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  1. Hello All, As I'm missing my data plate, I was looking for information what my serial number could be. Unfortunately there is not a lot data available. Anyway, the numbers I did found (with at least 2 numbers known) I compiled in below table. If you have numbers, please add them so we have a list of serial numbers for reference. I also had contact with the Studebaker Archive, but apparently there are no production records available for the M29(C). Anyway I have seen a production record for the US6, us I'm assuming they have something, but it is just not digged out of the pile? Does someone know if Studebaker has any records on Weasels? Thanks for filling up the list..... Frank
  2. Early M29 Weasel - hull number 1255. Registration number was no legible.
  3. Your numbers wanted…… I have been keeping a database of existing Weasels for many years now. I have about 370 or so on it. I would like to add as many more as I can to help with my research on the Weasel. I also have a database of Weasel photos, testing reports and data listings from the National Archives that have either the USA # or serial/hull numbers listed. In addition to this I have a database listing from surplus sales of Weasels to the public that often lists the original USA numbers of the vehicles. These databases include the T-15 (M-28), T-24, M-29 and M-29C. On the photo/document database I have over 450 weasels listed If you would post or send me your numbers I will check to see if I have any photos or data on your vehicle. I have found several Weasels from these listings and was able to give the owners these numbers. I am also interested in any Weasel numbers from scrapped vehicles as well. What I need is: ORD number........ Serial number..... (both numbers are stamped on the main data plate just behind the driver and should be the same) Hull number...... (from data plate mounted on the inside bulkhead in the cargo compartment) Motor number......( if possible) USA number (if known to be correct) Any special notations about the vehicle. It is very important to give the entire number sequence .. ie. UST-24-xxx or M29C-xxx as many of the surplus documents are keyed to this (the hull) number. If you do not have all the data plates on your Weasel, just send me what you have. I may be able to give you the missing numbers. Many times I can give the original registration numbers for the vehicle. If I have any photos or data listed for your vehicle I will send you the info on it. Unlike some others…I do not charge for giving information on your Weasel if I have it. You can post the numbers here or E mail me at jgilmore@ptd.net. If you want to keep your numbers confidential please note I do not publish anyone’s numbers without permission. Jim Gilmore Jim Thorpe, PA.
  4. Mike B


    Serial number
  5. I thought that I would start a bog/story on my Weasel restoration. I sold an Amphibious Jeep back in the Mid 1990's and I decided to purchase another unusual vehicle that operates in two mediums. I came across a 'Weasel' and decided there and then that this was the vehicle for me. I was going to import a project weasel from the US of A but before proceeding I had heard of a weasel that was local to where I was living at the time. I contacted the owner and asked if I could have a look at the weasel to give me some idea what I was getting myself into. After looking at this weasel I decided to offer to purchase it from the owner. I came up with the figure of $6500AUD ($2000 for the weasel and $4500 that it would have cost at the time to ship a weasel out from the USA to Australia). The offer was accepted and on the 11/11/98 I took delivery of my new project. I have been restoring this weasel off and on ever since. The colour scheme you see on this weasel was made up by the owner. This weasel was purchased from Consolidated Industries and shipped to Australia in the early 50's. It was to be used on a large Sheep Ranch as a special vehicle for the owner to inspect his sheep during wet weather, however the weasel saw little use out in the far west due to drought. If you look closely at the hull, the owner had the hull raised 100mm/4"inches above the tracks so that mud would not get caught up between the sponson and the track. The damage done by this modification cost me a lot of time and effort to repair/restore.
  6. Greetings all! I am from Wisconsin near the Frozen Tundra and a avid designer and 3D printer... a consummate tinkerer. I have recently been 3D printing various vehicles and turning them into RC controlled vehicles. I would love to work on 3D model of the Weasel and RC the vehicle. I would also like to do it correct scale at 1:6. Here is where I could really use some help. I am really looking for ANY reference material that might be available that has dimensions, measurements, etc. There are some orthographic drawings online but they offer VERY little in the way of size, dimensions, etc. Even if you feel like throwing a measuring tape of your project vehicle, it would be a GREAT help to me!!!! If I get enough help to be able to create a fairly decent representation, I might make the files available to the group for anyone interested. Really do appreciate your time and effort, and your amazing ability to keep a part of history alive! Thanks!!!!
  7. I have saved a number of photos that show the different colour schemes that weasels have been painted over the years. The first photo is a weasel used in Task Force Frost
  8. Posted on another forum and might be of interest here; https://cardinalscholar.bsu.edu/bitstream/handle/123456789/202097/2019WilsonBenjamin-combined.pdf?sequence=1&isAllowed=y 2019WilsonBenjamin-combined.pdf
  9. Hi, I found this on my engine, not a great pic, plus I have an old pic with the track that came on my weasel originally. I am wondering if this means my weasel was a Norwegian bring back? Thanks Dave
  10. How do the stretcher brackets work? Anyone have any photos? Is it hidden somewhere in the TM's?
  11. So I have noticed several Weasels with rear view mirrors. Jeep style. I know it would be safer, but? What's the story?
  12. I was reviewing David Doyle's Book and the WW2 Markings Book and WOW! Were Weasels just marked at random? Some have stars? Some have the star and circles? Stars at the rear side? Stars in the middle? Many with no stars. " Instal drain plugs before " registration numbers in various locations? Early war blue and late war white marking mixed? Are they all correct? Were the M29 and M29C and M24 marked different?
  13. Calling all weasel enthusiasts!!!! Im looking for photos of (outside vehicle) and the "(data plate)" and "(Hull tag)". Im ONLY looking for........I repeat Im ONLY looking for the ORD range from 1002 to 2102.. Primary interest is in vehicles closer to ORD .2102 but any vehicle in this range is welcome. If the Hull number is a US T-24 but is higher than 1000 please include the photos I do not care what condition the vehicle is in. Side shots and both tags are all that is needed. If one tag is missing i still would like to see the rest of the photos. If the front of the vehicle can be in the same side shot thats perfect. This information will help in determining if a certain weasel body that i own is a production model or a "test /prototype". Once I have found more information on this I will share my findings. This could lead to finding photographic evidence of every production variation Studebaker produced. Thank you for your assistance. Photo for attention
  14. @Patrick Tipton Thought this might be of interest to fellow weasel owners. Attached is the Weasel trials report conducted by the Australian Military. Unfortunately there is not much left of 145623 today. 145623 has the ORD number 1002 making it the last T24 built before switching to the M29. Anyway enjoy the read.
  15. Rick Ardell


