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  1. The following photographs and comments describe how I repaired the rear float tank. I started work on this tank in June 2014 and finally finished the job in 2018. The first job was to cut out all of the rusted sections of sheet metal.
  2. Gents: I am having some front hat channels and the gas tank hat channel made up for my T-24 project. I will post pictures shortly, but they are being made from CAD drawings that we made off of several Weasels. The gas tank hat channel is T24 style (no indent) but are otherwise the same as the later M29 style. They are easy enough to modify if you weld. Not sure yet about price - guessing they are going to be around $25 plus shipping, but it depends on how many we make. If you are interested, kindly let me know and maybe we can get enough to get a little break in the price. Patrick
  3. Back in 2008 and purely by chance I found five pairs of track aprons here in Australia. They say in life that you have to have a win sometimes and in this case it was finding my track Aprons. As you know track aprons are made of unobtainium and I was not sure at that time what I was going to do to find a set for my weasel. Just digressing from the story, In 2007 my offsider and I brought into the country a dilapidated M29C floater. Anyway before we brought it down to my place, my offsider took it to put on display at a Studebaker Car meet on the Gold Coast. During that meet a fellow walked up, pointed at the surf shield on the front float tank and said that he knew where another one was. The only other surf shield I know of that was available in Australia was from a Amphibious GPA Jeep. Email addresses were exchanged and a few weeks later a photo arrived showing a weasel surf shield. From what I can gather, five m29C weasels were imported into Australia in the late 1940's to be used as ski tows. Here is an interesting link to their story; http://australianalpinoversnow.blogspot.com/2011/09/m29-weasel.html Before being modified most of the amphibious gear was dumped. And that's where it stayed until we recovered it many years later. Included in the booty were rudders, water ejectors ventilator lids, floor panels and a surf shield.
  4. Invariably the four track apron braces are either rusted beyond repair or are simply missing altogether. Fortunately I had a corroded sample track apron brace and a drawing to make a new set. Hopefully the photos and information below will be of assistance. 953890 953891 - Brace track apron to hull.pdf Seamless tubing.pdf
  5. This is my first picture post and testing it out. Front tank I have and will be going on one of my weasels. Rory
  6. I'm looking to find blueprints of the flotation kit. The cost is to heavy to buy the original ones.
  7. G'day All, Here we go again. Thanks Patrick for stepping up to the plate and creating a new dedicated weasel forum that is more user friendly. I thought I would start off and post some info on a weasel that I recently recovered here in Australia. This T24 was one of only two T24 weasels imported and trialled by the Australian Military in August 1945. The weasels were deemed unsuitable for Jungle warfare (I will post a copy of the trials report later) and were quickly disposed off. The two T24's ended up on the snowfields (yes we do have a little bit of snow here in Oz:) as ski tows. When chair lifts were built, both T24's were then converted into tracked garbage recovery trucks. This particular weasel ended its days in the early 70's and sat on a property down in Victoria until discovered early last year. The owner of the other Australian T24 was contacted by the owner of this T24 after he had read the restoration blog. A deal was done and after a 2000km round trip to recover it, I have this weasel at home. I am not sure what the future of this weasel will be but the priority was to recover it so that it did not go to scrap. This weasel is the last of the T24's to be built carrying the ORD plate of 1002. Here are some photos of it. What you see is all that is left. The final drive was cannibalised for another vehicle and unfortunately nothing remains of any internal sheetmetal. Cheers JW
  8. Interested in the T-24 bolt on pintle hitch
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