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Found 35 results

  1. Rick Ardell


    Found under pine tree.
  2. Hello everyone. Just making a post to introduce mysels on this new forum. Name is Tom, but called Jeep Tom (due to jeep hobby). Live in Sweden. Been in the weasel hobby since 2008 when I bought my first one. I think I have about 10 weasels at this moment, various conditions. T24, M29 and M29C. I have had more bot sold of during the years to also buy other military vehicles to my collection. At this moment I am restoring one of my floater weasels, but it goes slow, much else comes and take my time. Total about 35-40 military vehicles in my collection together with my girlfriend. MB/GPW, HD WLA, BMW R12, Zundap K500, BV202, BV206, MT-LB, CCKW, WC57, WC52, TP21 Sugga etc. also have a home page. www.jeeptom.com Adding some various pictures, probably most have been seen on FB.
  3. Thanks Pat for the reply on posting pictures. I will attempt to share some. I have a picture of the machine the day we made the deal to purchase. My son Derrick is sitting at the controls. The other photo is as it arrived home. Now it is tore down about as far as we are going for now. The object is to get it running and learn how it works. There is a machine 2 and 3 to restore. I figure we have enough parts to mix and match to build an original machine down to the bolts and washers. That is the goal for now, all the best parts on one machine. Fred
  4. Greetings - after a couple of requests, I made up t-shirts with a T-24 line drawing on the back. I had a guy do the line drawing and am pretty happy with how it came out, although I might should add the parachute "straps". I am happy to ship anywhere. If the shipping calculator on the website gives a crazy $$ number, send me an email and I will see what we can do. These were ordered a few days ago and are "guaranteed" to be in stock by 7/17. https://www.portrayalpress.com/Portrayal-Press-T-Shirt-p/620-mds-0102.htm Patrick
  5. Hello All, I'm new to this forum, and like to introduce my Weasel. Off course all my other projects are not finished, and storage is a real pain....I still decided I "needed" a Weasel. So progress will be very slow and since I bought it, almost nothing happened. Although not much work, I found the hull number so here it goes: M-29-C - 6672 U.S.A. 40195512 Unfortunately the data plate is missing as this was removed before I bought the M29C. We did some trails to start the engine, but till date no luck with that. The engine spins, but no compression on at least 2 cylinders. Furthermore I found an original carburettor and the electrical fuel pump is overhauled. Still need a lot of parts to finalise the fuel pump as you can see in the picture. So herewith the pictures. Thanks for looking! Regards Frank
  6. I have spent the last several years tracking down Weasel parts to build & restore a swimming Weasel. Many parts have been an adventure locating and getting my hands on. Probably one of the most difficult is a really nice pair of the side swim skirts that have not rot in them- which is just amazing. Recently I had the opportunity to purchase a very complete older restored M29C swimmer. So now, I'm putting together the best of my parts to eventually sell to someone as a project to restore. The goal is to get it to an assembled start/run/move/stop status and sell. Anyway- enjoy the pictures and assembly updates. I started with a tub that has what appears to be original artwork/name on the front as it was partially painted over at the time of sale to the public- or at least that appears to be what happened. It says "Ruptured Duck". Serial number is 4642 on original data plate. Body tag is M-29C-568, & registration is 40178564S. Body has typical rust- not as bad a some, but rough in the drivers area and under fuel tank.
  7. What are these holes for in the windshield frame? There are 4 or so frames around here and they all have them.
  8. Rick Ardell


    Pine Tree find
  9. I am thinking about selling these windshield wiper motors. Can anyone help me with a fair value? Not sure what price to ask? Thanks!
  10. I was wandering what radio was installed in a t15 . I am a canadian collector so all i know is canadian stuff and would appreciate it if someone could help me out also is there anything on the market. Cheers Larry
  11. Hello DIYJ. Could you please post some pics of the outside and inside of your machine as well. I saw your post of your Hull tag UST-24-2030. I'm curious what the sheet metal looks like. Does this machine still have Para bracket holes?? Thank you James
  12. We will be completing an M29C weasel in a few weeks. The hull was stripped and sandblasted. All suspension was dissassembled, cleaned, repaired if needed. Engine torn down. Float tanks reskined. Has all floor sections, winch parts, skirts. Engine section partitions. Original sprockets like new. New rubber on sprocket wheels. All other rubber in nice shape. One track has 3 repairs. The other track is intact. One seat. No wipers. Starting at about $35k US. It’s easier to email picture to interested parties. It will go on Milweb when finished.
  13. OZM29C

