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  1. 1. Please register using a real name. You can use a "handle" but a real name and email are required to register. 2. No political posts or off topics in these forums. We may create an off-topics forum where anything goes at some point in the future. 3. If you wouldn't say it to an angry MMA fighter in person, then you probably shouldn't post it here either. Please be an adult and be considerate. There is a zero tolerance policy for nonsense - one warning and violators will have their accounts deleted. 4. Please include an asking price in the "for sale" forum. Don't post links to Ebay sales or other commercial sites. 5. Please pause before posting any content that flames vendors or other members. Please take up the issue with the person directly and privately. If you still feel a need to warn the community, please consult with an administrator before posting. Enjoy
  2. Since I have one track off as I plug weld the floor in, should I pull the rear end and replace the steering bands? It hasn’t been driven more that 50m before I started restoring the floor. Should I do any seals on the bogies? I have a spare set NOS. I plan on rerubbering (cold vulcanize glue and strip rubber) the drive and idler wheel also. any ideas?
  3. Sorry about the outage this afternoon. I did not have the autopay set up correctly and they just turned us off! All fixed. Patrick
  4. This is my T-24 #577 project. It has what I have been told are a set of french tracks. Hull leaks water out quicker than you can put it in. I started working on it about a year ago and found multiple shades of bondo and then even got into some leading repairs. Got the belly cut out and now working on patching it back together.
  5. Thanks Patrick from starting this forum. I restored a M29C about 6 years ago. It was about the same condition as the T-24 you have. Lots of hard, dirty work ahead for you. I was rear ended while in the work van in 2016 and suffered a brain injury. That leaves me with difficulties walking, talking, and doing simple tasks. I lost the Sexton, halftrack, and my ranch. We tried to sell the weasel, but didnt seem to have much interest at my price. So, its still around here. My son has been working on it, actually made it a floater. I can offer technical advice but thats about all. We take it to some events if I can find someone to drive me. My wife will do it, but doesn’t like pulling the big trailer. I hope to be able to be a help to others on this forum with things I have learned over the years.
  6. After 30 years of MV restorations I have been clearing out odds and ends parts. I have produced many obsolete M29 repro parts over the years. You can check out my website for what may be available or contact me by PM for your needs. Regards, Gary Szechy www.garysbunker.com
  7. I just signed up for torture and abuse. I am on my 3rd. Weasel, the first two being a T-24 and an M29. I had them back in 2004-07. I have located a conveyor belt seller here in town, have purchased enough to rebuild my broken track. After doing some research and asking questions, the belt will be stronger than the original bands with the same flexibility. It took me just under 6 hours to drill all the rivets out of 1 track, 660 rivets. If anyone decides to go this route, hang onto the original track hardware as it can be used again to reassemble the outer belts.
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