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New weasel project on the go


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Hi guys 
Well I have to say, my little fuel pump restoration was well worth it. What looked like a terminal mess has actually cleaned up very Nicely. 2 new brushes, new gasket, new fuel mesh, some soldering connections  and some time and she runs like sewing machine 👌






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It was steel work Friday, I’ve had some new hat sections folded up and the hardware is nearly ready to be attached in the right places. The hat sections will be nut and bolted to the floor to pull it all up tight and to hold it into position whilst it’s all plug welded back together. 






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These data plates have been a labour of love! They were a rusty mess, not even readable.
I stared by removing the old paint with thinners followed by a GENTLE wire wheel, sprayed them with hamerite paint and In the evenings whilst watching tv I’ve been scratching the paint off the raised letters. I’m very happy with the results 👍





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 Cheers Guys! Yes I guess we are lucky to have them. Even the hull tag is great condition but that one requires no paint. I’d like to use some nice little dome slot nuts and bolts rather than rivets to hold the on to protect the paint and plates. Rivets are hard on the plates.

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Thank you for a great way to restore the data plates. Yours look real good. That has always been on my mind. I hoped someone would share something on the subject. 
Also the fuel pump work is encouraging. I have not looked at one yet. I just put the tank on a shelf and will look at it later. 

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No worries Fred. Thinners and a light wire wheel is the way forward for cleaning them ready for paint in my opinion.
Obviously when the were new and 100% flat, I guess they rubbed the entire face over some abrasive material to take the paint off the tops of the letters. In this case, I used the back side of the Stanley blade.

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Hey guys, I’d managed to finish installing all 32 wheels back onto the springs. I’ve used some new seals were needed but not on everyone. Im Happy with the results.

Another big lump ready to install






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Not long actually.  I have just a few more items to address and then am going to have it cleaned a bit (some light abrasive blasting) and then epoxy prime.   I would guess in another couple of weeks but as you know this metal work takes as much time as it takes.  I am not particularly fast at it so I just keep going until I can't stand it any longer 🤣

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Thank you to Doug Mac McCarthy for lending us his original bracket. 
Father has had these recast and machined ready to use for our hood bows with some spares of course. 
Trick photography because some look bent in the picture, I can reassure they are all straight. Well done Peter Kay




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It’s been a productive weekend. 👌

The hulll is blast cleaned, two pack primed and two pack top coated (all those hard to get angles underneath made me moan)

Tapped all the threads in the hull and fitted the springs and spring cover plates. 

Rear axle and drive shafts fitted. Getting those nuts on the inside of the hull is fun......

Engine and gearbox lined up a treat thanks to the help of Charlie Bloxham on the forklift.  And thank you to Andrew Singletonfor lending me a water pump kit to resolve our leak with lightening postage to keep progress on track

Now she’s back home ready to be kitted out.
Hope you guys had a good weekend!














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Thank you 

19 hours ago, Patrick Tipton said:

Wonderful!  I continue to be impressed with both the quality and speed of your work.  As my friends down south say, you are "gettiner" done!  Superb!

Are you running LAR tracks or do you have originals...belts, new bands?

Thank you Patric, I appreciate your comments! She is coming along nicely. Everything is going back together like a dream, some vehicles I’ve restored in the past just don’t go back nicely, original parts don’t line up well ect.

I am noticing a difference that things are a bit more of a squeeze from 7 years ago when I did the first one. Something to do with “I don’t bend as well”.

As much as some people don’t like them, we are going start by running Staman tracks. I will keep the 15” tracks and sprockets as a later restoration. I would like to put them back on eventually but I don’t want the pressure of having to do all that work on the tracks to get the weasel to run. I would use conveyor belt as our fishing industry is huge here and it’s readily available in lots of thicknesses.

what’s next with your weasel Patric?

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9 hours ago, OZM29C said:

@ByronMate, you make the job look so easy😀 Well done👍

Thank you John, progress is good, I’m going to be on stop soon waiting for the fan shroud to be made. We were lucky enough to borrow one from Doug to take full dimensions ect 

your weasel looked awsome driving. Was she what you were expecting? Have you got anything left you want to do to her?

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After driving it for the very first time I have to say that it is a most unusual vehicle but definitely lots of fun. Plenty of power. I can’t wait to swim it. Just doing the finishing up work on it now. Rear floor pan went in today. Some more jewellery needs to be fitted; ORD plate, Letterkenny rebuild plate. Cord o matic reel, spotlight handgrip and bracket, seat backs need new cushion foam glued on, more OD painting, stencils on, grease suspension, bogey wheel bearings and idler/drive wheel hubs, fit headlight bulb and fit single battery into the dual battery carrier. So still a way to go yet.

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4 hours ago, Byron said:

Thank you Patric, ........what’s next with your weasel Patric?

I am going to clean up a few more welds on the lower hull and flip it so I can finish the inside.  I have the gas tank hat channels to install as well as tabs to hold the insulation panels.  I also need to test fit the controls again and install the support bracket for the cross shaft.  So a couple of solid days of details and a little bit of leading to remove the final couple of dents.  I should be on to the motor by March.....

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