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Found 9 results

  1. Connie Gould, Long shot but Brian Asbury may still have something? Brian Asbury 1.pdf Brian Asbury 2.pdf
  2. Over the Holiday break I promised a fellow weasel owner (on this forum or over on the FB weasel group) that I would post some photos of my Wiper Motor rebuild. Anyway please find the photos below. Cheers John
  3. I am looking at my wiper motors and they do not have connectors on the end of the wiring. The harness and shielding are on the wipers, there is just no connectors. From what i can determine it appears that the connectors are probably a Cole Hersee connector but there is little to no info that I can find. I do not have any photos of the flange mounted socket connectors. I do have the photos OZM29C posted with the NOS wiper that show the plug. Any photographic help would be appreciated. I am also looking for a short side wiper link, and of course I need one of the wiper links. I have read that someone used to make repop short side links but I expect I am very late to that gig. Again any help would be greatly appreciated. Even if someone has a dimensioned drawing of any sort that I could use to make one until something is found. Robert
  4. Hello, I am looking for an Instrument panel for my M29 Serial number 3417 This is what is in my weasel currently. I am looking for one to restore while I drive my weasel. Thanks, Robert
  5. Hi everyone. I've recently been digging deep into the wiring of my weasel and found the TMs a bit lacking when it comes to wiring diagrams. They have multiple diagrams but not a composite of the entire thing. So I made one. I spoke with Patrick about some areas of this and we talked for a while on these things because some areas of the TM diagrams are hard to understand. So here is my diagram and a list of the wires with size and colors based on what info is in the TMs. I will note that I did this based on a later model vehicle with the round headlight switch and electric fuel pump.. But the same information could be used to work on earlier models. I hope this helps someone! Corey
  6. Did you ever wonder what the insides of a Cordomatic Spotlight retractable reel looks like. I got the opportunity after having the retracting spring snap, the very first time I went to use it. I purchased the reel many years ago and mounted in position a while back. On the weekend just gone I thought that I would try it out. Bad move, the spring snapped. Anyway after a number of attempts to repair the spring I came up with the idea of fitting a brass collar over the spring. Pictures tell the story. Seems to work OK. I think I will leave the Reel now as a show piece.
  7. Have you ever wondered what was inside a fuel tank sender unit. I have recently had to refurbish my fuel tank send unit so I took a few happy snaps to share. The soft solder that secured the fuel pick up pipe to where it goes through the sender unit had sheered. This in turn created an external fuel leak by the fuel sloshing around in the tank. I tried to re solder the joint in situ but met with no success. I decided to dismantle the sender unit so I could silver solder all of the joints proper. I am now just waiting on some rubberised cork gasket material in order to reassemble the unit. The sender units are well made but very delicate to get the internals apart.
  8. Hi all, Looking for the connection of the electrical fuel pump, which is bolted on the fuel tank itself. Below picture should make clear what I'm looking for. Thanks Frank
  9. Wiper and accessory sockets. 1 pc $30 ea 2 pcs $27 ea 3 or more $25 ea
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