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  1. Took my M29C weasel down to Frederick OK where I jump with the WWII Airborne Demonstration Team. Currently setting up all of my weasels with all of the various radio configurations. Picture with the Weasel is WildKat and Boogie Baby. I’ve jumped out of both planes and now have 61 jumps. Will post more photos of other weasels with different radio configurations.
  2. Hello All, As I'm missing my data plate, I was looking for information what my serial number could be. Unfortunately there is not a lot data available. Anyway, the numbers I did found (with at least 2 numbers known) I compiled in below table. If you have numbers, please add them so we have a list of serial numbers for reference. I also had contact with the Studebaker Archive, but apparently there are no production records available for the M29(C). Anyway I have seen a production record for the US6, us I'm assuming they have something, but it is just not digged out of the pile? Does someone know if Studebaker has any records on Weasels? Thanks for filling up the list..... Frank
  3. Selling at BAR NONE auction in Woodburn Oregon on the 24th of June. Diesel powered and hydro-static drive. Super reliable. New Caterpillar diesel engine with less than 5hrs of run time. All original parts included to reassemble and even some very desirable extras, see pics. New tracks. Lost interest.
  4. Hi guys! I recently got my hands on some floaters for my Weasel! They are not in the worst shape I ever seen them in, but there is some work to be done... They came with a Weasel (reg: 40196426) that was unfortunately to far gone for us to restore... These floaters will be restored to the best condition we can, in order to be bolted onto our Weasel. The markings of the donor Weasel will be painted on the inside of the floaters, in order to keep their original identity alive. We then hope to make our Weasel "water" worthy again! In the hopes that, one day, we can take it swimming. On the front floater is still some kind of identification number (2L? 114001). Can someone maybe tell me what that can be? Ive seen some pictures of Korea USMC Weasel markings in this place... But might it be a ww2 number of some kind? I will try to keep updates with pictures! I could also post them in the floater thread if preferred... Regards, Pips!
  5. Early M29 Weasel - hull number 1255. Registration number was no legible.
  6. I have gone through all the parts catalogs, TM's and articles about the weasel and compiled a list of all the production changes that I could find. The list is by no means a conclusive list of all the changes that happened during the weasel production run, so I would very much like people the chime in if you have anything to add or if you find any errors in my list. The one that are in red text are the ones that I'm unsure about and would like to have confirmed. I hope this list will be useful to anybody restoring a weasel to factory specs. All production changes follow the ordnance serial number, found on the data plate behind the driver seat, and all changes came into effect on the serial number after the one stated in the list. 807: Oil seals instead of just gaskets are now installed on the drive sprocket shafts. 1002: The heater switch is no longer installed. The ignition switch is changed to a three position switch. The radiator is changed to one with large capacity. The fan shroud is changed The fuel filter is moved from the front coaming next to the fuel tank to in front of the radiator on the right hand side. Grease fittings are installed for lubrication of the bogie wheel shafts. Shims are now installed on the bogie wheel shafts to aid in setting bearing pre load. The engine compartment divider panel is changed to a two piece design. A canvas seal is installed around the gear shift shafts in the engine compartment side panel. The radio terminal box changes location. The radio antenna cable on the left side of the hull is no longer installed. Name change from T24 to M29. 2102: Track deisgn is changed, 20" tracks are installed. Track skirts are now installed. The pintle hook is changed to none swiveling type. An H plate is installed on the gear shift lever assembly. A guide bracket is installed on the engine for the gear shift rods. The compass is no longer installed. The voltmeter is no longer installed. The hand crank is no longer installed. The demolition charge is no longer installed. The drivers hand hold is no longer installed. The cargo partition is no longer installed. The installation of the bogie support arm is changed. The bogie wheel yokes change design to being cast instead of shaped from sheet metal. The extra rebound bumpers on the two middle traverse springs are no longer installed. The design of the traverse springs is changed. The idler wheel is changed to a split type design. Oilers are installed on steering lever shafts. Grease fittings are installed in the guide wheels. 2197: The transmission cover gets a breather hole. 2365: Change of the safety clip in the clutch. 3102: The hand crank hole is no longer installed. A transmission service access panel is installed in the rear floor. The search light is no longer installed. A fixed headlight is now installed. The battery is changed from one 12 Volt to two 6 Volt wired in series. The location of the fire extinguisher is changed from the back to the front of the vehicle. More grease fittings are installed in the bogies. The brush guard design is changed, and can no longer be folded down. The top back curtain is now a separate piece. 