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Found 4 results

  1. I started the restoration of a 1943 T-24 a couple of weeks ago. I intend to document the restoration here. I bought the Weasel from a well-known Weasel collector and friend. He had stripped the hull, had it sandblasted and was starting repairs when he found a really immaculate T24. I got most everything with the purchase that I need to restore the vehicle other than tracks, including a second M29 that is ugly but fairly complete. There is a lot of rot along the floors - particularly at the edge of the floor and outer sides of the hull. The previous owner had already cut much of the right side corner of the hull off to repair it. You can see this in pictures below. He had cut the left side as well. There is a pretty good amount of rot along the floor side gusset as well as the in the lower tunnel. I spent a little while poking around to see what was reasonable to save and then decided to go deep and just cut everything remotely ugly out and start replacing metal. Next step - lots more pictures and then a lot of cutting and grinding
  2. Hello all I had this restoration thread on the old forum before it died, I then restarted when it was resurrected last year. But that didn't last long, so now I'm starting back up again here. Third time's the charm right. The first posts will be a recap of what has been done on it since i bought it back i 2010. So I to start off, again, I bought back in 2010. And yes it didn't look much like a Weasel anymore. It was down right ugly and it also had, like many Weasels in Sweden, a Volvo B18 engine and transmission. The hardtop was luckily just bolted on so it was quickly removed, as well as the Volvo drive train. The good thing was that I did get an original engine and transmission with the weasel. When I started cutting away all the none weasel bits I found that the hull was actually in not that bad condition, the hardtop had helped keeping the water out. But the middle bulkhead had been cut away and the complete back end was missing so there was enough to do on it sheet metal wise. Being that the bulkhead had been cut away and the how back end was gone meant that the sides had started to sag. While I was removing all the none weasel parts I noticed some modifications that looked to well made to be made by bubba. This got me thinking that this weasel was one of the 100 used by the Swedish army. More on this later.
  3. jdikeman


    Some pictures of the project that awaits.
  4. Hi Guys, I know that Bogey Wheels are available but I have had a hard time finding spares that are at a reason price. Some have been expensive, some have been expensive and close to failing at the same time. So, at the end of the summer last year I embarked on an R&D mission to rebuild blown out Bogey Wheels. I have found a solution that will make the search for serviceable wheels in good to excellent condition a lower priority. I have experimented with 2 part polyurethane rubber back in 2004 when I had my 1st. two Weasels, and was met with great success. With the purchase of my latest M-29, I was met with the same success that exceeded my expectations. Here are some photos of some Bogey Wheels that I bonded new P.U. Rubber to using black and white pigment. The reproduction renders an exact copy and is just as hard as the N.O.S. wheels. Here are some photos of my work and the results are quite nice. I am available to help repair blown out wheels to whomever wants them.
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