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  1. Please note that I am not associated with the seller, just passing the info on; I have a BBR1 Carb for a weasel I would like to sell. It is a pull off, but complete minus throttle body. Can send pics Send PM if interested $70 Located in UT will ship. Wade Stout http://www.freedomvehicles.org/ https://forums.g503.com/viewtopic.php?f=77&t=332611
  2. Hi all, I've been searching through the manual, but cannot find any main dimensions. Or I'm looking way over them.... Does someone have the dimensions for a STD engine for: - Pistons - Cilinder diameter - Crankshaft Main Bearing Journals - Crankshaft Connecting Rod Journals thanks a lot Frank
  3. I always wanted a weasel after seeing the hulk of one shortly after moving to Alaska, 25 years ago. Since then, the only ones I could afford were to far gone for my capabilities to try to restore. That all changed a few weeks ago when I finally talked a friend in selling me his T-24 which hasn't been run in years. It was converted into a moose hunting rig sometime in the late 80's with a 30gal nose fuel tank, cabin, tracks and suspension. After spending some time getting it started(the coil was bad and points needed to be cleaned and adjusted) I went to pick it up. Everything seemed to be going ok for the 1st 30 ft until it just quit, after a little checking it turns out the distributor rotor shaft quit turning☹️. After struggling to get it pulled out and up on the trailer, it is finally home. Now the fun part, figuring what is wrong with the distributor, and getting it fixed. I sure would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks, Brad
  4. I am pooped out boys. I pulled the stuck engine out of my M-29C yesterday and boy, WHAT A TASK. I found the serial number on the boss just behind the water pump adapter. It is T24 8619. What can the engine guru's tell me about this. Thanks. Dave. Also, it was rebuilt in Norway in 1962 with the cylinders being .040" over stock bore. Is it possible to clean up the cylinder to .050" with out running into overheating problems?
  5. I need the front generator bracket. Called TNJ Murry and military vehicle supply,they don't have any. Or pictures on how to make one.
  6. My m29c may have the incorrect clutch and throw out bearing. Trying to sort this out. Are there 2 different throw out bearings? I know I have the correct bell housing. It even has the exhaust header pipe clamp on the side. Unfortunately, the throw out bearing I have is too big to fit on the cross shaft. The 2 little arms on the shaft are too narrow for the bearing. Maybe the clutch is too big, too. I suspect the bell housing I originally got with it was from a pickup truck, along with the incorrect tranny. I now have a T96 that bolts right up but the bearing is considerably larger than the two little arms on the shaft. Were there different sizes of clutches, bearings, and bell housings for these rigs? Thanks, Idaho Jim
  7. Looking for a NOS clutch throwout bearing for M29c. Idaho Jim Failing that, a part number so I can buy a new one.
  8. I am looking for the exhaust pipe diameter and wall thickness for the front header pipe and the longer, rear pipe that goes to the muffler. It's roughly 1-1/2" but may be 1-3/4". Also looking for a birds-eye view of the exhaust system. I think it crosses the gap between the sponsons, but not sure. Thanks. Idaho Jim
  9. A Weasel owner over on the Weasel FB forum asked for some photos of the Accelerator mod that I have retrofitted to my weasel. I thought that I would capture the information here on this forum first in the hope that future weasel restorers can use this information as a reference. The first photo shows a comparison between a modified accelerator pedal and an OEM accelerator pedal. Top pedal is OEM, bottom pedal has been modified. I have also posted a copy of the MWO that came with my mod kit. MWO ORD G179-W9.pdf
  10. Bonjour à tous, j'ai acheté un M29 en parfait état sauf le moteur qui n'est pas d'origine; je recherche un moteur 6-170 Studbacker en parfait état avec sa boite. il y en a un à vendre à DEMING, est ce que vous connaissez un mécanicien dans le coin qui pourrait le voir et évaluer la remise en état ? en Corée certain WEASEL auraient été équipé de moteur Volvo, est ce exact ? un grand merci d'avance pour vos réponses je pa
  11. Hello Does anyone have any idea how to get the water pump apart? I'm a novice (at mechanical work) and scratching my head on this one. I see the key pin way inside, but it's difficult to get to it with any tool. Will this pump break down any other way? I see a small pin on the side, but not sure if I should try to knock it in or risk damage. Help anyone. I bought the seal repair kit, but it won't help if I can't get the pump apart. Thanks Kevin
  12. WTB a water pump adapter .In US hopefully. somehow i lost mine. Part # SD-905197 Thanks
  13. I’m cutting spark plug wires as close to original material as possible (even have supressors) but the TM/FM only have diameter (7mm), not length. These below were passed to me but unfortunately not by cylinder number. Could anyone here be able to verify lengths or should I get a 1942 Studebaker Champion set from an auto parts store to measure? -19” -21” -24” -19 1/2” -23 1/2” -24” -17” coil My current set is aftermarket and seems long. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. I put this report up on the Weasel FB page but as there was a common theme regarding this problem as reported by other weasel owners, I thought that it would be best to capture the information here on the forum. Started my weasel engine for the first time since a marathon 8 mile drive 😀 down to local lake and back on the previous weekend. See attached video. I found that the exhaust flange gasket had disintegrated and the exhaust was 'chuffing' into the engine compartment. I had made a gasket from non asbestos compressed gasket material but it appears that it was not the right choice of gasket material. I have ordered a Studebaker OEM gasket to replace the blown gasket. Hopefully the replacement gasket will be more resistant to the heat. 84671773_WeaselatYarrielake.mp4
  15. Evening. Does anyone know what modern oil filter to use on the Weasel? I've been to Napa 3 times now and struck out 3 times now in size. I even brought them my old one to compare & get the numbers off (which I bought at Napa 3 years back). They could not make any sense of the military numbers in the manual and their computers don't seem to go past the 70's. I am trying to get my engine back together.... Thanks Kevin
  16. Hi! I have just test run my weasel first time since I got it. Coil wire positive lead was loose. The previous owner included a ceramic resistor, but was obvious aftermarket and was broken. I hooked the positive lead to the run position on my switch. I did not use a resistor. Had lots of trouble with spark, boils down to melted plastic wiper on points, end of points were blue from being heated. I am changing the points and condenser, but I'm wondering if the originally used a resistor in line with the coil? Or direct to switch? I dont need to melt another set of points. But it may be the previous owner left the switch on? Thanks! Dave
  17. Greetings everyone! Recently ive been restoring my weasel to its best potential... this means i also took out and cleaned the radiator. Since cooling is very important on these vehicles.... On closer inspection, the water pump seemed to leak. At first, i fitted new paper gaskets in combination with sealant. This, however did not fix the issue. After a while, I noticed the inside of the pully on the waterpump was wet. Does this mean the outer seal of the pump shaft is bad? The bearings sound and feel good... I immediately bought the available parts of the waterpump on ebay, but now the question is: does anyone have experience with the refurbishment of the pump? and if so, do you have any tips on how to do it? hope its a doable fix.... Regards, Rob from the Netherlands!
