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  1. Hi All, I will be offering (2) T15 weasels for sale in 2 different configurations 1. T15 in kit form with rebuilt engine, new track bands, grousers ready to install track bands on. 2. T15 assembled with new track bands. Both can be customer painted per customer order. Canvas is still an unknown at this time for these. Looking at having either the kit or fully assembled units by June of 2023. Will require a 25% deposit for either configuration and final payment prior to delivery. Can ship overseas. For the M7 snow tractor, either can be acquired in kit form or assembled with new track bands. customer can define paint scheme for these. Engine will be a re-built engine. Same delivery is expected by June of 2023. Trailer is fully assembled at this time. I do have another snow trailer that can be obtained, but is completed Unassembled at this time. Have several sets of spare parts for both the T15 and M7 that can be acquired along with the purchase of either. Contact Mike Howard at 712-249-0839 for pricing and customization.
  2. I just picked up an two Weasels, one T24 with 15” tracks and one M29 with 20” tracks. The M29 is driving. Looking forward to getting these operational!
  3. Greetings guys. Been having a blast with the M29. The LAR tracks are outstanding and all of the other systems are working as designed. I need to do a little patching under the gas tank and my plastic gas tank is just so-so. I did a very quick and dirty paint job to bring it back to original white camo. I have the prints for the camo (thanks @James Di Giovanni) - very fun thing to paint. I used the old "eyecrometer" so not exactly to plans but good enough at this point. My next objective is to get this machine steering with fingertip control. I have NOS brake linings - next up for replacement. It steers pretty well, but i have seen better so that is what I am shooting for here.
  4. I purchased a T24 part from an Ebay seller in Poland in December 2021 who makes a number of parts for Weasels - or at least posts pictures of his parts. He never sent me a tracking number but when asked, claimed that he was away from his home and could not provide it. He continually assured me that the package was shipped. The package has not arrived as of today. He continues to list products on Ebay. I know of at least two other people who ordered and gave him more time than I did. They waited so long that Ebay would no longer provide any recourse. I filed a complaint and received a refund from Ebay. Caveat Emptor!
  5. Greetings. Since the demise of the Weasel forum, it seems that most of the discussion around Weasel restoration has moved to Facebook. While it is nice that there is a place to find and share with other Weasel enthusiasts, I think the format offered by Facebook leaves a lot to be desired. Most importantly, posts quickly get buried and while Facebook has search features, I think the "traditional" forum approach is superior. I personally find it difficult to find information and see that most of these groups end up with the same questions and discussions over and over again. I also don't like that Facebook's algorithms are more concerned with showing ads than showing relevant information and unless you specifically check out your groups, many posts will not show up on your timeline. So while I think there is a good reason to continue to post and play on groups like the G179 on Facebook, I feel like the Weasel community needs its own active forum to provide important resources to Weasel collectors and restorers. I created Project Plough.org to serve this purpose. I have been a part of the launch and maintenance of other forums, including the successful N Tractor Club - a site dedicated to the Ford N series tractors (1939-1952). As forum technology evolved, I also learned that forum administrators don't want to be in the internet security business or the forum support business. These tasks are increasingly complicated and require full time attention. Fortunately, there are companies that will host forums like this one and they have dedicated staff to watch for internet bad guys and keep things running smoothly. They aren't perfect, but they are certainly better than I will ever be. The upside is that this forum is backed up daily. All of the technical aspects, including security, are managed by the folks who wrote the software. Importantly, this means that the information that gets shared and created will be here as long as the site is running and in the event that something bad happens, it will be easy to get a working copy of the site back up and running. A little background on me. I am the owner of Portrayal Press. We have been around since about 1980 and the founder, Dennis Spence, was very involved with the creation of the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (Member #1) and also the founding of Military Vehicle Magazine. I took the business over when he retired and have been trying to ensure that the massive amount of information and manuals that he collected continue to be made available to enthusiasts and restorers. I also publish a weekly series of videos called ShopTime on YouTube. I restored a 1943 Willys MB over the last several years and just started a T-24 restoration in January. I will be posting regularly to this forum to document the T-24 restoration and share the information that I am learning as I do the restoration. Patrick
  6. Small lot of weasel parts. $85 for all including shipping in the USA
  7. After I bought my Weasel, a friend informed me of one that was sitting in an old, abandoned shed that I should go check out. It has supposably been there for over 50 years up on blocks! I decided to take a day and go see what I would find. It turned out to be an interesting find so I will break this down int a few posts so I can comment on some of the photos I took.
