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Reproducing Track Bands

Jeff Jensen

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    I do have something to share for anyone interested in belted tracks. I found this company in Reno, Nevada that makes replacement belting for Snow Cats. I spoke with Rich there and sent him a drawing but they require dimensions on there PDF to quote or make belts and that is a little above my ability right now. There is a pattern in there system for 3.5” Weasel belt already from years ago. 
    There belts are new high tensile (premium) strength material. Machine cut and the  cuts sealed. All holes are pre drilled or laser cut. It was some time since we spoke and some details are not clear to my memory. 
    I’ve planned to get back to them when I’m ready but maybe someone can use this information now and knows how to create the pattern on the PDF. 

    This company also can refurbished wheels and sprockets but this is most likely done with urethane. Following is the contact information. He is very informative and they have experience in  the belting for tracks. 

Rich Cummins                                        

    I have not purchased anything from them yet but they seem to have the knowledge and experience we would be interested in. 

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Thanks F-D 

I sent Rich an email to get EXACTLY what he needs to manufacture with questions on continuous or seamed belting, measurements for plans, holes and other questions. I will post info when I hear back from him! 

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I have a friend in a local danish company who works with manufactoring belts and vulcanize rubber on steel.

Any info and meassurments needed would be highly appreciated.

Also, if any in europe has a trackshoe for reference they would be willing to part with, i will give it an effort to see what can be done

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