  18. I thought that I would start a bog/story on my Weasel restoration. I sold an Amphibious Jeep back in the Mid 1990's and I decided to purchase another unusual vehicle that operates in two mediums. I came across a 'Weasel' and decided there and then that this was the vehicle for me. I was going to import a project weasel from the US of A but before proceeding I had heard of a weasel that was local to where I was living at the time. I contacted the owner and asked if I could have a look at the weasel to give me some idea what I was getting myself into. After looking at this weasel I decided to offer to purchase it from the owner. I came up with the figure of $6500AUD ($2000 for the weasel and $4500 that it would have cost at the time to ship a weasel out from the USA to Australia). The offer was accepted and on the 11/11/98 I took delivery of my new project. I have been restoring this weasel off and on ever since. The colour scheme you see on this weasel was made up by the owner. This weasel was purchased from Consolidated Industries and shipped to Australia in the early 50's. It was to be used on a large Sheep Ranch as a special vehicle for the owner to inspect his sheep during wet weather, however the weasel saw little use out in the far west due to drought. If you look closely at the hull, the owner had the hull raised 100mm/4"inches above the tracks so that mud would not get caught up between the sponson and the track. The damage done by this modification cost me a lot of time and effort to repair/restore.
  19. I found an Auto-Lite MAY4141 starter in my M29c, but as with all of these old rigs, that may be just what some guy had handy that would kinda fit. I cannot find what the real starter was supposed to be. There are numerous similar looking starters available that say MGB4141, but I have no idea what the difference is. BTW, MAY does not refer to the month of manufacture any more than 41 means 1941. Anyone know what an acceptable starter is for these rigs? I'm sure none of the new generic geared starters will squeeze into the available space. Idaho Jim
  20. Hi all, Does someone have the (correct) colour for the Weasel engine? Is there any RAL number, or other number, which is closest? regards Frank
  21. Hose sets for the T24, M29 and M29C. Three sets available one early set for ord. serial no. 0000 - 9502, mid set for ord. serial 9503 - 13560 and a late set for ord. serial no. 13560 - end of production. All hose assemblies are made from ethanol safe SAE-30R7 low pressure hose and pressure tested to 10 bar (145 psi). The early set consists of: 905806 - Oil pressure gage pipe hose - 1 ea. 905809 - Oil filter inlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905810 - Oil filter outlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905824 - Gasoline filter to fuel pump pipe hose - 1 ea. 900918 - Primer inlet pipe to fuel pump hose - 1 ea. Price: €50 + shipping The mid set consists of: 905806 - Oil pressure gage pipe hose - 1 ea. 905809 - Oil filter inlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905810 - Oil filter outlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905824 - Gasoline filter to fuel pump pipe hose. - 1 ea. 908090 - Electric fuel pump outlet hose. - 1ea. Price: €55 + shipping The late set consists of: 905806 - Oil pressure gage pipe hose - 1 ea. 905809 - Oil filter inlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905810 - Oil filter outlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905824 - Gasoline filter to fuel pump pipe hose - 2 ea. 908090 - Electric fuel pump outlet hose. - 1ea. Price: €70 + shipping All hoses can also purchased separately. Early set Mid set Late set
  22. Hey all, Can someone help me with how to ID what specific carb I have in my M29C? I'm looking for a rebuild kit but can't figure exactly which kit to buy. The only markings on the carb are "O-512". Here are a couple pics of it. It actually dissembled quite easily and appears to be in overall decent condition. It should clean up nicely. The parts and gaskets all look in really good shape (all things considered) but I figured while I'm here, and it has been sitting for quite a few years, I might as well rebuild it. Also, I was looking at Daytona Parts for the kit. Is there any reason I might go with someone else? Mark
  23. Good evening autumn has arrived and the days are getting shorter and the work has moved to the workshop indoors. In order not to miss the work I thought of reproducing the box for the Pioneer compass. Does anyone have an original box to give me the dimensions and some photos? Thank you in advance
  24. I talked with vintage wiring of maine, they can't make spark plug wires anymore because they are missing the weasel end. Does anyone have some good used ones or new ones I could buy and send them to have them made? Let me know! Dave
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