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  1. Good evening autumn has arrived and the days are getting shorter and the work has moved to the workshop indoors. In order not to miss the work I thought of reproducing the box for the Pioneer compass. Does anyone have an original box to give me the dimensions and some photos? Thank you in advance
  2. I thought that I would start a bog/story on my Weasel restoration. I sold an Amphibious Jeep back in the Mid 1990's and I decided to purchase another unusual vehicle that operates in two mediums. I came across a 'Weasel' and decided there and then that this was the vehicle for me. I was going to import a project weasel from the US of A but before proceeding I had heard of a weasel that was local to where I was living at the time. I contacted the owner and asked if I could have a look at the weasel to give me some idea what I was getting myself into. After looking at this weasel I decided to offer to purchase it from the owner. I came up with the figure of $6500AUD ($2000 for the weasel and $4500 that it would have cost at the time to ship a weasel out from the USA to Australia). The offer was accepted and on the 11/11/98 I took delivery of my new project. I have been restoring this weasel off and on ever since. The colour scheme you see on this weasel was made up by the owner. This weasel was purchased from Consolidated Industries and shipped to Australia in the early 50's. It was to be used on a large Sheep Ranch as a special vehicle for the owner to inspect his sheep during wet weather, however the weasel saw little use out in the far west due to drought. If you look closely at the hull, the owner had the hull raised 100mm/4"inches above the tracks so that mud would not get caught up between the sponson and the track. The damage done by this modification cost me a lot of time and effort to repair/restore.
  3. I talked with vintage wiring of maine, they can't make spark plug wires anymore because they are missing the weasel end. Does anyone have some good used ones or new ones I could buy and send them to have them made? Let me know! Dave
  4. Hello. Need help on replacing the starter on my T-24 Weasel. Never thought the job would be so big and a pain in the $#2&%. Questions: 1. what is the box in front of the starter and what does it do? It has 2 gears in it and I can;t get it off the engine after removing the 4 screws. ORD 9 SNL G-179 PG18 & 19 - Its's "JJ". I need to remove this to get the started out. We can get the cap off, but the "body" won't budge (and dumps oil). 2. Any advice to getting the bottom bolt out of the started? The nut is off and on the rear end side, but the bolt head is under the started and hard to reach. It's making it hard to get teh started out w/ the hull fold in the way. So far we had to remove the manifold, oil filter, distributor and all the lines on that side of the engine just to get at it. This engine is a pain to work on..... Thanks Kevin Vogel
  5. Hello everyone. I hope all are well and having fun with their Weasels. I am reaching out for some engine specs. and differences. Oct. 2020 I purchased a 170 Stude engine, I was told that it came out of a '50's era truck. It was pretty much complete from the fan to the throw out bearing. I didn't do much more than pull the head and de-carbonize the top end, oil everything, button it back up and put it under a small tarp. Here's where the fun starts, three days ago I pulled the water pump from my Weasel engine and tried to install it into the truck engine. No surprise, it did not fit. So before I go and spend more than my initial $50.00 on this boat anchor, can anyone please tell me just how many parts of this truck engine will fit into/onto the Weasel engine? Thanks in advance. Dave.
  6. Good evening again I ask for help to reassemble the engine of my Weasel . I ask if someone has the measure of the distance of the height of the oil suction tube (see photo) and the diameter and the pitch (UNF / UNC) of the screws that stop the fuel level sensor on the tank. Thank you in advance
  7. I have several NOS flywheels. Some have surface rust, but no pitting and the ring gears are perfection. $80 plus shipping while supplies last.