    Wiper Motors

    Here is a small blog showing how I stripped, cleaned and reassembled my windscreen wiper motor. I only had the one wiper motor but I purchased a second NOS Wiper motor back in 1999. Photo below shows the wiper motor before restoration.
  14. Anyone know who these guys are? Lots of heavy equipment there. Doesn’t look like training.
  15. Mostly original parts from a 1930s South American contract. Most numbers match. Cradle and can holder are original. Pedestal is perfect, may or may not be original. Socket looks original. Comes with A6 buttstock, bipod, flash hider. Those 3 items are Izzy. BNC connector for electric. Small gas connectors. Coil, valves, board are inside gun. $2100. Jesse.
  16. Greetings. Since the demise of the Weasel forum, it seems that most of the discussion around Weasel restoration has moved to Facebook. While it is nice that there is a place to find and share with other Weasel enthusiasts, I think the format offered by Facebook leaves a lot to be desired. Most importantly, posts quickly get buried and while Facebook has search features, I think the "traditional" forum approach is superior. I personally find it difficult to find information and see that most of these groups end up with the same questions and discussions over and over again. I also don't like that Facebook's algorithms are more concerned with showing ads than showing relevant information and unless you specifically check out your groups, many posts will not show up on your timeline. So while I think there is a good reason to continue to post and play on groups like the G179 on Facebook, I feel like the Weasel community needs its own active forum to provide important resources to Weasel collectors and restorers. I created Project Plough.org to serve this purpose. I have been a part of the launch and maintenance of other forums, including the successful N Tractor Club - a site dedicated to the Ford N series tractors (1939-1952). As forum technology evolved, I also learned that forum administrators don't want to be in the internet security business or the forum support business. These tasks are increasingly complicated and require full time attention. Fortunately, there are companies that will host forums like this one and they have dedicated staff to watch for internet bad guys and keep things running smoothly. They aren't perfect, but they are certainly better than I will ever be. The upside is that this forum is backed up daily. All of the technical aspects, including security, are managed by the folks who wrote the software. Importantly, this means that the information that gets shared and created will be here as long as the site is running and in the event that something bad happens, it will be easy to get a working copy of the site back up and running. A little background on me. I am the owner of Portrayal Press. We have been around since about 1980 and the founder, Dennis Spence, was very involved with the creation of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (Member #1) and also the founding of Military Vehicle Magazine. I took the business over when he retired and have been trying to ensure that the massive amount of information and manuals that he collected continue to be made available to enthusiasts and restorers. I also publish a weekly series of videos called ShopTime on YouTube. I restored a 1943 Willys MB over the last several years and just started a T-24 restoration in January. I will be posting regularly to this forum to document the T-24 restoration and share the information that I am learning as I do the restoration. Patrick
  17. Does anyone have any information pertaining to Weasels used by the Navy and Marines during the war? I know that they did have some, but beyond that there is very limited info out there.
  18. Rebuilding the latches is simple. Open the barrel by grinding or drilling off the crimped end of the rivet. On this particular one, both ends were crimped. Drive the rivet out with a punch.
  19. Hi, I wanted to know if in addition to the construction plates of the hull there are chassis numbers printed somewhere on the vehicle, because unfortunately on my weasel I did not find any plate. Thanks
  20. Fortunately I found my USA number on the hull side which helped identify my weasel. Apart from the USA number, all other data plates and hull tags etc were missing. On the old weasel forum I posted my USA number and was surprised to find that Jim Gilmore had the sister to my weasel. That gave me the ORD number for mine and I had to take a guesstimate on my Hull tag. As my weasel was a Letterkenny rebuild I opted to use a NOS post war ORD plate and I had Robert at Data Plates 4 U https://dataplates4u.com/ make a replacement Hull tag. I also had my stencils made by this company in the UK. https://www.axholmesigns.co.uk/ Weasel Stencils - Final draft.pdf
  21. We recently disassembled two fairly complete Weasels just for the float tanks. The hulls were pretty far gone, but even there are some good parts if you’ve had doors cut in yours. We have all kinds of parts that I was missing when I restored mine several years ago, and had to search high and low or make them. Let me know what you might need. No tracks, wipers, spotlights, seats of course. I ship slow as I depend on others to do the leg work (just ask DRH).