3132: All weasels are now painted OD instead of camouflage white and black. All canvas parts change colour from white to OD. 3331: The radio interference filter on the generator regulator is changed to a condenser. The generator to regulator electrical harness is changed to a shielded type. 3449: The track tension springs are changed to a 7 leaves design. An oil drain plug is now installed in the differential housing on the left side. 3601: The fuel pump is changed from a two valve type to a six valve type. The air cleaner is change to the oil bath type. 4102: Name change from M29 to M29C. Flotation tanks are now installed. The guide wheel shafts are now replaceable and no longer welded to the guide wheel mounts. The canvas seal around the gear shift shafts in the engine compartment panel change colour from white to OD. Stretcher brackets are now installed. 4935: Lubrication free bushings are now installed in the clutch pedal shaft. 5476: Grease fittings are installed in the drive wheel hubs. 8141: Seat belts are no longer installed. 9402: The text ”LIFT HERE” is now painted next to the lifting holes. 9502: The mechanical fuel pump is no longer installed. Electric fuel pump installed in the fuel tank is now installed. A new tool to check the track tension, by the use of a torque wrench, is now introduced. 10922: A warning placard is added about the use of the clutch. 11575: An opening is now in cut the left hand radiator support panel to aid in air circulation. The design of the canvas seal around the gear shift shafts in the engine compartment side panel is now changed to a metal and felt design. 12325: The differential drain plug is changed to magnetic type. 13199: The transmission drain plug is changed to a magnetic type. 13560: The design of the clutch control linkage is changed. Drive wheel carrier brace rods are installed. The fuel tank is changed from a metal tank to a self sealing type. A ground wire is installed on the electric fuel pump. 14229: Reinforcement rings are now installed on the drive wheels. 14682: The light switch design is changed to the rotary type. Blackout drive light is now installed. around. 14999: (Planned, but not executed) Track tension spring design is changed from leaf spring to coil spring. 15126: Weasel production ends, 1945.08.29. around. 15562: (Planned, but not executed) A scraper is installed on the drive wheel carrier to keep dirt and debris out of the drive wheels. ca. 15681: (Planned, but not executed) A handbrake is installed.
  7. Hoping to find someone with a M29 in the Coeur d' Alene or Spokane areas that will let me gaze upon one to see where to put a few key things. Idaho Jim
  8. Hey all. So here's the beginning of my road to restoration! The history, as I know it for this unit, is that it was owned and modified by a power company in Montana for line inspections and maintenance. The orange box is quite ugly, but appears to have protected the interior quite well from it sitting out in the elements for so many years. Here's some things I've noticed so far that I'd love input on to see if they are a huge deal or not. 1. Bottom areas were under-coated which seems to have preserved most of the metal parts (except the very bottom front which you can see in one pic has rusted through 2. The rear wall and associated stock exhaust system has been cut out in order to add a rear access door 3. The unit does not run, but all shifting, high/low gear, and track braking seem to run smooth and fine 4. Original windshield has been replaced 5. All original seats have been removed 6. Some (or all) of the gauges appear to have been replaced 7. The front leaf springs appear to have been modified just behind the idler wheels (see pic) compared to what I have seen other stock Weasels look like. Any idea why they might have done this? I have a few questions though that will help me plan the restoration journey if anyone wouldn't mind steering me in the right direction: 1. Dumb question, but were ALL M-29C models built as amphibious versions? If so mine appears to have had a bunch of parts removed. In other posts of M29C's it appears this may have been a common practice when modified for post-war use. Is this an accurate assessment? 2. My original intent was to restore it to an M29 (before I realized it may have been an amphib). I don't have the need here in Colorado to try and restore it back with floats and everything (if I could even find the parts). Is it worth it to try and restore as close to original at all? Would it be an odd ball it I restored to land configuration even though it was originally an marine version? 3. Does anyone know where I can find seats (I understand Weasel seats are hard to find) but maybe jeep seats or something close that will work? Maybe know of a company that can fabricate Weasel seats? 4. I see from time to time people have old M29 hulls laying around. Are there any still out there, and would it be worth it to cut the rear off an old hull and retrofit back onto mine? Sorry if some of these questions have been answered elsewhere. I've look but it's information overload out there! (that's a good thing I guess) Thanks in advance for all the help! Oh, because of the size limit on pics, I'm going to break this up into separate posts by categroy. Mark
  9. Working out the kinks on the M29. She is running like a champ! I am building a set of French tracks - trying to have them finished in the next two weeks and we shall see how they do. ShortSmall.mov
  10. Greetings everyone! Recently ive been restoring my weasel to its best potential... this means i also took out and cleaned the radiator. Since cooling is very important on these vehicles.... On closer inspection, the water pump seemed to leak. At first, i fitted new paper gaskets in combination with sealant. This, however did not fix the issue. After a while, I noticed the inside of the pully on the waterpump was wet. Does this mean the outer seal of the pump shaft is bad? The bearings sound and feel good... I immediately bought the available parts of the waterpump on ebay, but now the question is: does anyone have experience with the refurbishment of the pump? and if so, do you have any tips on how to do it? hope its a doable fix.... Regards, Rob from the Netherlands!
