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Found 4 results

  1. My name is Dan Walsh and I am starting the restoration of a Studebaker T15 weasel. I will post pictures of my restoration as it progresses here on the site. A brief history about my T15 and how I acquired it. I first discovered the T15 in the early 1970's in Nome Alaska at an old remote mining site. While at the old mine I saw several weasels in different states of repair. there was an M29 and also a T24. Several M7 snow tractors were there as well. As I looked around at all the old equipment I noticed a strange looking track vehicle one like no other I had ever seen before. It was parked i
  2. T-15 Demolition Charge cases for the T-15 Each held 3 lbs of TNT in the original configuration. 3 required per vehicle. One on engine bulkhead and two on either side of the driver. often missing our cut out. $125 ea
  3. jdikeman


    Some pictures of the project that awaits.
  4. Guys, I'm doing a short run of weasel ski racks. these are made like OEM from an original blueprint. First picture has a spacer in there to hold the rack closed without skis. I'll have about 5 sets that are unaccounted for. 365/set or 315 if you supply and weld on the pull. The pulls I supply are NOS. Thanks, Rob
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