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M29C Weasel - body nr 6672

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I had quite a productive day.
Having the guide wheels removed.
And also having the idler wheels off.
These came off very easy, and I'm happy to not having to do a lot of work on the axle.
The carrier / arm needs some TLC as they have weld the grease hole shut....and it has a lot of wear.
Although it now comes to my mind, that this is already a replacement as it is a solid rod.
This as the originals are tubed.

Inside the tub, only the final drive is remaining...



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I made some significant progress on the Weasel. It took me a saturday from 0900hrs to 1500hrs, but now everything is removed up to the mid section divider. Remaining only the bubby headlights, Swe

Not much done. Beside other projects for other people. Anyway, I got a NOS heat control valve in and fixed the bracket which is riveted on the fuel sender unit.  

Manifold is half painted, but I ran out of heat resistant paint. In my previous post I requested about the manifold color. But may it be that there is a difference between the T24/M29 and the M29C

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Not a lot of work done last month.
Had to travel for work so Weasel has been silent.

Anyway got some new items for the Weasel.

Engine cover which needed some repairs.
Have a rear floor panel, which needs some repairs in the future, but mainly new footman loops.

Looking for some advice on the color.
As my Weasel is an M29C everything was olive drab off factory. 
Anyway a lot of recent purchased items are white.
What shall I do, repair and repaint in white, or stick with the factory olive drab color.







Stralen 7.jpg

Stralen 2.jpg

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