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Hi! im a new member to this forum, and almost a new owner of a Studebaker Weasel m29c. The one I bought is in quite rough condition tho, only 3 leaf springs ass. and diff are still present. Also most of the bottom has rusted away. But im young, and optimistic, thus, I need pretty all parts that I can find. So send me everything that you can find! I am located in The Netherlands, and I don't really have the contacts to look for parts. So im hoping this will turn something up. of course shipping will be painfull, but still, let me know if you know something! I prefer parts from Europe, but, beggars can't be choosers... 



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Welcome Pips!

Sounds like you got yourself a big project - congrats!  If I were you, I might think about buying another machine - probably in the states and just shipping it over.  I think you will save money in the long run.  Otherwise, I think you are going to spend more having smaller parts shipped to you.  What is the likelihood of finding a good parts machine in the Netherlands?

As for the repairs to the hull - just a lot of welding and grinding.  There are very few parts on the hull that you can't make in a simple shop so fire up your angle grinder, get some 18 gauge steel and your welder and get after it!  I would suggest you start a rebuild thread so we can all follow along!


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