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Found 9 results

  1. Gents: I am looking for T-24 undercarriage parts, particularly the early bogie yokes. I am also looking for a BC1136AW and related parts. TY!
  2. Hi I am new to this forum and not sure how to search old blogs so I thought that I would just ask a couple of questions. I started working on a t15 and the rubber on some of the road wheels are none existent so my question is if any one else had this same problem? I had made a mold and used liquid rubber 90 shore hardness to put new rubber on the rims but the rubber just came off the rim so I tried tacking roller chain on the rim and recast the rubber and now after some use the rubber is chewed up and coming off, the original wheels are good. If any one had to put rubber on road wheels what did you use or where did you send them to get re done? Also the rubber on the idlers wheels and the drive wheels are either gone or in poor shape so I am wandering how thick the rubber was on them also the track belts are worn out and broken so someone had welded chain on the inside and outside to keep the tracks running so I am interested in replacing the belts. Has anyone any spare parts out there to be had any help or information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance Larry
  3. Is there a special technique to stop the lip of an OEM leather bogey wheel seal rolling in on itself when assembling the bogey wheel? I have had the seals soaking in oil for about two days before trying to install them. I have kneeded the leather to make it more supple. I have placed the seal on a size for size mandrell to try and stretch the leather before fitting So far none of these actions have met with success. I think that I will fit the modern CR seal if I can't find a solution to this problem.
  4. I was cleaning some of the suspension parts for my weasel when I noticed one of the bogie wheel arms wasn't the same as the rest. Anybody seen this type before?
  5. Hi Everyone Can anyone tell me what part # your using for replacement seals in the bogey arm. Also the bearing and race part # Thanks Dan
  6. M29

    Bogey Bolts

    Hi Everyone I have been looking at many of my existing leaf spring yoke bolts that have wear and cause excessive play in my bogey arm assembly. I have been looking a the expensive original bolts on eBay and other sites. I am wondering why all the threaded bolts through the springs yoke etc. It would be nice if some of these if not all could be non threaded and drilled and tapped for a grease zerk. Any info would be appreciated. Dan
  7. Hi Guys, I know that Bogey Wheels are available but I have had a hard time finding spares that are at a reason price. Some have been expensive, some have been expensive and close to failing at the same time. So, at the end of the summer last year I embarked on an R&D mission to rebuild blown out Bogey Wheels. I have found a solution that will make the search for serviceable wheels in good to excellent condition a lower priority. I have experimented with 2 part polyurethane rubber back in 2004 when I had my 1st. two Weasels, and was met with great success. With the purchase of my latest M-29, I was met with the same success that exceeded my expectations. Here are some photos of some Bogey Wheels that I bonded new P.U. Rubber to using black and white pigment. The reproduction renders an exact copy and is just as hard as the N.O.S. wheels. Here are some photos of my work and the results are quite nice. I am available to help repair blown out wheels to whomever wants them.
  8. When I reconditioned my weasel suspension, the job was made a lot easier by using an 11/16" - 11 NS Thread tap to clean all of the threads. I got mine off ebay.
  9. Rather than lumping my M29C weasel restoration into a single topic, I will post multiple topics to make it easier to view and comment on. I picked up a set of return rollers that already had new rubber on them. I got them from a cache of Spare parts that came out of Antarctica (another story) back in the 90's. First photo show me sorting through just one of the many parts bins. Over the years and spending a lot of time and $$$$ I assembled enough NOS spares to finally refurbish my return rollers. Second Photo. The third and fourth photo shows what can happen to NOS parts when stored for many years. In this case the end was almost corroded away. I have kept this shaft as a spare but fortunately I had another return roller shaft to replace the corroded/damaged shaft. I had noticed that the majority of the ex Antarctic return rollers had been retrofitted with Bronze bushings in lieu of the OEM needle rollers. In view that my weasel will be used in the water and the modification had well and truly proved itself in Antarctica, I machined and fitted new bronze bushings to my return rollers. I was able to fit a longer bushing to one side of the roller to better carry the load. After cleaning the grease nipple thread followed by bead blasting and etch priming, I was able to put together the return roller assembly ready for a final coat of paint. A friend of mine owns a CNC paper cutting machine that came in handy to cut new gaskets. See PDF Cheers JW Return roller gasket.pdf
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