  8. Anyone Know where I can find a new clutch cable? Mine is so stretched out it hardly works anymore.
  9. Cleaning out the garage today and found these parts. Muffler guard. Pioneer tool brackets. Headlight conduit. $200 plus shipping.
  10. I always wanted a weasel after seeing the hulk of one shortly after moving to Alaska, 25 years ago. Since then, the only ones I could afford were to far gone for my capabilities to try to restore. That all changed a few weeks ago when I finally talked a friend in selling me his T-24 which hasn't been run in years. It was converted into a moose hunting rig sometime in the late 80's with a 30gal nose fuel tank, cabin, tracks and suspension. After spending some time getting it started(the coil was bad and points needed to be cleaned and adjusted) I went to pick it up. Everything seemed to be going ok for the 1st 30 ft until it just quit, after a little checking it turns out the distributor rotor shaft quit turning☹️. After struggling to get it pulled out and up on the trailer, it is finally home. Now the fun part, figuring what is wrong with the distributor, and getting it fixed. I sure would appreciate any help or suggestions. Thanks, Brad
  11. I took the "push-to-start" button out of my instrument panel in an attempt to free it up and make it work again. Well, I experienced a complete failure. It was to rotten inside it literally crumbled in my hot little hands. I am looking to buy a replacement please. Condition from N.O.S. to good serviceable is what I'd like. Does anyone have one for sale?
  12. 14-year Weasel Reunion. I know nobody likes to read a lot of text so I will summarize the best I can. If you bought the David Doyle’s M29 Weasel Book, quite a few pictures inside are of Weasel 40123806 which I bought in 2018. Also pictured in there is another Weasel (good picture on #59) of a M29C without the front and back attachments. Rick Ward is the owner of these Weasels at the time of the photos around 2008 (his name appears at the acknowledgments in the book as well. There was also an article in “Military Vehicles Magazine” many years ago about Rick owning two Weasels but selling one after a while (which was 40123806). Of course, when you need to find that as, you can’t in the see of endless magazines…. On with the story…. Weasel 40123808 was bought by Rick Ward around 2002 and restored by him. In 2008 - Rick Ward sold that Weasel to another collector in NJ. In 2018 – I bought that Weasel while living in Vermont. 2020 – moved to Virginia 7/23/2022 – went to Gettysburg WWII show and ran into Rick Ward and his same Weasel from the book. This is about a 14-year reunion for the two machines. I finally got to meet Rick in person which was a pleasure. Photo#1 2022 Photo#2 2008
  13. Howdy Boys. I have begun the tear-down of my M29-C Weasel. I removed the control levers and then did some more vacuuming in the bilge. My Weasel came with an Arctic Top that had all of the windows smashed out with rocks. I know that there is still some under the engine but I cleaned most of it out when I got the Weasel 2 1/2 years ago. While I was vacuuming, I saw what I thought was a piece of glass at first, then a knife. I picked it up with the hose and it turned out to be a piece of metal that looks like a tool of some sort. It is 1/8" thick and definitely machined out of steel, I used the razor knife as a size reference. Could it be part of the track tensioning gauge? please let me know. Thanks, Dave.
  14. This link popped up. Don't know anything that is not listed in link. If you have more info (like do they have Weasels?)? please add some info. New Museum With Largest Private Collection Of Military Vehicles Set To Open Memorial Day Weekend (msn.com) Later 42rocker
  15. I was advised to run a VIN check before buying any used vehicle, but it dose not seem practicable, does any one know about VIN checks, license plate lookup and vehicle history reports?
  16. As many of you know, I bought an M29 a while back. It is in very original condition and is the 2nd or 3rd production M29 made. I have done a lot of mechanical work to it - rebuilt engine, transmission and final drive. It has new sprockets - not happy with them by the way. I am also about to put a set of rebanded French tracks on it. It has become my learning machine and is starting to drive and steer great. Over the weekend, I decided to do a little work on it since it looks pretty bad. I went ahead and reinstalled the brush guard, fixed some rust on the very nice windshield and started straightening the coaming a little. I have a really bad bomb box for it - decided to "upgrade" to a new panel for the time being. I also took apart another 20 or so grousers - what a pain but I am about 70 in so should be able to start bolting these on to my new bands soon. This machine will get a full restoration at some point. Mostly it needs repairs to the front and underneath the gas tank - otherwise, just a lot of dents! In the meantime, I sure am having fun with it. So much fun, in fact, that I ran over a GoPro that fell off doing donuts in a very wet field.
