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Found 3 results

  1. Guys, I just have a handful of these. $50 ea I think they are $65 on ebay.... (and I sold those to him😂 🤣)
  2. So I am starting a NEW post to see if anyone can answer the questions below? If you have rebuilt tracks or have personal experience, please chime in! I have all of the sources to do a build but before I pull the trigger I want to verify info. There will be a cost savings to do all inner and outer belts the same width if that is important. Continuous bands pre cut and drilled. So in theory just bolt on the grousers and other parts and install and play. (Sounds too simple) Measurements, photos and drawings are helpful! How many grousers on the left and right of M29 Are they all the same number? How many grousers on the left and right of T15 What is the proper thickness of the belting? What have others used with success? Too thick and power and steering problems and damage. Too thin and ???? Width of belt? Full coverage? 7 inch? 2 inch? (I am unfortunately am a 2 inch guy) Grade 8 bolts? T Nuts? Rivets? Hot glue gun? What size has been successful? Rubber track pad options? Belting? Cast? Old tennis shoes? Anyone have one NOS pad? Supplier options? Who have you used? Continuous bands? Conveyer? Hardware? Tooling? Photos of the process if you already did some, or in process, or? If we start with information, I'm sure Patrick could put some great drawings and directions together in his free time? It's not like he is really doing anything anyways. 🙂
  3. hello everyone. I'm farily new to the weasel world and haven't actually taken possession of my weasel yet. But after doing alot of research on here and other places I've come to the same conclusion as many of you have.....that there really aren't options for how to handle track repairs/restoration. I have a manufacturer here in the US that I have worked on other projects with and they make urethane molds for conveyors. They are in agreement with me that the track bands are certainly a doable product. Now my question here is, how large or a market is this? I understand that the weasel world isn't all that large, but are we talking about 20 people or 200 people that would need bands for tracks? My goal here is make an authentic looking product that a person can then use to restore their tracks. I would like to sell this as a kit with all the bands for the tracks and replacement pads that would be slightly different than oem on the track pads. My other goal is to come in a price below what the European makers are offering and without all the international shipping issues. I would like to have as much feedback as possible on this. Thank you, Corey
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