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Engine color gray


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For the t-24 through M-29-C

I like to use Rust-Oleum light machine Gray. This matched up to the original gray i found 

Items that where gray  as follows.

Drive line, fuel tank.   Black symbolized a replacement part.

But i believe that the exhaust was black, also top and bottom of carb and the distributor.  Oil canister, canister bracket regulator bracket

 Everything else should be gray.


Note i have found what appears to be original gray paint on the manifold.


For the T-15.  It appears a slightly darker color was used.

Rust-Oleum dark machine Gray

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T15 air filter was black as well as radiator and shroud as well as starter and generator. Some new old stock parts I have acquired were black or olive drab. Several restorers of the T15 are using olive drab as the engine color? From the manual it looks like the engine was gray. 


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Hi James and Dan,

From what I found on my Weasel there are a few slight differences.

Manifold - Black (with grey overspray)
Distributor - Black
Distributor Support - Grey
Oil Filter - Black (with grey overspray on the lid)
Oil Filter Bracket - Black (with grey overspray)
Regulator Bracket - Black
Starter - Black
Generator - Black (with grey overspray)
Generator Bracket - grey
Oil Filler Tube - Black (with grey overspray)001.thumb.jpg.a2b523050f822579f27949eb72428885.jpg

I assume that the engines were assembled with all the items having their original colour and that the engine got a final grey paint which over sprayed the black. 

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