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  1. I thought that I would start a bog/story on my Weasel restoration. I sold an Amphibious Jeep back in the Mid 1990's and I decided to purchase another unusual vehicle that operates in two mediums. I came across a 'Weasel' and decided there and then that this was the vehicle for me. I was going to import a project weasel from the US of A but before proceeding I had heard of a weasel that was local to where I was living at the time. I contacted the owner and asked if I could have a look at the weasel to give me some idea what I was getting myself into. After looking at this weasel I decided to of
  2. Hello All, As I'm missing my data plate, I was looking for information what my serial number could be. Unfortunately there is not a lot data available. Anyway, the numbers I did found (with at least 2 numbers known) I compiled in below table. If you have numbers, please add them so we have a list of serial numbers for reference. I also had contact with the Studebaker Archive, but apparently there are no production records available for the M29(C). Anyway I have seen a production record for the US6, us I'm assuming they have something, but it is just not digged out of the pile?
  3. Your numbers wanted…… I have been keeping a database of existing Weasels for many years now. I have about 370 or so on it. I would like to add as many more as I can to help with my research on the Weasel. I also have a database of Weasel photos, testing reports and data listings from the National Archives that have either the USA # or serial/hull numbers listed. In addition to this I have a database listing from surplus sales of Weasels to the public that often lists the original USA numbers of the vehicles. These databases include the T-15 (M-28), T-24, M-29 and M-29C. On t
  4. Rick Ardell


    Found under pine tree.
  5. @Jim Gilmore I thought that I would put this information up for you in a new topic for all to enjoy. Attached are photos of the two Aussi T24's and their user trials report. Also a couple of photos.
  6. Does anyone have any information pertaining to Weasels used by the Navy and Marines during the war? I know that they did have some, but beyond that there is very limited info out there.
  7. Finding Your USA Registration Numbers..... For M-29 and M-29C vehicles: If you want to locate the original Blue Drab numbers that your vehicle was delivered with ........measure 34 to 36 inches from the center line of the bolts on the front side of the vehicle towards the rear. About 4 to 6 inches up from the top of the flairs on the sides........ This is where the USA number will be. It will start with 401....... The original numbers will be in Blue Drab paint. Later repaints may have white numbers painted over the original Blue Drab ones. If the numbers cannot be found
  8. National Archive photo of a Ford GPW (G503) and Weasel - looks like an early M29 - no side skirts but 20 inch tracks.

    © Public Domain

  9. I have saved a number of photos that show the different colour schemes that weasels have been painted over the years. The first photo is a weasel used in Task Force Frost
  10. G'day All, Here we go again. Thanks Patrick for stepping up to the plate and creating a new dedicated weasel forum that is more user friendly. I thought I would start off and post some info on a weasel that I recently recovered here in Australia. This T24 was one of only two T24 weasels imported and trialled by the Australian Military in August 1945. The weasels were deemed unsuitable for Jungle warfare (I will post a copy of the trials report later) and were quickly disposed off. The two T24's ended up on the snowfields (yes we do have a little bit of snow here in Oz:) as ski tows. When
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