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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I am trying to make some of the TeeNuts for my Weasel. I have one original with a broken 1/4x20 stud still in it. I ordered up the drawing from Studebaker, I have modeled it in CAD and I have 3D printed some to confirm my modeling. Now I just need to find someone that does this kind of work and can take my model, download it and setup their CNC lathe and do a run of parts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Robert
  2. I started the restoration of a 1943 T-24 a couple of weeks ago. I intend to document the restoration here. I bought the Weasel from a well-known Weasel collector and friend. He had stripped the hull, had it sandblasted and was starting repairs when he found a really immaculate T24. I got most everything with the purchase that I need to restore the vehicle other than tracks, including a second M29 that is ugly but fairly complete. There is a lot of rot along the floors - particularly at the edge of the floor and outer sides of the hull. The previous owner had already cut much of the right side corner of the hull off to repair it. You can see this in pictures below. He had cut the left side as well. There is a pretty good amount of rot along the floor side gusset as well as the in the lower tunnel. I spent a little while poking around to see what was reasonable to save and then decided to go deep and just cut everything remotely ugly out and start replacing metal. Next step - lots more pictures and then a lot of cutting and grinding
  3. Hi guys! The main point of concern with weasels is usually its tracks.. So with mine, i want to restore/update them as much as possible. The tracks are Norwegian reenforced with chainlinks, and they have the extra heavyduty rubber band on the inside. But, the small rubber block that are in contact with the road are pretty far gone, some are even missing. My question is, does anyone have experience glueing new ones on? I have bought Uhu Multifest 2 component adhesive for a little test. Are there any tips or recommendations on what glue or rubber to use? Thanks in advance!! Kind regards, Pips, from the Netherlands
  4. Greetings all! I am from Wisconsin near the Frozen Tundra and a avid designer and 3D printer... a consummate tinkerer. I have recently been 3D printing various vehicles and turning them into RC controlled vehicles. I would love to work on 3D model of the Weasel and RC the vehicle. I would also like to do it correct scale at 1:6. Here is where I could really use some help. I am really looking for ANY reference material that might be available that has dimensions, measurements, etc. There are some orthographic drawings online but they offer VERY little in the way of size, dimensions, etc. Even if you feel like throwing a measuring tape of your project vehicle, it would be a GREAT help to me!!!! If I get enough help to be able to create a fairly decent representation, I might make the files available to the group for anyone interested. Really do appreciate your time and effort, and your amazing ability to keep a part of history alive! Thanks!!!!
  5. Hello All, this is my first weasel restoration and a new member to the forum. I ran into a problem removing the drive wheels. After consulting the TM, I removed the axle bolts and pulled out the right side axle. But there were no seals or lock nuts, etc. as pictured in the TM, just a hub like sleeve with no visible means of removing it (see pics). The drive wheel spins freely so I thought maybe it was just pressed on, after some taps with a rubber mallet I gave up. Is there a special threaded removal wrench for this? Or am I missing something? Thanks steve
  6. Good day all. I’m interested in some tips and tricks on using the forum. Particularly posting pictures. I’ve been searching by pushing different icons to find how to send pictures and couldn’t figure it out. I use my Apple smarter than me phone for all of this. I know how to take a picture and build a text or email around it. I’ve yet to learn how to add to an existing message. I always start with the picture and have not figured out how to do this in your format. I hope to learn a few tips and hopefully others have questions or shortcuts to share as well. I enjoy the ideas and method shared on the site and can see it will be extremely helpful as we navigate our project. Thanks Fred
  7. Rebuilding the latches is simple. Open the barrel by grinding or drilling off the crimped end of the rivet. On this particular one, both ends were crimped. Drive the rivet out with a punch.
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