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  1. I thought that I would start a bog/story on my Weasel restoration. I sold an Amphibious Jeep back in the Mid 1990's and I decided to purchase another unusual vehicle that operates in two mediums. I came across a 'Weasel' and decided there and then that this was the vehicle for me. I was going to import a project weasel from the US of A but before proceeding I had heard of a weasel that was local to where I was living at the time. I contacted the owner and asked if I could have a look at the weasel to give me some idea what I was getting myself into. After looking at this weasel I decided to of
  2. Hi Guys, im Byron. I was on the old weasel forum and I cant seem to find it. Has it gone? I restored a weasel roughly 6 years ago and kept a full diary of what I was up to. I also made a lot of hard ware for the weasels that a lot of guys liked bought. I have a new weasel project and would like to post some pictures. Out of all the ww2 vehicles I have restored, this is by far the most complete. Would be great to chat to you guys. Byron, England, Devon
  3. Good evening, I recently replaced the rubber bands on my spare set of tracks and in the process of reinstalling the track on the rig. I was able to get the old track off mainly because it was 3/4 of the way broke already. I have the two brackets off the side of the haul and the front pulley loosened up. I can’t get the new track on, it appears that leaf springs have to be compressed in order to slide the track past the boggie wheels. I don’t see how that’s possible to do with a bottle jack because the track would get in the way. Anybody have any suggestions? Iv thought about sp
  4. I am about finished with my hull repairs and starting to gear up to do the mechanicals. I ended up finding a set of nice 15" T24 tracks. They are in good shape - with a roller chain added for stability. I am not sure what I am going to do about the bands yet, but I want to start fixing the grousers. I have two issues in some grouser plates: bends and then torn off road pads. 1. I am guessing the grouser plates are hardened? I have probably 6 to 10 that are bent. My plan is to heat them and bend them back. Any experience out there? 2. Where the road pads are torn, my cur
  5. Good evening, I'm planning out the job of repairing my tracks using rock conveyor. I have type 3 tracks. So far I have a large supply of heavy duty 1/2" thick belting which I intend to use for my outer bands. What thickness should be used for the inner bands? Will the 1/2" work? Any advice from someone with experience in this would be greatly appreciated. If a thicker belt is needed, does anyone have a good source? I'm located in PA so a source on the East coast is preferred.
  6. Hi! im a new member to this forum, and almost a new owner of a Studebaker Weasel m29c. The one I bought is in quite rough condition tho, only 3 leaf springs ass. and diff are still present. Also most of the bottom has rusted away. But im young, and optimistic, thus, I need pretty all parts that I can find. So send me everything that you can find! I am located in The Netherlands, and I don't really have the contacts to look for parts. So im hoping this will turn something up. of course shipping will be painfull, but still, let me know if you know something! I prefer parts from Europe, but, begg
  7. Good Evening, I recently purchased a M29C and finally got it running. Thanks to the helpful folks on this fourm! Runs great! Greased everything on the drive train, backed it off the trailer and started to test drive it and while backing up I bushed the left track partially off. I kinda had a feeling something was going to break and I was planning on either pulling these tracks off and going through them or rebuilding the spare set that it came with and swapping them out. Was hoping other people on here would have some insight on that... I'm new to the weasel world and have be
  8. Just going through some of my old archived weasel photos and came across these photos showing M114 tracks being retrofitted to a Weasel. The photos date back to 2001. You will see in the photos a reversed control weasel. I would hope that the owners of these weasels do visit this forum and could tell us more about their modifications.
  9. hello everyone. I'm farily new to the weasel world and haven't actually taken possession of my weasel yet. But after doing alot of research on here and other places I've come to the same conclusion as many of you have.....that there really aren't options for how to handle track repairs/restoration. I have a manufacturer here in the US that I have worked on other projects with and they make urethane molds for conveyors. They are in agreement with me that the track bands are certainly a doable product. Now my question here is, how large or a market is this? I understand that the wea
  10. One of my weasels has tracks with 55 grousers and one has tracks with 56. What is correct? Thanks!
  11. Hi I am new to this forum and not sure how to search old blogs so I thought that I would just ask a couple of questions. I started working on a t15 and the rubber on some of the road wheels are none existent so my question is if any one else had this same problem? I had made a mold and used liquid rubber 90 shore hardness to put new rubber on the rims but the rubber just came off the rim so I tried tacking roller chain on the rim and recast the rubber and now after some use the rubber is chewed up and coming off, the original wheels are good. If any one had to put rubber on road wheels what di
  12. Hi all, I'm interested in getting a group of us together who want to reproduce original and affordable Weasel tracks instead of the custom jobs you see (using cables, chains, conveyor belting, etc.). Those of us that own half-tracks went through a similar problem and eventually solved it - half-track tracks are now reasonably priced and available, and I hope to start something like that for the Weasel. I bought my M29C more than 20 years ago and was gun-ho about getting it going, but when thinking about tracks doused that fire. I have the belting to go that way, but I want the tracks
  13. I found these saved photos in my photo archive so I thought that I would post them here as a reference for others. I don't know much about the history of these road pads other than what you see in the photos.
  14. Guys, Here’s a weasel track project from the T-15 ” skunkworks” you all might find interesting: This project has been in works for some time and is finally getting closer to fruition. Basically, the scope of this project is to remake OEM style bands for the T15 weasel. (T-15 tanium) 😉 (though a similar process could be used for the T-24/M29 series.) There are currently no plans to build those. The concept is to do the bands in a modular form, instead of a continuous band. The modular design is very similar to that of the M114/M116. That w
  15. In the past I had feedback stating that the unmodified LAR track sprocket was responsible for 'shaving' metal from the LAR track guides. @Rob Wrecommended that I modify the LAR sprockets to prevent this problem. Before starting, frustratingly I had to further bore the sprockets as they initially would not fit onto my hubs.
  16. I was outbid on Fleabay years ago for a set of these return roller plates pictured below. I have not seen these plates come up again for sale. Was this a modification that was planned but not implemented due to the War ending? Can anyone share any info on this mod?
  17. In a couple of months I have an appointment at a track manufacterer who is willing to help search for a sollution for the rubber pads. In the mean time anyone who has an Idea/sollution for this problem feel free to comment below.
  18. Track rebuilders, what do you use for the drive lugs on the grouser? Mine are mild steel and are showing wear too soon,.
  19. Rather than lumping my M29C weasel restoration into a single topic, I will post multiple topics to make it easier to view and comment on. I picked up a set of return rollers that already had new rubber on them. I got them from a cache of Spare parts that came out of Antarctica (another story) back in the 90's. First photo show me sorting through just one of the many parts bins. Over the years and spending a lot of time and $$$$ I assembled enough NOS spares to finally refurbish my return rollers. Second Photo. The third and fourth photo shows what can happen to NOS parts when stored
  20. Wagoneer

    Track Care

    Version 1.0.0


    Track Care
  21. I just signed up for torture and abuse. I am on my 3rd. Weasel, the first two being a T-24 and an M29. I had them back in 2004-07. I have located a conveyor belt seller here in town, have purchased enough to rebuild my broken track. After doing some research and asking questions, the belt will be stronger than the original bands with the same flexibility. It took me just under 6 hours to drill all the rivets out of 1 track, 660 rivets. If anyone decides to go this route, hang onto the original track hardware as it can be used again to reassemble the outer belts.
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