color. Thanks in advance Larry
  12. I have a small group of T15 photos I thought I would post. Really nice!
  13. I studied quite a few different forum offerings before settling on this one. It looks a little different than what most of us are used to, but has a lot of great features and should prove to be a great platform over time. 1. Tags: When you go to post a new topic, you are required to add a tag. You can add as many tags as you want. Please try to help others by carefully selecting the topics covered in your post. What these tags do is allow forum members to quickly find relevant posts and information. You can immediately search the whole site by clicking on the tag in the header of a post. This will search the whole site and give you a list of every place the tag has been used. As the forum grows and more posts are added, this will become invaluable because, as an example, you could quickly see every post that discusses track restoration. 2. Reputation: This feature takes the "Like" concept from other social media platform and gives every user a rating based on the number of times their posts get a like. You lose points if you post something that someone doesn't like. This isn't a popularity contest, but it has the potential to help new members quickly sort through and identify helpful and knowledgeable folks and maybe offers a little incentive to keep mouths clamped firmly shut if there is nothing positive to add. Time will tell. Please be generous with your comments and your likes where deserved. 3. Photos. This site has fantastic photo abilities. No need to resize pictures or host them on some other site that may hold you hostage in the future. Post your high resolution pictures and videos and enjoy. If you are taking really high quality pictures, you may want to keep them around 1 meg so we don't eat up too much bandwidth, but we can adjust settings if this becomes a problem. You can post your pictures in your posts or create your own gallery at the gallery tab. Kindly tag your pictures too. 4. Signatures **NEW Signatures are a fun way to let people know who you are, what you care about and also provide relevant links like rebuild threads or a link to your business, social media, etc. For what it is worth, Joe Dope thought it was a great idea to put a political quote in his signature. You will find the place to create your own personal signature in the menu on the upper right hand corner (where you see the carrot and your log in name) under "Account Settings." You can link to other sites, post pictures and more...works just like the rest of this site. The spacing in the signature block defaults to double spaced..."control return" on your keyboard will give you single spaces. Email us if you run into any problems and we can try and help you out. 5. Downloads It is easy for us to upload files and make them available to forum members. We plan on having a complete library of Weasel PDF manuals that will be available for download. If folks have documents they would like to share, you may post them in the Downloads section - they get moderated so you will not see them made available until a moderator approves them. One quick note - we do respect copyrights so kindly don't post someone else's work. 6. Mobile App for iPhone and Android There will soon be a release of mobile apps for the iPhone and Android - Q1 of 2020. They are in beta right now but look slick. Stay tuned. All for now. Admin
  14. Hi every one i have a couple of questions in my t15 i have a pipe on the right side of the hull under the driver seat and it is cut off at the floor and the top has a flair end what might this be for. Also on the wiring guard that runs along the inside of the hull there are 2 short 1/4 in bolts welded in sticking up on the top not sure what goes on them. There are 4 little clips on either side of the hull high and just in front of the drivers seat i am thinking it is for padding to protect the drivers knees am i right. What rubber handlesgo on the steering levers and is anyone reproducing them. Thanks Larry
  15. Starting up a thread for more information about my recent acquisition. Everyone is referring this unit as a “C” M29 but the hull tag is does not have a C in the number. I’ve read some units where made ready for the float tanks but are still considered a regular M-29. I’m a little confused I about what to refer to it as. It has Norwegian instructional plates above the steering and on the dash.
  16. Anyone have drawings for the top bows? Hand drawn, factory drawings, or measurements wanted. I’m fixing to make a simple bikini top for the summer. Thanks
  17. Greetings: This forum offers participants the opportunity to develop a reputation and respond to posts and interactions with other members. If you "like" (bottom right corner generally) a post or a response, the member who posted it will receive a reputation point. As you collect points, you will be raised in rank and your screen name will show that you are someone who the community values. Ranks: Master Mechanic - Guru status Mechanic - you know your way around these machines and the community appreciates your input Kilroy - every man and where we all start Joe Dope - the fictional character in WW2 manuals that never did anything right This feature is intended to be both fun and helpful. Please treat accordingly.
  18. A friend sent me this video. Very cool vintage Weasel footage.
  19. Hi has anyone here overhauled their transmission i am having trouble getting the shifter forks lined up and gears in the right place. I have a manual but it doesn't give instructions on how to line everything up. I am loosing my hair from scratching my head so much there must be a easy way.
  20. Hey Does anyone have the following info? Windshield glass dimensions? (to get them cut to...) Glass thickness ( just in case its different from flat, easy to get glass.) Type/ style and size of the rubber "glazing channel" that the glass sits in in the frame Am doing 2 windshields shortly. Tks. Dennis
  21. Hi guys, I hope you’ve all had a happy Christmas with your families! I have 3 new questions. Hopefully they straight forward. I have checked older posts and it has briefly touched on the subjects:- 1. We have a perfect rubber fuel tank, with a fuel stabiliser will it hold up to the modern petrol. A previous thread said no to modern fuel, it goes to jelly but no mention of a stabiliser. Is anyone running the rubber tank with success? 2. our internal fuel pump in the tank is in a bad way but fixable! (full of crust, some rust and crystals) I can take the time to rebuild it with new motor brushes, cut new gaskets, solder the electric cable back and clean it all to a usable standard. Are they reliable when good and can they withstand our modern fuels? Is any one running the old internal fuel pump? Am I better off hiding a modern pump inside the fuel tank for reliability? 3. I have put a new thermostat in our engine. Unfortunately the original one had leaked it’s fluids and did not work. I have used a modern 180F thermostat. Should I have gone for the lower temperature 160F so it opens quicker? The engine will hit a peak temperature and the thermostat will stay open anyway. I appreciate your thoughts? Thanks in advance Byron
  22. Hi All, I’ve tried to cross reference to the parts manual but I can’t answer my own questions. I would appreciate some knowledge. 1. Should the tiller cast bracket have bronze bushes for the tiller bar and the hi/low range leaver? 4 in total? 2. In the picture, These extra plates that are riveted to the engine lid have canvas sandwich between. Are these correct? If so, shout it be 1”x1/4” felt or the canvas piping? Should they be riveted? Any pictures would be most helpful. I don’t remember these on the last weasel. thanks in advance Byron
  23. Good afternoon, just purchased this weasel. Fully enclosed cabin. Photos don’t show the side panels due to them being removed for travel. It appears to have the original motor. ~1800 miles. Been sitting for about 6 years. It’s been converted to 12V. Has anybody else done this? I’m trying to figure out what starter might had been used as this one is dragging and needs to be rebuilt/replaced. Any advice will help! Thanks!
  24. HI Guys, Manifold question if any one knows the answer. i took the manifold pipes off to clean and the fuel jets have specifically made bungs to block them. I guess this is not correct? I can’t see these in the parts manual. Do I leave them in or take them out? I wanted to get the priming system working. Cheers, Byron
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