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  1. I had to fabricate and fit a shift lever air deflector seal to my M29C. Unfortunately I did not have an OEM drawing to work from but I was given a drawing for the early T24 canvas shift lever. From there I drew and fabricated a metal (and felt) shift lever seal. A quick disclaimer. This shaft seal fitted my M29C but I can't guarantee it would fit other M29C's. Anyway drawings and happy snaps below. Shaft Seal for gear slectors.pdf
  2. I'm looking for the pioneer compass assy. I was told someone reproduced the brass mount bracket 10 years ago. Are any reproduction or originals out there? Leads appreciated. Thanks! Dave
  3. So I'm a long way off, but what have people done to replace the firewall padding? Specifically, the one by drivers foot that the ventilator lid handle stop is riveted to? The rivites would need to come off, insulation on, and then re rivet the catch bracket and keep it spaced away from panel. Are reproduction panels available, or what are people making them from. Thanks Dave
  4. How is my weasel supposed to float with all these holes? 🙂 there are holes near all bogie wheels, and the front track tension spring has a hole in it. am I missing pieces? thanks! dave
  5. Hi, I need a rear differential access panel. It appears that's the only one missing. Thanks Dave
  6. Hi! I need a 1 more front stretcher bracket (one for drivers side) and all if the rear stretcher brackets. Any leads appreciated! Dave
  7. Hi, I wonder what this is for? Is this the part that mounts on the rear of the weasel, by the taillight? over and across to the muffler shroud? Thanks, Dave
  8. Hi, I need some balls for my weasel. For the soft top. I have some, some are rusted and gone. I attached a picture. Maybe someone has a commercial equivalent? thanks, Dave
  9. Hi! I need some wiper parts. I need the 4 "c" clips for the links. I need 2 wipers and 2 blades (will the arms and blades from a wwii jeep work?, I like original but I guess you cant find them) I could use 5 of the sockets for the wipers to plug into. Any leads or suggestions are appreciated. Dave
  10. Hi! I am wondering if the weasels had a steel first aid kit like the jeeps, and if so, where does it originally mount? thanks! Dave
  11. Hi, I am looking for a set of floatation tanks and swim skirts for my weasel. I can weld and fabricate, so I don't need perfect. Let me know what you have. I am not afraid to ship, so distance isn't an issue. Thanks, dave rockford, IL
  12. Looking to buy rear cargo floor, any condition as long as restorable many thanks
  13. Looking for an M29 Grill/brush guard to purchase and not concerned if its a repro or original.
  14. After a long wait, the weasel is finally back in the garage. I’m working on the right side using a hat channel kit. The only hitch so far us that I’m missing two, the one front of the fuel tank with the 4 bolts and the one that the tank straps to. My fuel tank strap one has the notch that can be salvaged for whatever it was there for. Does anyone here make those two channels? My front hat has little left to measure. I don’t have access to a break. Tub: M29C-3245 Serial: 7340
  15. NOS these hold the windshield ARMs to the body. One set only. $35 contact me on the board or at flxdsn(at)gmail.com Thanks
  16. These are impossible to find. Bows are easy to make, but this is one of the hard parts. One set only CNC milled in the USA from original drawings. 90/set. contact me on the board or at flxdsn(at)gmail.com Thanks
  17. Guys, These are those often missing, non existent weasel body studs (6 needed in total) Made in the USA from original drawings as always... 15 ea or 75/set of 6 Contact me on the board or at flxdsn(at)gmail.com Thanks, Rob
  18. Guys, These are #1 grade, very nice copies of the wing nut for the top bow....always missing. These even had the little Studebaker "S" in the casting. Just a couple of sets. Cast from originals. 75ea. contact me on the board or at flxdsn(at)gmail.com Thanks, Rob
  19. Guys, these are the first version of these made...top bow wing nuts, they were a bit of work...drilled, threaded, thread inserts put in with loctite, counterbored. etc They are not "perfect" but they work great. "similar" to original. $50/set contact me at flxdsn(at)gmail.com Thanks Rob
  20. NEW Weasel Steps... M29/M29C One set correctly made from OEM drawings. often messed up. 35/set of three
  21. Guys, I have a couple of full weasel hat channel kits available. These were made from original Studebaker drawings and are dimensionally correct. They are laser cut and CNC press braked to the proper leg length and radius for each piece. The channels are indistinguishable from OEM and correctly made. What you get, enough pieces to do one weasel. The assembled section is for reference only and will not ship with the kit. The kit has enough to basically make this setup 4x.(though each corner of the weasel is of course not the same) Packed and ready to ship... likely around 100usd via fedex ground. Kits are $450 ea These is the same kit Patrick, the sponsor of this board used on his excellent weasel tub restoration video series on you tube. Rgds, Rob contact me at flxdsn (at) gmail.com (replace (at) with @ ) Thanks I don't want the spam..
  22. Version 1.0.0


    These were given to me when I purchased my weasel. Not sure about copyright information as some do not have information attached
  23. My name is Dan Walsh and I am starting the restoration of a Studebaker T15 weasel. I will post pictures of my restoration as it progresses here on the site. A brief history about my T15 and how I acquired it. I first discovered the T15 in the early 1970's in Nome Alaska at an old remote mining site. While at the old mine I saw several weasels in different states of repair. there was an M29 and also a T24. Several M7 snow tractors were there as well. As I looked around at all the old equipment I noticed a strange looking track vehicle one like no other I had ever seen before. It was parked in a row of old broken down dodge trucks. It appeared to be in good shape other than some of the bogie wheels had been removed and were laying on the ground next to it. The body was in reasonably nice condition. I remember thinking how odd it looked with the strange looking V shaped bogey wheels. As I continued looking at it I thought about how nice it would be to get it running again. I wondered if the owner would sell it? Later when talking to the owner I asked him what kind of vehicle it was? He informed me it was a T15 Studebaker weasel and that it was his favorite of all the weasels he owned. He said it would pull a sled with cargo in the winter better than his other weasels. He said it was in need of suspension parts and that he hoped to get it going again "one of these days". I thought to myself about how long it had been sitting there broken down and imagined at least 10 to 15 years. In the summer of 2015 I had gone to Nome Alaska as I usually do each year to visit and do upkeep on my property there. While there I decided to take a trip out to revisit the old mine site to have a look around and see what was left of all the old military trucks and weasels I knew were still there. I also had heard that the new owner wanted to clean up the site and get rid of the old vehicles. When I got to the old mine site It was eye opening to see how much damage the years of sitting out in the open air had done to the old vehicles. The T15 now had huge holes rusted through the body around the engine and radiator area. The engine being exposed after many years of sitting outside was a mass of rust. The windshield had been shot at and now had two large bullet holes through it. Miraculously the large headlight had been spared. I decided then that I would try and make a deal with the new owner of the site to purchase the T15 and the other weasels an M29 and a T24. I was glad that the new owner was willing to sell them. The M29 and T24 were so badly rusted they were beyond repair and that stripping them of any salvageable parts was all I could do. The M7 snow tractors were long gone. Since the site was remote and across a river that could only be crossed by vehicles at certain times of the year while the water was low enough and was not frozen, time was of the essence to get the items removed before the river froze up as it was now late September. After a couple weeks of work all the items I had purchased including the T15 were removed. In 2020 I shipped the T15 out of Alaska to Washington. My plan to rebuild the T15 will be to start with rebuilding the engine and suspension parts first. Then move to wiring harness gauges, windshield etc.All peripheral items will be repaired, repainted before the body work will begin.
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    wish I can save
  25. The ones I have coming into my shop
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