    Found under pine tree.
  16. @Jim Gilmore I thought that I would put this information up for you in a new topic for all to enjoy. Attached are photos of the two Aussi T24's and their user trials report. Also a couple of photos.
  17. Does anyone have any information pertaining to Weasels used by the Navy and Marines during the war? I know that they did have some, but beyond that there is very limited info out there.
  18. Finding Your USA Registration Numbers..... For M-29 and M-29C vehicles: If you want to locate the original Blue Drab numbers that your vehicle was delivered with ........measure 34 to 36 inches from the center line of the bolts on the front side of the vehicle towards the rear. About 4 to 6 inches up from the top of the flairs on the sides........ This is where the USA number will be. It will start with 401....... The original numbers will be in Blue Drab paint. Later repaints may have white numbers painted over the original Blue Drab ones. If the numbers cannot be found then the hull was stripped or sand blasted when it was rebuilt. It is important when sanding for original numbers that you follow a set pattern..... First...start with #300 grit wet/dry sand paper. Use water. Start sanding at the dimension I gave. SLOWLY....sand 4" area and sand off the paint layer by layer.....first one layer until it is all gone....then the next and so on....until you see green....now STOP.... Repeat the process on the next 4" area.......and on for about three feet. Now STOP.....get some #600 grit wet/dry sandpaper and , using water, s-l-o-w-l-y sand the first area until you start to see blue drab. If you sand through the blue drab in this area it is not a problem as the numbers will start with 401 or 402...it is the last five numbers that we want to find. Again, slowly, take your time, have a brew......and sand until you see the rest of the numbers. As the outlines slowly come out sand around, not over, the numbers. After this is done slowly sand over the numbers until you can see them...then get a camera and take several photos. Many times the camera will "see" the numbers clearer than your eye can. It is very important not to rush this....once the numbers have been sanded through they are gone forever! I have used this procedure on many vehicles and almost always have been able to find the original numbers. Good luck and please post or send me the numbers when you find them. Jim Gilmore jgilmore@ptd.net Jim Thorpe, PA.
  19. National Archive photo of a Ford GPW (G503) and Weasel - looks like an early M29 - no side skirts but 20 inch tracks.

    © Public Domain

  20. G'day All, Here we go again. Thanks Patrick for stepping up to the plate and creating a new dedicated weasel forum that is more user friendly. I thought I would start off and post some info on a weasel that I recently recovered here in Australia. This T24 was one of only two T24 weasels imported and trialled by the Australian Military in August 1945. The weasels were deemed unsuitable for Jungle warfare (I will post a copy of the trials report later) and were quickly disposed off. The two T24's ended up on the snowfields (yes we do have a little bit of snow here in Oz:) as ski tows. When chair lifts were built, both T24's were then converted into tracked garbage recovery trucks. This particular weasel ended its days in the early 70's and sat on a property down in Victoria until discovered early last year. The owner of the other Australian T24 was contacted by the owner of this T24 after he had read the restoration blog. A deal was done and after a 2000km round trip to recover it, I have this weasel at home. I am not sure what the future of this weasel will be but the priority was to recover it so that it did not go to scrap. This weasel is the last of the T24's to be built carrying the ORD plate of 1002. Here are some photos of it. What you see is all that is left. The final drive was cannibalised for another vehicle and unfortunately nothing remains of any internal sheetmetal. Cheers JW
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