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Found 17 results

  1. Folks: There is an M29C for sale in Northern California for $5500. It is missing the rear tank, the windshield and maybe some covers. It has one WW2 era 20" track and one later 20" track. Overall, doesn't look too bad. The seller has it listed on FB - I have his number and more pictures if you are interested: PM me and I will put you in touch - I have no affiliation, just an obsession.
  2. Hello All, As I'm missing my data plate, I was looking for information what my serial number could be. Unfortunately there is not a lot data available. Anyway, the numbers I did found (with at least 2 numbers known) I compiled in below table. If you have numbers, please add them so we have a list of serial numbers for reference. I also had contact with the Studebaker Archive, but apparently there are no production records available for the M29(C). Anyway I have seen a production record for the US6, us I'm assuming they have something, but it is just not digged out of the pile?
  3. Let’s see some high numbers.
  4. I have gone through all the parts catalogs, TM's and articles about the weasel and compiled a list of all the production changes that I could find. The list is by no means a conclusive list of all the changes that happened during the weasel production run, so I would very much like people the chime in if you have anything to add or if you find any errors in my list. The one that are in red text are the ones that I'm unsure about and would like to have confirmed. I hope this list will be useful to anybody restoring a weasel to factory specs. All production changes follow the o
  5. Does anyone have either repo or original seat backs and pads/seat cushions for sale? I need a full set of 4 for my M29C. Thank you, Corey cjwalte2(at)gmail.com
  6. Weasel Project M29C. Engine turns over when starter button is pressed. No gas tank or tracks. $6500 USD obo. Located in Osseo, WI 54758. Please PM for more information. Thanks!
  7. Jim G. Here is a weasel S/N that doesn't match normal. 56-33 pic attached. This one has no hull number. or side number ( yet - still looking.) Any info on this would be an asset. Tks. Dennis
  8. 1wizkid

    Weasel #2

    2 months ago I had never heard of a weasel. By pure accident I happen to meet a fellow who had one in his garage that he wanted to part with so I bought it. I posted photos of that in another thread. Well, he mentioned he had a friend who had one sitting in his yard who really wanted it gone. I was happy to oblige. Just picked it up today and brought it home. Does not run but seems to be mechanically complete. Super excited to work on both of these but... did have to reach an agreement with my better half that I wouldn't start until I finished our living room remodel which will take most of th
  9. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a few of the parts specific to the M29C. I need 1 of the rudder mounts to the rear tank. I need the steering brackets for the rudders that are on top of the rear tank. I also need the rudder steering control (the "tiller" I believe it is called). Thank you, Corey (910)258-2099
  10. Hose sets for the T24, M29 and M29C. Three sets available one early set for ord. serial no. 0000 - 9502, mid set for ord. serial 9503 - 13560 and a late set for ord. serial no. 13560 - end of production. All hose assemblies are made from ethanol safe SAE-30R7 low pressure hose and pressure tested to 10 bar (145 psi). The early set consists of: 905806 - Oil pressure gage pipe hose - 1 ea. 905809 - Oil filter inlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905810 - Oil filter outlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905824 - Gasoline filter to fuel pump pipe hose - 1 ea. 900918 - Primer inlet pipe to fuel pump hose - 1
  11. Hello everyone. Just making a post to introduce mysels on this new forum. Name is Tom, but called Jeep Tom (due to jeep hobby). Live in Sweden. Been in the weasel hobby since 2008 when I bought my first one. I think I have about 10 weasels at this moment, various conditions. T24, M29 and M29C. I have had more bot sold of during the years to also buy other military vehicles to my collection. At this moment I am restoring one of my floater weasels, but it goes slow, much else comes and take my time. Total about 35-40 military vehicles in my collection together with my girlfriend. MB
  12. As the title says, the bearing you need for your Capstan winch drive pulley is a FAFNIR KF10 Bearing. I found a replacement bearing for my winch pulley from this company; https://www.mmbbearings.net/
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