  8. @Patrick Tipton Patrick, the only safe way I found to remove a water pump pulley without damaging it was by the use of a purpose built strong-back made from a section of heavy duty steel flat bar. I have attached a photo showing the set up. BTW this photo was just for the camera to illustrate how I did it. I machined a recess into the bar to allow the fan spigot to sit freely into which in turn allowed the pulley face to sit flush against the strong-back and in turn when the securing bolts were tightened, they would exert and even force on the casting. I also drilled a 16mm hole in the centre to allow a 5/8" mandrel/drift to push against the water pump shaft. A lot of work but this method prevents any force being applied to the fragile outer edge. I also use this on Jeep water pump pulleys as well. Cheers JW
  9. Hi! I have just test run my weasel first time since I got it. Coil wire positive lead was loose. The previous owner included a ceramic resistor, but was obvious aftermarket and was broken. I hooked the positive lead to the run position on my switch. I did not use a resistor. Had lots of trouble with spark, boils down to melted plastic wiper on points, end of points were blue from being heated. I am changing the points and condenser, but I'm wondering if the originally used a resistor in line with the coil? Or direct to switch? I dont need to melt another set of points. But it may be the previous owner left the switch on? Thanks! Dave
  10. Hi, please help me confirm placement of this baffle. Do I have positioning correct? Does it go directly under carb? And gasket at top and bottom of it? Thanks Dave
  11. Hi, I need help figuring out several holes on side of tank. I need to know if they are good or were accidents before I fill them in. 1 on left rear side above what appears to be a cut off drain pipe? 1 on front right. Clean hole, looks like maybe something was soldered there and was broken off. Also 4 rivets appear to not be doing well on bottom of tank where maybe the electric pump mount would be? Any sug6on repair? I can weld and I'm not using an electric pump. I like my original mechanical pump. Thanks! Dave
  12. Hi! I have bought my dads old weasel we had 30 years ago. It originally was from Norway. (had Norwegian tracks and data plates) It had a rear mounted fuel tank that was removed. the guy I bought it from bought an NOS tank from Murray years ago. I have a filler neck, and a fuel sender (sender is really really bad) I need a good sender with a pickup tube, or a sender without, and a larger hole fuel pickup. I think the tank was designed for an electric pump, however, I want to use my original mechanical pump, as it works perfectly. I could take a junk electric unit and modify for a pickup tube? I also need the gas tank straps. I would like to know the correct fuel line routing, as the current setup is a fuel line running into the radiator opening, which stops at that point. How does it go from there to the pickup? do I need a hull mounted fuel filter? Thanks, Dave
  13. Hi I wanted some advice on buying a carburetor kit as I would like to overhaul mine. Thanks
  14. Good morning I am looking for an oil pan, the front pulley, the fan and the carburetor. Used parts are fine Who do I ask for the gasket set or at least for the exhaust and cylinder head ones? . Thank you
  15. Hi Can anyone give any info on the accelerator update field kit? why was it neccesary? I have one NOS but im not sure if i should fit it or not
  16. Can someone please verify the length of a weasel oil dipstick. Ive got several laying around that are different lengths. Thanks, Jesse.
  17. Hello - I have T-24 engine project sale if anyone is interested. Pickup only. This engine ran in 2019 w/ blown head gasket. Started stripping engine down for rebuild and lost interest. Engine is currently in pieces, but 80% to 90% all there. Parts that are missing include water pump, fuel pump, generator, and maybe a few other parts my mechanic took off. The engine is not in bad condition and is still coated in oil and ready a rebuild. Asking $100 and someone to come and get it out of my storage unit ( I need the space). email me at bcrichjam@aol.com for questions. Located in Unionville Virginia. Pictures of engine together in 2019 when we pulled it from my Weasel. Other picture from today moving it to my storage unit showing the shell all stripped down - but movable my hand now. All other parts are in boxes.
  18. I am trying to find a main power switch for the Weasel. I just picked up a very nice fully restored Weasel, but the power switch is causing it to just stop running from time to time. Thanks
  19. Good day, I would need the dimensions of the tank with some photos of the details and perhaps of the internal bulkhead. I want to try my hand at making a replica as original as possible. thanks for any help you can give me.
  20. Hi Rebuilding the carb. Has anyone posted the schematics/ assembly drawing for this carb? I am missing one of the internal springs and looking for parts numbers etc. Also looking for the Aluminum plug sizes (s). I have the Mikes Carburetor rebuild kit and no issues there. Attached is a pic of the carb before removal. Thanks Dennis
  21. Hi everyone i hope you are all staying safe. My generator fell as i was installing it and of corse it fell on the pulley side and shattered the pulley if anyone has a spare that they would get rid of i would gladly buy it. Thanks Larry
  22. Set of three 75/set contact me on the board or at flxdsn(at)gmail.com Thanks
  23. NOS in The BOX, doesn't get any better. Just a couple left $175 ea.
  24. One only... correctly made...unique to the weasel. $55
  25. Guys, A few spare ones for sale. PUSH START NOS....good as it gets. $50.00 ea. These are $80 on ebay.
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