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Found 5 results

  1. Hello All, As I'm missing my data plate, I was looking for information what my serial number could be. Unfortunately there is not a lot data available. Anyway, the numbers I did found (with at least 2 numbers known) I compiled in below table. If you have numbers, please add them so we have a list of serial numbers for reference. I also had contact with the Studebaker Archive, but apparently there are no production records available for the M29(C). Anyway I have seen a production record for the US6, us I'm assuming they have something, but it is just not digged out of the pile?
  2. I have gone through all the parts catalogs, TM's and articles about the weasel and compiled a list of all the production changes that I could find. The list is by no means a conclusive list of all the changes that happened during the weasel production run, so I would very much like people the chime in if you have anything to add or if you find any errors in my list. The one that are in red text are the ones that I'm unsure about and would like to have confirmed. I hope this list will be useful to anybody restoring a weasel to factory specs. All production changes follow the o
  3. Original T-24 Engine & Engine Accessories Maintenance Manual
  4. Version 1.0.0


    In the attached files you will find the basic operator & maintenance manual for the T24/M29 series of Weasel, an illustrated parts catalog for the T15/T24 & M29 and an interesting look at the US Army manual on decontaminating vehicles. ORD 789 G154/179 Illustrated Parts for T15, T24 & M29 TM 9-772 Operation & Basic Maintenance M29 - 1944 Edition
  5. Version 1.0.0


    This is the July 2, 1943 edition of TM 9-1772B which covers the rebuild of everything on the T24 other than the engine.
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