  22. Greetings: This forum offers participants the opportunity to develop a reputation and respond to posts and interactions with other members. If you "like" (bottom right corner generally) a post or a response, the member who posted it will receive a reputation point. As you collect points, you will be raised in rank and your screen name will show that you are someone who the community values. Ranks: Master Mechanic - Guru status Mechanic - you know your way around these machines and the community appreciates your input Kilroy - every man and where we all start Joe Dope - the fictional character in WW2 manuals that never did anything right This feature is intended to be both fun and helpful. Please treat accordingly.
  23. I studied quite a few different forum offerings before settling on this one. It looks a little different than what most of us are used to, but has a lot of great features and should prove to be a great platform over time. 1. Tags: When you go to post a new topic, you are required to add a tag. You can add as many tags as you want. Please try to help others by carefully selecting the topics covered in your post. What these tags do is allow forum members to quickly find relevant posts and information. You can immediately search the whole site by clicking on the tag in the header of a post. This will search the whole site and give you a list of every place the tag has been used. As the forum grows and more posts are added, this will become invaluable because, as an example, you could quickly see every post that discusses track restoration. 2. Reputation: This feature takes the "Like" concept from other social media platform and gives every user a rating based on the number of times their posts get a like. You lose points if you post something that someone doesn't like. This isn't a popularity contest, but it has the potential to help new members quickly sort through and identify helpful and knowledgeable folks and maybe offers a little incentive to keep mouths clamped firmly shut if there is nothing positive to add. Time will tell. Please be generous with your comments and your likes where deserved. 3. Photos. This site has fantastic photo abilities. No need to resize pictures or host them on some other site that may hold you hostage in the future. Post your high resolution pictures and videos and enjoy. If you are taking really high quality pictures, you may want to keep them around 1 meg so we don't eat up too much bandwidth, but we can adjust settings if this becomes a problem. You can post your pictures in your posts or create your own gallery at the gallery tab. Kindly tag your pictures too. 4. Signatures **NEW Signatures are a fun way to let people know who you are, what you care about and also provide relevant links like rebuild threads or a link to your business, social media, etc. For what it is worth, Joe Dope thought it was a great idea to put a political quote in his signature. You will find the place to create your own personal signature in the menu on the upper right hand corner (where you see the carrot and your log in name) under "Account Settings." You can link to other sites, post pictures and more...works just like the rest of this site. The spacing in the signature block defaults to double spaced..."control return" on your keyboard will give you single spaces. Email us if you run into any problems and we can try and help you out. 5. Downloads It is easy for us to upload files and make them available to forum members. We plan on having a complete library of Weasel PDF manuals that will be available for download. If folks have documents they would like to share, you may post them in the Downloads section - they get moderated so you will not see them made available until a moderator approves them. One quick note - we do respect copyrights so kindly don't post someone else's work. 6. Mobile App for iPhone and Android There will soon be a release of mobile apps for the iPhone and Android - Q1 of 2020. They are in beta right now but look slick. Stay tuned. All for now. Admin
  24. 1. Please register using a real name. You can use a "handle" but a real name and email are required to register. 2. No political posts or off topics in these forums. We may create an off-topics forum where anything goes at some point in the future. 3. If you wouldn't say it to an angry MMA fighter in person, then you probably shouldn't post it here either. Please be an adult and be considerate. There is a zero tolerance policy for nonsense - one warning and violators will have their accounts deleted. 4. Please include an asking price in the "for sale" forum. Don't post links to Ebay sales or other commercial sites. 5. Please pause before posting any content that flames vendors or other members. Please take up the issue with the person directly and privately. If you still feel a need to warn the community, please consult with an administrator before posting. Enjoy
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