  17. Our local Elks lodge had a car this last weekend, the turnout was great over 1500 people attended. All proceeds generated went to a local veteran's group. Because of the veteran connection and being an Elk myself we were asked to bring any year military vehicles, etc. About 30 Military vehicles were in attendance, we brought the M29C Weasel and our 1942 Ford GPW script jeep. We let the kiddies sit in everything for pictures, we even had helmets on hand. Lots of fun............
  18. Thanks Pat for the reply on posting pictures. I will attempt to share some. I have a picture of the machine the day we made the deal to purchase. My son Derrick is sitting at the controls. The other photo is as it arrived home. Now it is tore down about as far as we are going for now. The object is to get it running and learn how it works. There is a machine 2 and 3 to restore. I figure we have enough parts to mix and match to build an original machine down to the bolts and washers. That is the goal for now, all the best parts on one machine. Fred
  19. rml1708


    So, it begins. After years of wanting one and a retirement promise, I just received my Weasel. It is body # M-29-3165, it is serial # 3417. It is marked with registration # 40176558. I know that I am at least the fourth owner of this machine since import from Norway as I bought it from Greg, who bought it from Porter who got it in a trade. So anyone who knows anything about this machine please contact me. It is pretty on the outside and is very complete. It has the front Grill, a nice windscreen, all three wipers, all four seats, the handheld spotlight behind the drivers seat with the lamp portion stored behind the drivers side rear seat. The flap in the air intake at the front of the machine is complete and functional. She starts and idles nicely. The floor plate and demo box are in poor shape. They are there just a lot of rust through around the edges. The original 55 track on the weasel is in nice shape with all original rivets in place. The weasel came with a complete set of spare 55 grouser track that still has the original rivets in it. It does have one patch using conveyor belt on one of the tracks. I also received 4 or 5 NOS grousers about a dozen NOS center guides and a smattering of road wheels, and bogie carriers, a bell housing, an engine plate, and a flywheel. It also has three NOS or new made Sheetmetal pieces that go between the engine and the fuel tank and battery area along with a new made piece of sheet metal that mounts behind the drivers seat at the floor. The bad is that under those seats and floor panels is a lot of patching and reinforcing. Hat channels replaced with square tube sections and patches in a lot of places. There is enough extra metal and welding that it appears to me that this thing will never fail structurally. Someday maybe I can do a complete Pat Tipton kind of tub restoration but not anytime soon. This machine is to be driven and enjoyed and be displayed at our living history events. The immediate need it to replace repair or make a new throttle cable. I have ordered a new assembly: G179-657-3016 N.O.S. Cable, accelerator w/tube & yokes SD905529 from David Yamulla. I also ordered the press to start switch as well. I will also be ordering some of the missing/worn out small parts of the wipers. I have also ordered a new made demo box from the guy in Poland through eBay. That way I don’t have to fiddle with or make my own. I will also be building my own top bows per the Studebaker drawings. The readily available Norwegian drawings make a flat top set of bows whereas the Studebaker drawings make a set of slightly peaked top bows. The Top itself I have no Idea what I am going to do. I see a couple vendors in Europe that make them less the cables and mounting hardware. £875 and shipping halfway around the world. I will stop with this for now. I have many questions about things like carb kits, and other spares I should be ordering, etc., etc. But that will be future posts. ttfn, Robert
  20. Greetings all! I have 3 Weasel projects for sale (white T24 is sold to a forum member and the M29C in right of picture is a parts machine). I have a pretty good selection of parts too so I can provide a nearly complete project. All of these hulls are very restorable...but different levels of sheet metal work will be required. All are in better condition than my T24 was when I purchased it. I have several sets of tracks too....French and WW2 US original style. All need banding - I can help with that too. Reach out for more information.
  21. there is a new set of track in my yard today
  22. Mike B


    Serial number
  23. Hello everyone, I sold my weasel and have many parts to sell off as the buyer really wouldn’t need much of it. Might be easier if you have items you want or need to shoot me a text 303 seven fore ate fore 🖐00. Many NOS track parts and suspension. Nos bulbs and spotlight, NOS transmission case and parts. Bearings, carb parts, used carburetor, used T24 engine, NOS wiper motors, seatbelts, used seats and seat backs most with canvas, broken bands 20” tracks on pallets, stretcher brackets, Norwegian ski racks. Also have GPW engines including an early one and tons of parts for the g503. I have destroyed my back and I cannot lift heavy items without help so shipping will take extra time. located 80116
  24. My friend Carmen is working on his M29C - Hull tag is 6740. The machine was running and driving but needed a little sheet metal work. They are fixing hat channels and will have it back on the road later this summer. Norwegian return - very complete machine with a really nice set of post war tracks.
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