  11. Hose sets for the T24, M29 and M29C. Three sets available one early set for ord. serial no. 0000 - 9502, mid set for ord. serial 9503 - 13560 and a late set for ord. serial no. 13560 - end of production. All hose assemblies are made from ethanol safe SAE-30R7 low pressure hose and pressure tested to 10 bar (145 psi). The early set consists of: 905806 - Oil pressure gage pipe hose - 1 ea. 905809 - Oil filter inlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905810 - Oil filter outlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905824 - Gasoline filter to fuel pump pipe hose - 1 ea. 900918 - Primer inlet pipe to fuel pump hose - 1 ea. Price: €50 + shipping The mid set consists of: 905806 - Oil pressure gage pipe hose - 1 ea. 905809 - Oil filter inlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905810 - Oil filter outlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905824 - Gasoline filter to fuel pump pipe hose. - 1 ea. 908090 - Electric fuel pump outlet hose. - 1ea. Price: €55 + shipping The late set consists of: 905806 - Oil pressure gage pipe hose - 1 ea. 905809 - Oil filter inlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905810 - Oil filter outlet pipe hose - 1 ea. 905824 - Gasoline filter to fuel pump pipe hose - 2 ea. 908090 - Electric fuel pump outlet hose. - 1ea. Price: €70 + shipping All hoses can also purchased separately. Early set Mid set Late set
  12. Hey all, Can someone help me with how to ID what specific carb I have in my M29C? I'm looking for a rebuild kit but can't figure exactly which kit to buy. The only markings on the carb are "O-512". Here are a couple pics of it. It actually dissembled quite easily and appears to be in overall decent condition. It should clean up nicely. The parts and gaskets all look in really good shape (all things considered) but I figured while I'm here, and it has been sitting for quite a few years, I might as well rebuild it. Also, I was looking at Daytona Parts for the kit. Is there any reason I might go with someone else? Mark
  13. Folks: If you are working on a floater, please post your learning specific to floaters here! Repairs, accessories, etc...
  14. Does anyone have either repo or original seat backs and pads/seat cushions for sale? I need a full set of 4 for my M29C. Thank you, Corey cjwalte2(at)gmail.com
  15. What has anyone used for windshield wiper arms and blades? Or is there some hidden stock of originals? Anyone have any photos? Ideas? I will probable never need to use them but would like the look on my M29.
  16. Looking for an M29 Grill/brush guard to purchase and not concerned if its a repro or original.
  17. Folks: There is an M29C for sale in Northern California for $5500. It is missing the rear tank, the windshield and maybe some covers. It has one WW2 era 20" track and one later 20" track. Overall, doesn't look too bad. The seller has it listed on FB - I have his number and more pictures if you are interested: PM me and I will put you in touch - I have no affiliation, just an obsession.
  18. Weasel Project M29C. Engine turns over when starter button is pressed. No gas tank or tracks. $6500 USD obo. Located in Osseo, WI 54758. Please PM for more information. Thanks!
  19. Jim G. Here is a weasel S/N that doesn't match normal. 56-33 pic attached. This one has no hull number. or side number ( yet - still looking.) Any info on this would be an asset. Tks. Dennis
  20. 1wizkid

    Weasel #2

    2 months ago I had never heard of a weasel. By pure accident I happen to meet a fellow who had one in his garage that he wanted to part with so I bought it. I posted photos of that in another thread. Well, he mentioned he had a friend who had one sitting in his yard who really wanted it gone. I was happy to oblige. Just picked it up today and brought it home. Does not run but seems to be mechanically complete. Super excited to work on both of these but... did have to reach an agreement with my better half that I wouldn't start until I finished our living room remodel which will take most of the winter. Here are some photos. It does have data plates but I have not had a chance to clean them off and see what they say. Will post those in the next couple days for those who are curious. -Richard video_20201122_134242.mp4
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