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  1. After a long wait, the weasel is finally back in the garage. I’m working on the right side using a hat channel kit. The only hitch so far us that I’m missing two, the one front of the fuel tank with the 4 bolts and the one that the tank straps to. My fuel tank strap one has the notch that can be salvaged for whatever it was there for. Does anyone here make those two channels? My front hat has little left to measure. I don’t have access to a break. Tub: M29C-3245 Serial: 7340
  2. NOS these hold the windshield ARMs to the body. One set only. $35 contact me on the board or at flxdsn(at)gmail.com Thanks
  3. These are impossible to find. Bows are easy to make, but this is one of the hard parts. One set only CNC milled in the USA from original drawings. 90/set. contact me on the board or at flxdsn(at)gmail.com Thanks
  4. Guys, These are those often missing, non existent weasel body studs (6 needed in total) Made in the USA from original drawings as always... 15 ea or 75/set of 6 Contact me on the board or at flxdsn(at)gmail.com Thanks, Rob
  5. Guys, These are #1 grade, very nice copies of the wing nut for the top bow....always missing. These even had the little Studebaker "S" in the casting. Just a couple of sets. Cast from originals. 75ea. contact me on the board or at flxdsn(at)gmail.com Thanks, Rob
  6. Guys, these are the first version of these made...top bow wing nuts, they were a bit of work...drilled, threaded, thread inserts put in with loctite, counterbored. etc They are not "perfect" but they work great. "similar" to original. $50/set contact me at flxdsn(at)gmail.com Thanks Rob
  7. NEW Weasel Steps... M29/M29C One set correctly made from OEM drawings. often messed up. 35/set of three
  8. Guys, I have a couple of full weasel hat channel kits available. These were made from original Studebaker drawings and are dimensionally correct. They are laser cut and CNC press braked to the proper leg length and radius for each piece. The channels are indistinguishable from OEM and correctly made. What you get, enough pieces to do one weasel. The assembled section is for reference only and will not ship with the kit. The kit has enough to basically make this setup 4x.(though each corner of the weasel is of course not the same) Packed and ready to ship... like
  9. Version 1.0.0


    These were given to me when I purchased my weasel. Not sure about copyright information as some do not have information attached
  10. My name is Dan Walsh and I am starting the restoration of a Studebaker T15 weasel. I will post pictures of my restoration as it progresses here on the site. A brief history about my T15 and how I acquired it. I first discovered the T15 in the early 1970's in Nome Alaska at an old remote mining site. While at the old mine I saw several weasels in different states of repair. there was an M29 and also a T24. Several M7 snow tractors were there as well. As I looked around at all the old equipment I noticed a strange looking track vehicle one like no other I had ever seen before. It was parked i
  11. Sir Plus


    wish I can save
  12. The ones I have coming into my shop
  13. Some extra parts I am going to sell. PM if interested. Thanks!
  14. I have a bunch of holes on the left hand side standing i front of my t15 and i am wandering what they are for or do i have to fill them. I am doing a bit of body work now and trying to take ot the dents from years of abuse. Larry
  15. Hi guys, I am looking for a Muffler Guard. Does anyone happen to have one you'd like to sell? Thanks.
  16. Rick Ardell


    Barely read military registration number
  17. Gents: I am working on the T24 and decided to replace the rear hat channel on the right side floor. On the "edge" hat channel that runs from the front to the back of the hull on the edge of the "sponson", there are numerous captive nuts. There is an elongated or oval hole directly in front of the rear hat channel. There is evidence of spot welds but nothing in the hole. It is immediately in front of the patch that I am making. Does a captive nut or something go in that hole?
  18. One of the many jobs to be done was to refurbish my Steerer and make up a pair of rudder cables. Here is the Steerer. Just needed a couple of bronze bushings made to take out the sloppiness.
  19. I have these floatation parts on eBay. I realize the price is hefty but I was more looking to get it advertised and have someone make me an offer. Anyone interested can call or text me at 224-223-7464 https://www.ebay.com/itm/362958889730
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